Monday Update on Young Love 21st September 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 21st September 2020

Dr. Anant serving breakfast to his daughter. Nidhi says will you eat yesterday roti and vegetable dish. Anant says he is so tasty that he can’t resist, and says it is cooked by Anandi. Nidhi says I will ask her to make breakfast daily. Anant says really. Nidhi says she was joking. Anant says he has never seen an impressive ladies before with so many qualities. In school, Nimboli talks to her friend and asks what she does with the small chalk piece. The girl tells that she throws it on other girls. Anandi comes there and looks at the class.

Nimboli tells her friend that she will throw chalk piece, and is about to throw, but the girl turns and catches her red handed. She complains to teacher. Nimboli refuses to throw chalk and says it might be done by someone else. Teacher asks who have done this and asks to accept. Anandi sees everything. The girl says Nimboli has thrown it. Nimboli says she is lying and says she haven’t thrown the chalk piece. Teacher says I am forgiving this time and asks not to repeat the same mistake else she will throw them out of class. Anandi looks on.

Kundan gets Akhiraj’s call and he scolds him for not picking the call. Kundan apologizes and says he couldn’t pick the call because of Kamli. He says I miss you very much. Akhiraj says I miss you too and gets emotional. He says he will make everything fine and asks him to hear everything carefully. He asks him to ask Harki to meet him tomorrow with all the money. Kundan asks where are you? Akhiraj says Harki knows where is he and says he shall not ask for his betterment. Kundan agrees.

Anandi talks to Anant about Nimboli and says she lied infront of teacher. She says she was about to throw chalk on that girl, and lied when caught. Anant says this might be Akhiraj and his family’s influence. He says he will talk to Dr. Sneha. Anandi tells him that Mangla is angry with her. Anant says she is an illiterate woman and think that psychiatrist is a mental doctor. He asks her to focus on Nimboli. Anandi looks positively.

Harki comes to room and gets a small purse. She gets 500 Rs in the pocket and thinks to take it for Akhiraj. She closes the almira and sees Pushkar. Pushkar asks what she is doing here? Harki says she came to keep the clothes. Pushkar asks her to give clothes for keeping. Harki says okay and goes. Dr. Sneha talks to Anandi, Anant and Jagya, and says Nimboli have suffered so much in this tender age. She says it will take time for her to get well. She says we have to make her realize that lying is a bad habit. We have to be patience till she accepts you. Anandi says I will wait for the day when I can hug my daughter and calls her my Nandini. Jagya nods.

Harki tries to leave from the house. She keeps the pot on her head and tells Kamli that she is going to fetch water. Kamli gets doubtful and wonders why did she go to left.

Dr. Anant and Anandi come to stall to have chat. Just then the bowl falls from her hand. Anant asks her to eat as well. Anandi says I came here as Nidhi wanted, else I was n’t hungry. Anant throws the chat in the bin. Nidhi smiles. Anant lies to Anandi that he ate it. Nidhi comes and asks why did he throw? Anant says it wasn’t that tasty and that’s why he threw it. He tells Anandi is calling him. Nidhi smiles.

Kamli follows Harki. Some ladies call Kamli and she stops to talk to them. Harki gets alerted and thinks this dacoit is following me, what to do. She hides, covers herself after stealing a dupatta and escapes. Kamli thinks what she is trying to hide from her.

Harki comes to the place where Akhiraj is hidden and knocks on the door. Akhiraj asks her to come fast and asks why did you take time to come here? Harki says she came with safety measures. Akhiraj asks her to give money. Harki gives him 450 Rs. Akhiraj gets angry and says he will slap her. Harki says you are precious to me, I don’t have anything. I got this money from Kamli and says their bad days are on. Akhiraj says it is okay and asks her to have patience. He says he will kill Nimboli, Mangla, Jaitsar family and then Kamli. Harki smiles. Akhiraj looks at the money and looks on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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