Saturday Update on Evil Eye 1st May 2021


Saturday Update on Evil Eye 1st May 2021

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Mohona ask Pari to get up from sleep?.. While going out Pari bang door, which make sound making piya awake.. Piya goes to check, while Pari see egg ?in balcony near moon?.. Piya finds Pari in balcony but doesn’t see egg?.. Piya notice Pari behaviour of watching moon? and send her inside to sleep?..
While going Piya notice laundry room open and goes to check but Ansh intrupt her and both talk about Pari odd behaviour and decide to check on her in morning..
Pari see egg? in laundary room, and Mohona order her to keep egg? safe.. While.sleeping Aditya touch egg? and get shock, he find nothing and sleep?. Mohona order Pari bring egg? to Bandap.. Pari stand on bus? with egg? in her braid and goes there.. She free mohona using and day happens suddenly..

Mohona and Pari stand near Barat and dance???? on song Main ganni balvi ho gayi???? later both grab life from all persons showing how Mohona turned young doing such thing before.. Later Pari ask too feed egg? with Pizza? but Mohona instruct her somthing.

In morning Piya and Ansh get shocked seeing Aditya increased size.. They order to stop him, when Aditya inform them about missing Pari… Family try to find but Pari arrive with bag and states that she went to play and goes inside for hiding egg?..

Nishant scold Naman for his carelessness and surprise and shocked???? to know that egg? burnt Naman hand which is increasing rapidly…

At rathod house Chaitali and Vedshree serve Samosa in breakfast and Aditya shout in pain due to burn in hand… Pari smiles? evily.. Ansh call Nishant and inform the same.. Nishant tell them its due to egg? and shall not effect aditya due to his powers.. But Piya and Ansh inform that Aditya burn is spreading making vains glow… Nishant get shocked?? same with Naman as well…

Nishant ask family for not touching egg ?at any cost.. Piya and Ansh try to find egg?.. Ansh feel sad?? that due to him Basmika got that egg?.. But Piya specify saying we shall fight with every hurdle to save everyone.. Pari smiles? and say I have hidden that egg, Mohona says good…

Everyone try to find egg?, when Pari shows them.. Nishant decide to pick when chaitali open flash light.. Nishant get surprise knowing that it light didn’t affected egg? and make conclusion that egg? is fake…

At room everyone try to console aditya when they discover that due to egg? shock, whatever Aditya touch it stick to his hands.. Nishant and Saavi try to free using chemical but in vain… Piya, Ansh and whole family cry?? and try to give strength to Aditya.. Pari watches outside and smile? evilly..


Naman and Sanam have talk while Sanam write and Naman shout… Naman remembers Flashback that Sanam told Chudail can’t read or write!! He ask her?? She says she learnt.. Sanam write I love you hi hi hi.. Naman to say I love you…?????

Ansh decide to find egg using his powers and cry ??that he can’t protect his family, when Piya console him and show faith in him.. Rather piya add that its due to their powers and pari that evil are behind them again, but ansh stop her saying that its his good luck to have piya and pari back.. Ansh hug Piya and say he felt incomplete for 6 years without Piya…

On the other hand Mohona take egg? to Nishant hidden place, where she tell that egg at rathod house was fake as she need to come here so that egg? can eat powers of evils.. Suddenly she realise she need one more, so she capture sanam there as well.. Sanam shout for help, and Naman can’t hear.. Mohona tell Sanam that due to Sanam Villians lost battle now bear consequences… Egg? start to glow by eating powers.. Sanam to start to faint.. Nishant and Saavi arrive, Mohona get clue that its time to run but see egg shockingly..