Om Elke Draai – Story Summary, Teasers April 2023


Om Elke Draai – Story Summary, Teasers April 2023

Read eExtra’s new series story – Om Elke Draai which replaces Discomplicated after it ends on the 25th April 2023

Story Summary

Selin, a driven and aspirational young lady, sees the elements of her life coming together as she discovers the ideal tiny house to purchase as her first home.

Demir, who has already achieved success in his job, makes the decision to purchase the property where he was raised because he wants to return to some familiar surroundings after spending several years traveling overseas.

Sadly, despite the fact that they each think they have found a place to call home, it turns out that they actually only own a portion of the land since they acquired it from a family that was already at war over it.

When Selin arrives at work, she learns that her firm has been acquired by a new investor named Demir, as if having to share her home with an unwanted stranger for no apparent reason weren’t trouble enough.

The unavoidable connection that develops between the passionate, dashing young businessman and the attractive, imaginative, and gifted architect is something else that the two are unable to escape in both their personal and professional life.

In this endearing romantic tale, a relationship begins to grow as pressures increase both at work and at home.

The original Turkish title of the show is Her Yerde Sen;   Also known as Everywhere I Go.

Read The First Teasers Here

Wednesday 26 April 2023
Episode 1

Unknowingly purchasing the same home, Selin and Demir are compelled to cohabitate. Things get even more tricky when Demir, Selin’s new employer, shows up to Selin’s place of business.

Thursday 27 April 2023
Episode 2

Selin wants to take action since she sees how the restrictions Demir enforces hurt her friends. Demir decides to eject Selin from her room on his own.

Friday 28 April 2023
Episode 3

Forced to collaborate on a project, Selin and Demir end up impressing one another. However, when Demir discards Selin’s stuff, things at home get worse.