Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 7th August 2021


Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 7th August 2021

Dadi asking Tabeezi to come along. Tabeezi goes. Dadi and Aman ask how will we stop Kabir, he may take anyone’s face. Tabeezi says I will find some way to keep an eye on Kabir, don’t worry. Parveen goes to get the ring. Chotu says you are still awake. Parveen says I was going to sleep. Chotu asks her to sleep. He makes her rest. He says I will tell you some story. Roshni says happiness is so shy, we call it hundred times and it comes once, stress is shameless to come uninvited. Aman smiles. Roshni says I will do baking today to make stress away. Aman says no, your stress will come to me.

She asks does my baking cause you stress. He sees her hand. He says sorry. She says its okay, my mum also made fun of my baking. He says I m sorry you are facing so much. She says your face turns white when you thought I m going to die, shall I show the death sequence again. She acts and laughs. Aman says no, it was not funny, its not a joke, it feels like…. Roshni says like you are alive but breath has stopped, like world has stopped. He says like I lost my life. He holds her hand and gets a shock on touching her. They both get away and get hurt. She asks what’s happening.

Tabeezi checks his hand. He says poison still has the affect, it was made to separate both of you. He asks will the touch give us a shock. Tabeezi says yes, don’t worry, I will try to find its antidote soon. Aman and Roshni are on the way. He asks why are you worried. She says we needs some cure. He says what’s the urgency, its not harming us. She says yes, but I feel like long distance relationship because of this poison, I will miss our suhaagraat a lot. He says don’t use this word, something else. She laughs.

They see a little baby in the middle of the road. They run to help. Roshni says maybe someone left the baby here. Aman says it seems the baby fell down. Tabeezi thinks of the blue light. She says maybe that was a way to reach Kabir. She does magic to read the book. Roshni says I have experience, we shall take the baby to police. Aman calls Baazigar. He goes and sees someone stuck. He sees the lady’s face and says Aliya….

Phupi is with Parveen. Parveen says I will go and sleep now. She says I will pick my ring now. Phupi asks where is my room. Parveen says room beside mum’s room. Phupi asks where is mum’s room. Parveen gets angry. She looks for the ring. Tabeezi gets the ring. Parveen says if anyone gets the ring, I will get caught, no, I have to find it. Tabeezi says its Sifriti ring, it would be of Kabir, now I will reach Kabir.

Aliya gets the aid. Roshni asks who is after you. Aliya says don’t know, some people are following me since I got my baby, they followed me to London, now I understand why they are after me, for baby. Phupi jokes. Saima asks why. Aliya says so that they take money from Aman. Roshni asks why. Aliya says I didn’t know where Aman lived, if fate made us meet, I have a request, I want to leave baby here, I will be content that baby will stay with his family. Aman asks what do you mean. Aliya says its your baby. They all get shocked. Aliya controls some snake and hides it.

Dadi and everyone cry. Dadi asks Aman to talk to Roshni. Roshni asks why didn’t you tell me about Aliya. Aman says Aliya and I were in a relationship, we had a break up, we didn’t had any communication, I didn’t know about this baby. Roshni says that baby isn’t yours. Aman says Aliya and I were together. Roshni says I have no problem with your past, that baby can’t be yours. He asks how do you know. She says I have a strong feeling by Ayana’s senses, that baby can’t be yours. They cry.

Dadi saying Roshni is right, we have to find out baby’s father. Phupi asks what are you saying. Dadi says that baby’s father. Tabeezi puts the blue ring into some liquid. She says take me to your owner. Parveen feels weird and her eyes change. Aman says I m not doubting you, once the family gets an assurance that its my baby. Aliya says I can understand, we were together, but your wife and family will want to be sure before deciding. He thanks her and holds her. Roshni feels bad. Parveen gets angry.

Tabeezi says why is this mantra not working. Parveen uses her magic. Tabeezi says Sifriti has covered the ring so that I don’t reach her. Parveen says now none can find me using the ring, but I also can’t find it, who wants to awaken the ring powers and reach me. She recalls Tabeezi. She says I have to get the ring back. Roshni comes to Aman and sees him sleeping. She recalls their moment. She cries and goes. Aman wakes up and gets her dupatta fallen there. He picks and hugs it. Kahani hamari….plays… Roshni sees Aliya as the bride and gets shocked. She sees the door shut and goes to check. She sees Aliya putting her baby to sleep. Roshni offers help and goes. Aliya smiles in an evil way. A snake appears on her neck.

Aman says Aliya is right, its my baby. Parveen does some magic to get help from the black sky. She releases a jinn from the bottle. He tells her something and goes. She says I have to give someone who is my blood, that’s Aman. Aliya says its about baby’s safety, else I would have never given this responsibility to you, its about baby’s future and safety, can this baby stay here. Aman says he will stay here and even you don’t need to go anywhere, I can’t make a child away from his mum. Roshni says its a sin to make a child away from his mum, you and your baby stay here. Dadi says I think we shall find some place for them. Parveen thinks this baby has Aman’s blood, I can’t give Aman to get my ring, but I can give this baby.

Parveen says let them stay here. Dadi says they can’t stay here. Parveen says its Aman’s baby, you know no security can stop the enemy, just this family can stop them, I had sent Rubina away from my life and made a big mistake, Roshni you don’t do this mistake, its tough to bear another woman in her husband’s life, its not your or Aliya’s mistake, its fate’s mistake, Roshni, decision will be yours, think for the baby’s future once. Aman says I think this baby won’t be safe anywhere else, baby and Aliya should stay here. Roshni says then you both will stay here. Aliya smiles. Roshni sees her.

Parveen says Roshni, no one will force you for this. Roshni says no, I have no objection. Parveen and Aman take the baby and console. The baby gets calmed in Aman’s lap. Parveen says child and father’s relation is really big. Roshni says this baby is safe here. She cries and goes thinking about Aman. Aman goes to her. He stops from touching her. He says I know you have a right to get annoyed and disappointed, its my mistake, I can’t punish that child, I can’t snatch his childhood. Roshni says that baby isn’t yours. He says I wish, but DNA reports have come. She says reports can be changed.

He says DNA test happened in our family hospital, there can’t be anything wrong, Aliya is a normal girl, she doesn’t know my truth, she has no means or motive to change the report, that baby is mine. Roshni says maybe, decisions aren’t taken by logic, its our world of Jinn and Ayana, I don’t like Aliya, I feel something is wrong with her. She recalls Aliya’s cunning smile. She says I had seen her in bridal get up last night. He asks what. She says yes, for one second. He says you think she isn’t normal. She says girl will be in bridal get up for her marriage. He says she is a designer, maybe she was trying some outfit, its your insecurity, I can understand that, I can’t forget my responsibility, you can’t accept baby, but try to understand the situation. She nods.