Saturday Update on Anupama 28th May 2022


Saturday Update on Anupama 28th May 2022

Vanraj imagines Anupama questioning him why did he betray her after she served him selflessly for 25 years. Samar cries looking at Anu’s pic. Nandini tries to consoles him. Samar says mummy wakes up e early morning and works till late night without getting tired, Toshu says he glorifies mummy, but there is nothing wrong in it seeing mummy’s selfless contribution. He continues pouring his heart out. Nandini consoles him saying he should be strong and what will Anu aunty think seeing her crying baby, he should pray god instead. Samar calms down. Toshu takes milk for Vanraj and says whoever may not trust him, he will trust him. Vanraj reminisces Toshu promising him that he will not inform Anu about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. He says Kavya has done this and lies that when he entered room he saw Kavya already present in room angry and threatened him to inform family about their relationship; when he tried to stop her, he got backache and fell on bed, Kavya also fell on him; Anu entered and misunderstood seeing them together. Toshu says he trusts him and hopes Kavya doesn’t come in front of him, else he may not control himself. Vanraj says Anu must have misunderstood him. Toshu says Baa says maa trusts papa blindly, so she will not.

Nandini returns home. Kavya continues panicking asks how is Anu after falling down unconscious. Nandini asks how does she know that Anu fell unconscious, what did she do. Kavya locks herself in room and calls Vanraj, but he disconnects call.

Vanraj walks to room hoping Devika shouldn’t have informed Anu about him and Kavya. Devika stops him near door. He tells her that he wants to meet Anu. She says she told Anu that she will pester jijaji until he gives nek/gift, but she wants answer now what happened to Anu. Anu opens eyes. Vanraj walks to him and asks if she is fine. Anu gets panic attack reminiscing his and Kavya’s romance and pushes him away. Devika rushes to her and asks what happened to her. Anu crimples bed and runs out. Devika calls whole family. Anu gets aggressive. Samar and Toshu try to control her. Family gets worried. Anu reacts seeing Vanraj. Baa asks them to take Anu to her room. Anu shouts not to her room, reminiscing the incident repeatedly. Samar says let us go to Sweety’s room and take her to Sweety’s room. Sweety makes her sleep on her lap and reminisces Anu making her sleep signing lullaby/Chandaniyan chupjana re…song… Whole family cries seeing Anu’s condition.

Devika asks Vanraj what did he and Kavya do to Anu, she saw Kavya running out of his room, her earring was missing and she found it in his room where Anu fell unconscious due to shock maybe catching him and Kavya red handed. Vanraj shouts what rubbish. Devika say he is talking rubbish, she warned Anu against him and Kavya many times, but Anu didn’t believe her at all. She continues that a betrayer husband will never change, she will expose his and Kavya’s affair in front of everyone and will not spare them. In room, Sweety makes Anu rest on her lap. Toshu and Samar ask her to rest. She says she will not until maa speaks. Samar says when will maa speak and what would have happened that she went into shock. Toshu thinks Kavya must have done something.

In Kavya’s house, Nandini confronts Kavya. Kavya asks if Anu is fine. Devika walks in and asks if she wants to know if Anu is alive. She confronts her to tell what did she do to Anu that she is behaving insane, she should come to Anu’s house and tell what did she do, etc. Kavya pleads that she doesn’t want to go there. Devika continues asking her to come and tell what did she do to Anu so that doc can treat her at least. Nandini also insists to tell what had happened. Kavya says it was a weak moment and describes whole incident. Devika shouts how could she sleep with Vanraj in Anu’s room and walks away saying if something happens to Anu, she will not spare her and her so called boyfriend Vanraj. Nandini asks Kavya how can she be so shameless; she wanted to be independent like Kavya before, but now is ashamed of her.

Devika returns to Anu’s house. Family thinks what must have happened that Anu went insane. Bapuji cries seeing Anu’s condition. Samar also cries. Toshu says doctor told if mom’s condition doesn’t improve, she has be to be shifted to hospital and kept under observation for 24 hours to know what exactly happened to her. Bapuji asks if they cannot treat Anu at home itself, gets hypertension attack and falls down. Vanraj holds him and whole family gets worried. Toshu says bapuji got hypertension attack and bringing medicine asks which medicine to give. Baa says only Bahu knows. They somehow find medicine and give it to Bapuji, Bapuji’s condition improves.

Vanraj gets Kavya’s video call and walks to his room. Kavya asks how is Anu’s condition and informs that Devika had come and insisted to tell what had happened, so she told her everything. Vanraj shouts that she is a fool to inform Toshu and Nandini first and now Devika, he could manipulate Toshu, but cannot manipulate Nandini, she will expose them soon. Devika enters and shouts that he is shamelessly chatting with his girlfriend not bothered about Anu. Vanraj shouts shutup. She shgouts you shut up and confronts him that is quiet because of his family and if something happens to Anu, she will not spare him and Kavya. Vanraj stands fuming. Baa cries imagining Anu in kitchen. Toshu, Bapuji, Mamaji, Samar also miss Anu and cry. Baghban rab hai in the background.

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