My Desire Teasers November 2022 (Starlife)


My Desire Teasers November 2022 (Starlife)

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Episode 290

The Khuranas are informed of Sharda’s relationship with Gajendra Shukla by Sulochana and Kabir. Later, Sharda comes clean about her connection with Gajendra.

Episode 291

Preesha offers to assist Sharda in locating the waiter at the hotel. Rudraksh, on the other hand, gets an invitation to a renowned award ceremony.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Episode 292

Rudraksh shocks the Khuranas by giving them stylish attire for the music award event. Later, Preesha smacks Kabir for acting inappropriately.

Episode 293

Ahana is persuaded by Kabir to support him in the battle with Preesha. Later, Preesha informs Rudraksh about Kabir’s actions, but Ahana’s startling remark rescues him.

Thursday 3 November  2022

Episode 294

Ahana accepts an irresistible offer put forth by Kabir. Later, Preesha notices a shocking sight as Sulochana turns greedy for an expensive necklace.

Episode 295

The Khuranas celebrate Holika Dahan Puja followed by Ahana and Kabir’s pre-wedding rituals. Later, Preesha and Mishka join hands to unearth the truth.

Friday 4  November  2022

Episode 296

Kabir receives a pleasant surprise from Rudraksh before playing Holi. Later, Sulochana saves Kabir from falling prey to Mishka and Ahana’s trap.

Episode 297

Preesha and Mishka hatch a plan to expose Kabir. Later, Kabir falls prey to Mishka’s seduction, unaware of the trap.

Saturday 5 November  2022

Episode 298

Rudraksh overhears the truth after listening to Mishka and Preesha’s private conversation. Later, Kabir steals a bottle of alcohol from the bar cabinet.

Episode 299

Preesha proposes her new plan to the Khuranas to help Kabir get back on his feet before the marriage. Later, Kabir undergoes severe torture during the process.

Sunday 6  November  2022

Episode 300

Kabir is unable to bear the electric shock and stands up. While Sulochana tries to bribe the doctor, Kabir has a contingency plan.

Episode 301

Preesha decides not to reveal about Rudraksh to Saaransh. While the kidnapper demands a huge ransom, Preesha seeks the help of the police.

Monday 7 November  2022

Episode 302

Preesha and Sharda hatch an alternative plan to save Rudraksh’s life. Elsewhere, Mahima escapes from prison after a fire outbreak.

Episode 303

While Mahima hatches an ingenious plan to mint extra money, Rudraksh gets kidnapped. Later, Preesha worries as her plan goes awry.

Tuesday 8 November  2022

Episode 304

Preesha loses her cool and yells at Ahana when she gets questioned about Rudraksh. Later, Preesha starts her investigation with the help of the police.

Episode 305

With the inspector’s help, Preesha implies an alternative plan to save Saaransh and Rudraksh. However, the risk taken does not go as expected.

Wednesday 9  November  2022

Episode 306

A troubled Preesha falls unconscious when Saaransh gets kidnapped. In the meantime, Kabir and Sulochana recall their devious plan of abducting Saaransh.

Episode 307

Jerry confesses his guilt to the police. As Preesha rescues Maria, the latter reveals Mahima’s role in kidnapping Saaransh and Rudraksh.

Thursday 10  November  2022

Episode 308

While Mahima assigns an evil task to Harish, a disguised Preesha carries out her clever plan to save Rudraksh and Saaransh. What happens next?

Episode 309

Ahana informs Sulochana and Kabir about Mahimas actual relationship with Saaransh. Elsewhere, a disguised Preesha reaches Mahimas house with Harish.

Friday 11  November  2022

Episode 310

Mahima pulls out a gun at Preesha during a scuffle. As the police arrive, Preesha sets out to rescue Rudraksh.

Episode 311

After Rudraksh fixes Ahana and Kabir’s marriage, Preesha and Mishka land in a fix. Later, Ahana reveals her big plan to Mishka.

Saturday 12 November  2022

Episode 312

While everyone at home gears up for Ahana and Kabir’s marriage, Preesha finds a shocking truth about Sulochana. Later, she exposes Sulochana.

Episode 313

When everyone is enjoying the Haldi event, Sharda gives Preesha an idea to expose Kabir. Elsewhere, Sonia realises her love for Rudraksh.

Sunday 13  November  2022

Episode 314

Amidst the chaos, Preesha and Rudraksh spend some romantic time together. While Preesha puts her clever plan of exposing Kabir in motion, Saaransh grows emotional.

Episode 315

Preesha’s plan to expose Kabir fails as Alisha turns the tables against her. Later, Preesha resorts to damage control with Sharda’s help.

Monday 14 November  2022

Episode 316

While Sonia joins forces with Sulochana and Kabir, Preesha seeks help to stop the wedding. Later, Rudraksh and Preesha spend romantic time.

Episode 317

The Khuranas are shocked as Yuvraj disguises as Kabir and marries Ahana. While Ahana is in a state of disbelief, Preesha is happy with this turn of event.

Tuesday 15 November  2022

Episode 318

After Yuvraj and Ahana’s wedding ceremony, Preesha recollects her master plan and shares it with Sharda. However, Sonia discovers the harsh truth.

Episode 319

After learning the truth, an infuriated Rudraksh confronts Preesha about her intentions. However, she justifies her actions and makes a shocking declaration.

Wednesday 16  November  2022

Episode 320

Yuvraj offers unexpected help to Sulochana after Kabir and Ahana run away from the Khurana mansion. Later, Preesha gets caught for lying to the family.

Episode 321

Yuvraj recalls his wicked plan and narrates it to Sulochana. Elsewhere, Preesha packs her bags and prepares to leave the Khurana mansion.

Thursday 17  November  2022

Episode 322

Due to curfew, Preesha and Saaransh are forced to stay in the resort. Later, she makes a plan to resolve the issue with Rudraksh.

Episode 323

After the party, Rudraksh arrives home drunk and fights with Preesha. Later, when Sulochana abuses Vasudha, Preesha stands up for her, humiliating the former.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Episode 324

Sunny shares some unexpected news with Rudraksh at the Khurana farm. Will Rudraksh be successful in his hidden endeavor to find the truth?

Episode 325

After receiving information on Kabir and Ahana, the Khuranas take a flight to Goa. Later, Preesha seems uncomfortable as Sonia attempts to go near to Rudraksh in the pool.

Saturday 19 November  2022

Episode 326

Sharda interrogates Rudraksh about Sunny after overhearing their private conversation. Meanwhile, Preesha suspects Rudraksh’s behaviour towards Sunny.

Episode 327

Sunny accuses Saaransh of breaking his toy, and blackmails Rudraksh to get him a new one. Later, Rudraksh drags Kabir back home.

Sunday 20  November  2022

Episode 328

While Rudraksh refuses to accept Preesha’s efforts to woo him, Saaransh executes a plan and unites the couple. Later, Rudraksh and Preesha bury the hatchet.

Episode 329

Sunny picks a fight with Saaransh and uses it as an excuse to make Rudraksh tell everyone that Sunny is his son. Meanwhile, Saaransh goes missing.

Monday 21 November  2022

Episode 330

Sulochana and Kabir are impressed with Yuvraj when he recalls his foolproof plan. Meanwhile, Rudraksh requests Preesha to find Sunny’s mother.

Episode 331

Sunny fears getting caught and requests Yuvraj to help him stay safe. Later, Saaransh feels insecure as Preesha and Rudraksh sleep with Sunny at midnight.

Tuesday 22 November  2022

Episode 332

Yuvraj boosts Sunny’s confidence in deceiving Preesha and Rudraksh. On the other hand, Mishka and Kabir join hands to acquire the Khurana wealth.

Episode 333

Sulochana manipulates Saaransh against Preesha when Sunny injures his finger. Later, the Khuranas are taken aback as Mishka and Kabir tie the knot.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Episode 334

Sulochana slaps Kabir after being enraged about his marriage to Mishka. Sunny later apologizes to Preesha for her part in the error.

Episode 335

Saaransh gets tricked into loathing Preesha while the latter attempts to correct him. Later, Preesha becomes concerned when she can’t find Saaransh inside the home.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Episode 336

When Saaransh expresses his rage at her in front of the Khuranas, Preesha becomes upset. Rudraksh surprises her afterwards to make her feel better!

Episode 337

After overhearing Preesha and Rudraksh’s talk, Sunny becomes anxious. Later, when Preesha has a catastrophe, Saaransh accepts Sunny.

Friday 25 November  2022

Episode 338

The Khuranas grow worried after reading Sunny’s letter after he goes missing from the resort. Meanwhile, Sonia gets lost in a dense forest.

Episode 339

Sonia cleverly tricks Rudraksh into spending the night in a forest. As per her vicious plan, she clicks indecent pictures with an intoxicated Rudraksh.

Saturday 26 November  2022

Episode 340

While Saaransh and Sunny fail to wake up, Preesha feels guilty about their condition. Later, the doctor threatens the Khuranas against filing a police complaint.

Episode 341

Mishka plans to acquire Saaransh’s custody by proving Preesha to be a negligent mother. Later, Rudraksh confronts Kabir for stabbing him in the back.

Sunday 27  November  2022

Episode 342

Rudraksh joins hands with Yuvraj when the latter offers to fight for Saaransh’s custody. Later, the court case begins with an unexpected twist.

Episode 343

While Saaransh creates a fuss to attend the court session, Yuvraj attempts to save Rudraksh. However, Sonia accuses Rudraksh of untruthful charges.

Monday 28 November  2022

Episode 344

Preesha slaps Sonia for blaming Rudraksh while Saaransh arrives at the court. Later, Rudraksh threatens Kabir to stay away from Saaransh.

Episode 345

Saaransh watches helplessly as the kidnappers attempt to kill Vasudha. Later, he announces his final verdict at the court, stunning the Khuranas.

Tuesday 29 November  2022

Episode 346

Preesha and Rudraksh are detained for causing mayhem in court after losing Saaransh’s custody. Later, Mishka and Kabir celebrate winning the lawsuit.

Episode 347

While Vasudha alerts Rudraksh to her abduction, Saraansh reveals Mishka as the captor. Later, Mishka punishes Saaransh.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Episode 348

In an effort to regain Saaransh’s custody, Rudraksh and Preesha make every effort. Reema is discovered to be lying about being Sunny’s mother in the meanwhile.

Episode 349

With the aid of Reema, Rudraksh and Preesha want to get custody of Saaransh. When Kabir and his group capture Saaransh, though, things change.