Monday Update on Young Love 31st August 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 31st August 2020

Akhiraj asking Badri why did he come again to jail. Badri says he was caught because of his friend mistake, and says he can roam freely in jail because he knows someone. Akhiraj asks did you meet my wife. Badri says yes and tells about Harki going to Chath puja with him. He tells about Harki seeing Nimboli there and tells that he tried to kill Nimboli, but failed. Akhiraj is angry and thinks I am happy that I got friend like you. He tells Kundan will be freed today and I will also release soon. He says he will kill three dacoits.

Pushkar refuses to learn lathi practice. Kamli says if something happens to me……Pushkar keeps hand on her mouth and they fall on the ground. Kyun Tu Laage plays………….They have an eye lock. Just then phone rings. Pushkar says did you get hurt? Kamli says no. She looks at him and feels shy.

Harki comes to the juvenile home and asks the jailer if he gave the new clothes to his son which she brought. Jailer says yes. Just then Kundan comes wearing new clothes. Harki gets emotional and hugs him. She asks how are you….my son and asks how is he feeling now? Kundan says I don’t want to stay here for anymore min and asks we shall go. Jailer asks him to sign on some papers and wait in the waiting area till then.

Urmila sees Kundan’s room cleaned and shares her worries. Kamli says Harki must have cleaned the room. Urmila gets scared thinking about Kundan’s tortures. Kamli asks her not to worry as she is with her. Urmila says Harki will backs Kundan and threaten us. Kamli asks her not to lose hope. Harki and Kundan wait in the juvenile home. Harki back bites against Kamli. Kundan says I will see her once I am out from here. Mangla and Anandi comes there. Kundan asks what you are doing here and says I won’t leave you both. Harki asks him to have patience and calm down. Mangla asks Anandi to stay there and says she will go and meet them. Anandi says they can harm you. Mangla says no and asks her to wait. Anandi agrees.

Kundan tells Mangla that he will not leave her. Mangla asks him to mend his ways and see his father’s condition. Harki says it is done by you. Anandi gets Sarita’s call and she gets busy. Mangla asks Harki not to support her husband who is like Ravan. Kundan holds her by her neck and says he will not let her be happy. Mangla faints and falls down. Harki gets shocked so is Kundan.

Harki panics and asks Kundan why can’t he control his anger. Kundan says I haven’t done anything, take me from here. Harki says let me think and rubs Mangla’s hand. Anandi is busy on phone. Harki shouts asking what happened to you Bhabhisaa. Kundan also acts. Anandi comes inside and is shocked.

Kundan telling the warden that he didn’t do anything and Disa was talking to him and fell down suddenly. Anandi says we shall take her to hospital. Harki asks jailer not to arrest Kundan again and says he has bear enough. Anandi takes Disa to hospital. Badri suggests Akhiraj to make friends in the jail and not to get enmity with anyone. Akhiraj thinks it will benefit him. Anandi takes her to hospital. Harki acts and pleads infront of Ganga to save Mangla.

Ganga asks nurse to take her to ICU. Jagya says we can try to the fullest. Harki thinks if she is alive then I have to convince her not to give statement against Kundan. Nimboli checks Dadisaa and acts as a doctor. She goes to bring tablet for her. Anandi calls Dadisaa and tells her everything. Dadisaa asks her to inform her about Mangla. Nimboli brings tablet and gives it to Dadisaa. Dadisaa prays for Mangla’s recovery.

Jagya comes out of OT and tells that she is out of danger, but still unconscious. Harki thanks him for saving Mangla and says she wants to meet him. Jagya says she is still unconscious. Harki insists to sit with her. Jagya says you can’t meet her. Juvenile home warden comes there and says he wants to meet Mangla first. Anandi asks what happened to her. Jagya says she might have got breathing attack or someone might have pressed her neck hardly. He says he saw marks on her neck. Anandi asks Harki what did you do with Mangla. Harki starts acting and pretends to be innocent. Kundan tries to elope from the juvenile, but fails. He prays that Harki should kill Mangla. Harki thinks to kill Mangla and stop her from giving statement against Kundan.

Jagya requests the warden that to let Mangla’s daughter meet her as she is very much attached to her. Warden agrees to let Nimboli meet Mangla. Dadisaa brings Nimboli to hospital. Anandi informs her that Mangla is unwell and that’s why she brought her to hospital. Nimboli asks her to take her to Mangla. Anandi asks her to come. Harki sees Nimboli coming and hugs her forcibly. Nimboli asks why did you come here? Harki says she came to see Mangla and says she is praying for her. Aanndi says Dr. Jagya told that Mangla would be fine. Anandi asks if she gained conscious.

Nimboli asks what happened to her? Anandi says she will be fine. Nimboli asks Anandi to take her to Devimaa’s temple in the hospital. She prays to God to make her mum fine. Dadisaa and Anandi looks on.