My Desire Sunday Update 14th August 2022


My Desire Sunday Update 14th August 2022

Yuvraj hiding from Prisha and leaving. Prisha comes to Rudra and says he is sleeping like a kid. She smiles and says I will never leave you alone, I will always be with you. She goes on a call. Rudra wakes up and says I have a headache, why, who removed my clothes, I didn’t remove it. Prisha comes and brings coffee. He asks when did I come here, tell me. She acts to cry. He asks what happened. She says it happened between us. He asks what. She asks don’t you remember, really. He says no. She says you are lying, shall I tell you, no…. He says I m in tension. She says I got you here to the room, you changed, you became a devil, I stopped you a lot, you didn’t listen, how could I stop you. She tells a story. He says no, I didn’t. She turns and smiles. He asks what did I do. She shows the mark on her neck. He asks what’s this, love bite. She says yes, who did this. He says you are mistaken.

Rahul meets Yuvraj. He asks who is our common enemy. Yuvraj says Rudraksh. Rahul asks why did we join hands, you didn’t do anything, we blackmailed Rudra, nothing happened. Yuvraj laughs and says you like jalebis, right, come to the point. Rahul says its your resignation letter, sign and leave, you are useless for me.

Rudra says maybe I did it, if you are saying, my hand is broken, even then, I have solid power. Prisha asks what, you are thinking of your power, what will I do now. He says maybe it happened in drunken state. She says everything. He says punish me, break my other hand, I didn’t had such intention, I m not such, I m sorry. She starts laughing. She says it was just a drama, tell me, you were saying, punish me… I fooled you. He asks who removed my clothes. She says Bunty.

He pulls her and says you should have removed it, you can get a chance today, I m a devil right, I will act wild. She says I won’t joke. He laughs and says I fooled you. They laugh. Yuvraj says you will take this resignation letter from me, let me talk, let me show something. He shows a video. Rahul sees Rudra’s video. He gets shocked. Yuvraj says enough, you fired me, I m going. Rahul asks are you mad, where are you going, you are simply great, we got a big thing, Rudra is saying his dad’s secrets, it will ruin Rudra and Khurana’s empire, you tell me when and where to use it. Yuvraj says I will tell you, Rudra will lose everything. Rahul says lets celebrate.

Rudra wears his clothes. He says thank God it was a joke. Prisha says you think I m so weak. Rudra pulls her and says I will show you what I can do. Haan tum ho…plays… He asks where are you going. She says you are strange. She says you really don’t remember anything. Rudra says no, I just had one drink, did I say anything. She says you told me your feelings, about your childhood, your dad, you told what he did to make you a rockstar, nothing else. He thinks I didn’t tell my feelings. He says Prisha, actually I couldn’t tell you…

Saransh comes and asks for breakfast. He asks Rudra to get ready for classes. Rudra gets ready. Balraj says you got many projects, the award night is tomorrow, everyone will have an eye on you, get designer clothes for yourself and them. Rudra asks Ahana to help him. Ahana is upset. He says I m talking to you, what happened. Ahana asks how shall I behave, I can’t tolerate your arguments, you will insult me. He says no, I told that in anger, you told that to Prisha. She asks can’t I tell anything to her, she is just your wife, not related to us, you never spoke to me in that tone, Prisha and I have different thinking, but it happens, why did you get in between, you felt good by hurting me, my husband isn’t alive, there is no one to support me. She cries. Rudra says I m really sorry, forgive me, please, you can slap me, you can break my other hand. Ahana says stop it, you know I can’t get angry on you for long, say sorry. He says really sorry. She hugs him. She signs Prisha and smiles.

Doctor treating Rudra and asking him to take care. Rudra says I want to tell you something, I don’t see anything after seeing you, I miss you a lot, I want to be with you always, don’t know what is it. Prisha asks what do you want to say. He asks her to read his eyes. He says you have become my life, I love you Prisha. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays…. She slaps him and asks how dare you say this, you think I will love you if I take care of you, we are together just for Saransh, don’t come near me. He asks her to listen. He shouts, listen, don’t leave me. His dream ends.

Prisha shouts Rudra, what happened, tell me. He says nothing, your grip is strong, you seem like a fighter, not doctor. He thinks thank God, I didn’t get your slap in reality, I won’t say anything. She gives him water. She asks him why is he scared. She gives a pen and says Appa gave it to you, its special for him, don’t you remember it. Rudra says he gave me a big gift. She asks him to call her dad as Appa from now. He smiles and says Appa… Bunty comes and asks can I disturb you. Prisha asks them to talk. She goes. Rudra says I told her I love you in dream and got slapped. Bunty says you are a coward, just tell her, she will also say I love you too, what’s the problem. Rudra says think if she feels bad and leaves me. Bunty says no, you have to fight fear and win, go and tell her. He encourages Rudra.

Everyone comes at the award’s function. Balraj sees Vasu and Gopal. Rudra says they will sit with us. Balraj scolds him. He says I won’t sit with these middle class people. He goes. Rudra greets Vasu and Gopal. He takes their blessings. Gopal smiles. Rudra uses his gifted pen to sign autographs. He says your blessing will be with me. Gopal hugs Rudra. Yuvraj and Rahul come. Yuvraj says so much love, Rudra will hate them. Rahul says today’s plan shouldn’t fail. Yuvraj says it won’t fail, I will just come. Yuvraj goes to Gopal and says it was not my mistake in the party. Rudra asks him to go. Yuvraj says he is my Appa, not yours.

Gopal says Rudra is my son, he has handled Prisha and Saransh well. Yuvraj goes and thinks see who breaks your trust now. Prisha gets a call and goes. Rahul stops her and asks will you get anything against Rudra. She says I have answered you before. Ahana sees them and goes to Rudra. Prisha and Rahul argue. Ahana asks why is Prisha talking to him, do they know each other. Rudra says no, maybe they met in the party. Ahana says she is weird, she came with you and has friendship with Rahul, why does it happen with Prisha, she is conversing with our business rival, what’s wrong, will you get angry again, come on, I m saying what I m seeing, I care for you. Yuvraj asks is everything okay, Prisha. Ahana says Yuvraj is Prisha’s ex lover. Rudra gets angry. Ahana asks what’s happening. Prisha scolds Yuvraj. Rudra says Prisha would be scolding Yuvraj, that’s all. Yuvraj asks Prisha to stop for a pic. Prisha poses for the pic. Ahana says she is clicking pics with them, you still think she is right. He says yes, I m sure she isn’t doing anything wrong. Prisha goes.

Yuvraj sees Ahana and smiles. He asks how did you like the drama, that’s why I asked you to call Prisha here. Rahul says good one. Yuvraj says I called the photographer, the pic will be talk of the town. Rahul says Rudra got disturbed. Yuvraj says it was imp to do this, we have to separate Prisha and Rudra. Ahana stops Yuvraj. She asks him to tell him Saransh’s real mum’s secret. She says you can get Prisha back. He says I don’t know. She says you know it, tell me, I will make sure that Rudra throws Prisha out. He thinks this fool will get Prisha for me, I already made the plan, she may spoil my plan.

The award function starts. Prisha asks Rudra to prepare for thank you speech. Rudra says I didn’t know you know Rahul, what were you talking to him. She thinks if I tell him the truth, he will be upset, I will tell later. She says Rahul’s wife is my patient, Rahul was feeling sorry, Yuvraj works with him, Yuvraj was giving excuses, I asked him not to come after me, you don’t spoil your mood, you are getting a big award, lets make the day memorable. She thinks sorry, I feel bad to lie to you.