Saturday Update on Anupama 11th June 2022


Saturday Update on Anupama 11th June 2022

Shah family is shocked to find out about Vanraj and Kavya’s extramarital affair. Toshu reminisces Vanraj’s lies. Sweety reminisces asking Kavya to explain Baa and Bapuji that a boy and a girl can also be friends. Anu reminisces Rakhi calling them to resort and telling they will remember this trip forever. Rakhi tries to speak. Anu stops her and confronts for creating this drama even after knowing that Bapuji is ill, says this resort may be Rakhi’s friends, but this family is hers, children are hers, Baa and Bapuji are hers; she will not let anyone make fun of her family in front of everyone. Rakhi says she is not like Anu who will tolerate and hide her husband’s extramarital affair; she doesn’t care who is thinking what and doing what, like she said she is not like Anu at all; this is all her planning. She tells Baa and Baapu that their bahu was hiding the truth. People and staff watching them walk away.

Kinjal pleads her to stop it right now and discuss this topic at home. Rakhi warns her to leave her and dare not try to become her mother, asks how can she be so blind in love that she ignore extramarital affairs. She asks Anu if she will get her Pakhi married in a house where father is going on honeymoon instead of getting daughter married, asks Dolly same and asks if they can’t, how can she. Sanjay takes his daughter away from there.

Rakhi continues and tells Baa and Bapuji that they speak about family, now she will tell them truth which their bahu and beta are hiding; Anu fell unconscious that day after seeing her husband romancing Kavya in her bed. Their eyes wide open in shock hearing that. Anu pleads to stop it right now. Rakhi says when she couldn’t stop her husband, why she wants to stop her; Vanraj is really great to marry Anu that day and spend suhagraat with Kavya; she pities Anu who on her wedding night saw her husband with another woman; Vanraj is so shameless. Anu continues pleading to stop. Rakhi says Vanraj’s extramarital affair with Kavya is going on since years; says their son is on a lavish spree and booked honeymoon suite in her friend’s resort.

She then tells Toshu that one checks family before fixing alliance to know their character, and since his father is characterless, she will not marry her daughter to him, pulling off Kinjal’s engagement ring. She war ns if he dare to come near Kinjal, she will viral Vanraj’s hotel room’s CCTV footage with a hashtag Vanraj Shah’s extramarital affair and loose character. She asks Baa and Bapuji that they were so proud of their sanskar, if this is sanskar she doesn’t want her daughter to be married in their home. She warns them to leave this resort right now or else they will have to pay this 5 star resort’s lakhs worth bill.

Family stands ashamed. Vanraj walks to Baa and Bapuji with bent head. Baa extends her hand, but Bapuji holds her hand and says son created a drama and they are not cheap like him to create more drama, so everyone will return home right now. He walks away with her. Toshu picks engagement ring looking at Vanraj and walks away followed by Samar, Nandini, and Pakhi. Anu also looks at him and leaves. Kavya tells Vanraj that her life’s most beautiful day is spoilt. Vanraj says he needs to go home. Kavya asks how can he do this to her always. He says Anupama already separated him from Samar and now she will separate him from his family, so he has to go home and control situation. She asks what about her. He says they will discuss about it later and walks away, leaving Kavya frustrated.

Kinjal confronts Rakhi and asks why did she do this. Rakhi says for her and any other mother would do same. Kinjal says she made a joke of Toshu and her family. Rakhi says that is not her family. Kinjal says though Toshu is not her husband, that is her family, Baa is her Baa and Anupama is her her mother. Rakhi asks how dare she is to call someone’s mother as hers in front of her mother, Anu kept quiet to maintain house’s security and continue to become devi, even Toshu knew everything and had informed her about his father’s affair; if she wants to become a bahu where affair is done with family’s consent, in the future son may have an affair and father will cover it; they should be thankful to her to expose the affair. Kinjal shouts to stop it. Rakhi says whatever she say, this marriage will not happen now. Kinjal walks away shouting she can’t believe this. Rakhi thinks Anupama and her family taunted her and her husband showed attitude, but she shut their mouth for once with her one act; middle class women like Anu hide their family’s dignity, but today she drew the curtain away.

Anu returns to her room and packing her bag thinks this would have happened some day, but didn’t think this way; it is a okay if a husband falls in wife’s eyes, but not parents and children’s eyes; what will happen to her children, parents, and parents.

Anupama returns home with family and feels sad seeing family’s sad faces. She reminisces Rakhi asking if she will get Pakhi married in a family where a father is going on honeymoon instead of getting daughter married. Dolly reminisces Rakhi same. Baa reminisces Rakhi telling her that Anupama fell unconscious the other day after seeing Vanraj on her bed with Kavya. Toshu reminisces Rakhi breaking his alliance with Kinjal. Anu prepares snacks and milk thinking everyone must be hungry. She serves Pakhi, Toshu, and then requests Bapuji to have some milk and biscuits and then his tablets. He doesn’t reply. She asks if he will not listen to his daughter. He says he considered her daughter, but she didn’t consider him as father, hence didn’t complain him about Vanraj. He walks away. She walks behind and requests again.

He says she silently suffered as a bahu, but a daughter could have shared her ordeal with him; if she thought as Vanraj’s parents, they will support him. She says his daughter got afraid, she wanted to cry in their lap and complain, but she couldn’t thinking they will stop trusting their upbringing after knowing truth; she thought she is getting what is written in her fate and didn’t want to give them sorrows, but she forgot that they are fingers of one hand, though they are different they are attached to a same hand. She continues requesting not to trouble himself for her mistakes. Bapuji consumes medicines and asks her to tell when and how this happened. She stands crying while Samar, Toshu, Sanjay look nervous. Bapuji asks if they all knew from before, his daughter kept him in dark, but they would have spoken earlier, at least they should tell whole truth now. Anu requests to let it go and not scratch old wounds. Baa shouts to stop her pravachan and tell since when this is going on. Sanjay says 8 years. Anu walks to kitchen crying while Bapuji and Baa shatter hearing 8 years.

Vanraj returns home and walks to door. Baa stands on door. He says Baa. Baa slaps him and says she is feeling ashamed to call herself as his mother. She drags Anu in front and says since Anu became bahu, she tried to find only defects in her and ignored all her good qualities, she thought she is unfit for his talented and well competent son, she didn’t lose a single chance in scolding Anu since 25 years; she curses her mother-in-law even now for putting a coal in her diamond-like son’s fate, but didn’t know her diamond will smear her face black; when Anu didn’t serve him food for 25 years, she considered Anu wrong and yelled at her, but didn’t realize that she is bearing insult protecting Vanraj; Bapuji became father from father-in-law, but she didn’t become a good mother or mother-in-law; she always used to feel proud of her son who earns well and always made family eat what he likes; she tongue lashes everyone, but had to bear Rakhi’s tongue lashing for bearing a characterless son like him. She cries profusely. Anu consoles her. She apologizes Anu for taunting and insulting her and bearing a son like Vanraj.

Kavya panics in her home thinking what must be happening at Vanraj’s house, she will die in stress. Baa continues scolding Vanraj that he is a father of 3 children and needs to get them married, but he is on a lavish spree instead; he was on a honeymoon trip when they were trying fix Toshu’s wedding. She insists him to tell why he did this. He shouts Anupama…

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