Saturday Update on Anupama 30th April 2022


Saturday Update on Anupama 30th April 2022

Rakhi saying you just want a bahu whose individuality isn’t there, whose life starts and ends in kitchen, just like Anupama. Samar says she is crossing her limits. Sanjay stops him. Rakhi says you want an illiterate bahu like Anupama, who just do the household chores. Kinjal worries. Rakhi says you don’t want a bahu, you want a maid for free, just like Anupama. Vanraj shouts enough and gets angry. Kavya looks on. Vanraj says you have said a lot. He comes in front of Anupama. He asks how dare you talk to my wife like this. He says I was silent, since you are a guest here, you are a woman, I was thinking about Paritosh and Kinjal, but enough now, you crossed the limit, how dare you insult my family, who gave you a right to talk to my wife like this.

Nandini says wow, he is so protective about Anupama, this is called true love. Vanraj shouts on Rakhi. He says my wife isn’t a graduate, but she knows how to talk, how to respect guests, how to handle the matter and avoid fights, you were angry on your daughter, you can’t make it an issue, you could have spoken after the function, you are double MA degree owner, you like to create drama, you didn’t think about your respect, Paritosh and Kinjal love each other, just you can’t decide for them, Anupama and I also have a right to decide on it, now you may leave. Everyone looks on. Rakhi greets him and takes Kinjal. Anupama asks her to listen. Vanraj says let them go, Anupama. Anupama cries.

Rakhi sees Kavya. She stops. She asks Vanraj why was he ashamed to introduce his wife, why did he present his office colleague when they came to talk about the alliance. She removes Kinjal’s jewellery. She says I m returning the necklace right away. She throws the necklace on the floor. She says my driver will return the stuff in an hour, my daughter will never become this house’s Bahu. Paritosh worries. Rakhi and Kavya leave. He goes after them. Anupama cries. Samar consoles her. Paritosh says I will convince dad, please listen to me mom. Rakhi says I m not your mom. He says don’t punish us. She says alliance is over. He cries.

Vanraj signs Baa. Baa says sorry for whatever happened here, you may leave. The guests leave. Dolly says we will also go. Dolly and Sanjay leave. Kavya says we should also leave now. Kavya and Nandini leave. Anupama says Paritosh and Kinjal love each other a lot. Vanraj shouts enough. He says whatever happened, it was because of you, we got insulted. She says but Rakhi… He says you have given her a reason to do this, what was the need to call her Samdhan, why did you make Kinjal ready, the small problem became a fight between two families, think before you talk, are you mad, alliance talk started, alliance didn’t get fixed, you called Kinjal as your bahu, I supported you as Rakhi was wrong, it doesn’t mean you aren’t wrong, you find an excuse to ruin happiness, you ruined your son’s happiness. Baa also blames her. He says I m fed up of your mistakes and you. Rakhi gets angry on them. Kinjal says it was my mistake, you should have not insulted them. Rakhi says calm down, I m your mum, not your enemy. She thinks I will make you realize your mistake. Paritosh comes home.

He asks Vanraj why didn’t he control, why did he overreact, Rakhi didn’t say anything wrong. Anupama looks on. Vanraj says if Rakhi is right, if you don’t care for family respect, then go with Kinjal, Rakhi insulted us, you went to apologize to her, you got us insulted. He says I felt Samar went on Anupama and you went on me, you proved that you also went on your mum, don’t take Kinjal’s name, no one will talk about that girl in this house. He leaves. Nandini says I feel so bad for Anupama, when Vanraj took a stand for her, I liked it. Kavya recalls Vanraj. Nandini says husband should fight for his wife. She asks why did Rakhi say Vanraj made you stand instead Anupama. Kavya says I have a headache, please stop it. Paritosh says my relation broke because of you. Mama ji stops Samar. Paritosh says if my marriage doesn’t happen with Kinjal, then I won’t forgive you all life. He goes. Anupama cries. Baa says let her cry, if she makes mistakes again and again, this would happen.

Samar saying you have behaved badly with mummy, come and say sorry, she isn’t a door mat or punching bag, she is our friend. Paritosh says she is my mummy also, truth is she is different than Rakhi. Samar says you will say sorry to her. Paritosh says my relation broke because of Rakhi and Vanraj. Samar says you insulted her. They argue. Pakhi comes and shouts stop it. She cries. Anupama sits crying in the temple. Samar comes to her and hugs. She says why does this happen, how do I make mistake always, everything was so good, all were happy. He cries. Vanraj thinks everything spoiled due to my stupid wife and my son is blaming me. He says I supported Anupama, but Rakhi had told right about her. Anupama gets prasad for him.

He says I had it after aarti. He lies to sleep. He says Dadi just found her for me. Anupama sees Paritosh sad and says don’t know how much Rakhi is scolding Kinjal. Rakhi says Paritosh is Anupama’s son. Kinjal says she is such a sweet lady. Rakhi says mum and son’s bonding will be strong, I know he is a modern guy but he is raised by those values, he will expect the same from his wife, the way his mum does work for everyone, he idolizes his dad, you have seen everyone behaving with Anupama like that. Kinjal says Paritosh isn’t like that. Rakhi says everyone changes once marriage happens. Kinjal says Anupama will support me. Rakhi says she couldn’t support herself. She says I love you and care for you, I won’t let you do this. Paritosh calls Kinjal. They look at the phone.

Its morning, Anupama serves food to everyone. She thinks Vanraj is finding Paritosh. Vanraj asks Samar did Paritosh sleep. Samar signs no. Vanraj asks was he studying. Samar signs no. Vanraj asks was he talking on phone. He says oh, bro code, of course. He sees Paritosh and asks for his phone. Anupama and Samar pray. Vanraj sees the phone locked. He unlocks it and says how can I forget my date of birth. He sees the call logs. He throws the phone and goes. Baa blames Anupama. Anupama thinks it was my mistake, I will not let the family fall apart. Baa asks her to stop right there.

Vanraj stays disturbed. Kavya comes and says I was silent by that drama, what was all that, why did you behave weird, you ignored me, I was worried all night, I got decked up and came, but you didn’t see me, you were doing Rasleela with your wife in front of me. He says yes, I would do it with my wife. Anupama says I can’t stop today. She sees a Jhanki going. She prays and leaves. Vanraj says we started this relation as we got fed up with our lives, our peace is missing, we love each other but can’t trust, I have a relation of heart, I can smile because of you, when we have issues because of my wife and your husband, I feel hurt, I don’t want to fight with you, can we only love each other. She hugs him and says sorry.

He says sorry too. She asks how is Paritosh, still upset. He says I should be upset, Rakhi insulted us and he just kept watching, he can’t see anything else than Kinjal, the love which ends difference of good and bad is madness, I can’t believe that he can bend down in front of Rakhi, did Rakhi think we will beg to her to get the alliance, we will not even see their face again. Anupama reaches Rakhi’s house and rings the bell. She says its me Anupama. Rakhi asks who. Anupama says Paritosh’s mummy. Rakhi smiles. Servant opens the door. Anupama sees Rakhi.