Monday Update on Young Love 12th October 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 12th October 2020

Mangla asking Kamli to come and have food. Kamli says she will have food after doing her work. Kundan hears them and thinks you will be hungry tonight Kamli. He is about to throw the food, but Pushkar comes and holds his hand. He slaps him and asks how dare you to think of throwing food. He takes the plate from his hand. Kundan hits Pushkar on his head with the heavy pot and starts beating him. Kamli comes to his rescue. Kundan says this mad fellow have slapped me. Kundan pushes Kamli on floor. Pushkar gets up and warns Kundan not to mess with them again. Mangla asks Nimboli to come.

Later Anandi comes to Nimboli’s vacant room. She gets emotional and keeps blanket in her cupboard. She looks at her school uniform and books. Taari Maa plays…………………She looks at the teddy bear and misses Nimboli. She feels her and touches the pillow. She gets teary eyes. Shivam sees Anandi crying and thinks why she is sad for Nimboli. Dadisaa asks Shivam to cheer up his mum. Shivam goes to her and says I love you very much, and that’s why can’t see you sad. He says it is good that she went from our house.

Dadisaa comes inside the house and sends him to get water. Dadisaa says I sent him to cheer you up, but. Anandi says you didn’t do any mistake. Shivam doesn’t know that Nimboli is his sister. She says time is passing on, and the differences between them is widening, don’t know when everything gets well. Nimboli asks Mangla, why did you decide to come here, knowing about Kundan.

She asks why Kothri’s light is on and sees Harki there. Harki also sees them. Nimboli asks why Maa saa is sleeping on ground. Mangla goes to Harki and asks if Kundan’s anger have calm down. Harki asks why you are acting to be concerned for him. Mangla says you are my family and that’s why I came back. Harki says I understood why you are worrying. She apologized and says I couldn’t welcome you and do the aarti. She says I am mourning for my husband’s death and you are his killer. Mangla says we didn’t kill him, it is his crimes who are responsible. Harki asks her to stop it and go. Nimboli asks why you are sleeping here? Harki says you also needs an answer now. She says all the widows do this after becoming widow, but your Disa didn’t do this. She asks her to question Mangla.

Mangla says I don’t have any objection with the rituals, but I don’t follow it. She says your husband will not get peace if you hurt yourself. Harki says you will get peace if not my husband, and asks her to get out. She looks at Akhiraj’s photo and cries.

Kamli massages on Pushkar’s back and says you will be fine. Pushkar says you will be pain as well, and says he will massage her also. Pushkar feels pain in his head. Kamli makes him lie down on the bed. Pushkar sees her crying and says I am with you. Don’t worry. He hugs her. Mangalam plays……………..Pushkar and Kamli hug each other passionately. A song plays…………Mere Maula………..They consummate their marriage. Nimboli asks Mangla, why Harki called them Akhiraj’s murderer. Mangla says Harki have suffered and asks Nimboli not to think about all that.

Nimboli asks her many questions and says why did you go to temple when you knew that Akhiraj have done bad with everyone. Mangla says Akhiraj is dead and I had enmity with him until he was alive. She explains to her and asks her to sleep. Nimboli says you didn’t answer to my 1 question and says why did you come to Jhalra suddenly. Mangla says if I ask you to give your odhni to pampodi, will you give? Nimboli says no. Mangla says this is my house, and my people. We have returned to our home. She asks her to sleep. Nimboli gets thinking and thinks about Anandi and Dadisaa. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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