Saturday Update on Lost in Love 21st May 2022


Saturday Update on Lost in Love 21st May 2022

Virat asks Sayi that she took everyone’s blessings except him. Ashwini signals Sayi to go ahead. Sayi holds his feet. He says he was just joking, she need not touch his feet. Shivani jokes that looks like Sayi is pulling his legs. Pakhi gets jealous and tells Virat that he should do such jokes with his wife in his room. Virat says he didn’t do anything which he shouldn’t in front of elders. Pakhi gets more jealous hearing that. Sayi holds Virat’s hand and says he is fulfilling her Aaba’s dreams by trying to make her a doctor and should bless him for sure. She touches his feet, and he blesses her that she would be world’s best doctor.

Usha thanks Virat for supporting Sayi and says good she accompanied them to see Sayi’s success, she will inform Kale, Milind, Vahihni and others in Gadchiroli about Sayi’s being a topper in her exam. Shivani says Sayi will rest today and she will perpare feast to celebrate Sayi’s success and feed her sweets. Ashwini says no no. Shivani says she will prepare tasty food. Jealous Pakhi walks to kitchen and prepares poha. Karishma walks in and asks her to add cashews and even groundnuts in poha. Pakhi asks since when family started liking groundnuts. Karishma says things are changing at home and she saw how Sayi lured Virat with her words, she should be careul as she may prepare poha with great difficulty and nobody tastes it. Pakhi burns her hand and drops utensil thinking about her words.

Sayi gets emotional looking at Aaba’s photo. Usha says Kamal dada must be proud of her seeing her success, so shouldn’t cry. Ashwini walks in to call Sayi for food and asks what happened. Usha signals. Ashwini tries to cheer up Sayi and says today its a feast to celebrate Sayi’s success, Shivani bua has prepaerd puranpoli. Karishma walks in next and insists to come out soon as she is feeling hungry. Sayi says she is not hungry. Ashwini asks if Virat scolded her. Sayi says he didn’t, he fooled her. Shivani walks in and says whoever came to call her down stayed here, if she will not have her puran poli. Sayi says she doesn’t want anything to think that she is throwing tantrums. Ashiwni asks again fir Virat said something. Karishma says its obvious as Virat scolds Sayi often. Sayi asks her not to show her teeth. Bhavani walks in and says everyone are waiting at dining area for her and she is throwing tantrums here, she should know that all problems start with Sayi. Sayi says everyone fools her and leaves. Usha asks her not to let anyone point at Kamal dada’s upbringing.

Sayi says she didn’t let anyone do that. Ashwini says whole family wants to participate in her celebration, but she is adamant. Shivani asks if she will have her prepared puran poli or not. Sayi says no. Ashwini asks if Virat fooled her. Sayi stands silently. Karishma says Virat would have promised to take her for a movie and then restaurant, but walked away silently. Bhavani yells why would Virat promise Sayi. Sayi says would she insist Virat and get angry on him, pleads everyone to leave. Bhavani says this is her house and she can go wherever she wants. Sayi shouts she will go then. Ashwini says she is crossing her limits. Bhavani says now she realized she is growing a thorn tree. Sayi asks Bhavani why she insults her often. Shivani stops her, but she frees herself and insists Bhavani to tell why she insults her. Bhavani says she can not only insult, but also slap. She raises hand to slap Sayi, but Sayi holds her hand. Everyone stand shocked seeing that. Bhavani tries her best to free herself.

Virat walks in calling Sayi. Sayi leaves Bhavani’s hand. Bhavani yells that Virat doesn’t know what his wife did. Karishma says everyone are waiting for food, but Sayi doesn’t want to come down. Virat asks why. Ashwini says Sayi is angry on him. He says he knows why sayi is angry and brings balloons and candy floss/budhi ke baal and says he is late as candy floss vendor was far away. Sayi jumps in happiness seeing that. Bhavani asks if he went out to bring this. Virat says Sayi likes budi ke baal a lot and celebrates with it. Pakhi says Sayi is not a kid. Virat says one needs to have a child-like wish and happiness in heart to celebrate and age doesn’t matter for that. He continues his gyaan, irking Pakhi more.

Pakhi asks Virat if Sayi is a kid that he brought balloons and candy floss for her. Virat says she has to look via Sayi’s eyes to know their significance; these are not just things but Sayi’s Aaba’s memories; these wishes and memories remain till they converse it in their heart. Pakhi thinks he is right, Virat removed her memories from his heart and doesn’t value them now. Sayi apologizes Ashwini and Shivani. Ashwini asks her to apologize Bhavani first. Sayi apologizes Bhavani next. Bhavani yells that she changes her behavior instantly, first she gives pain and then medicine. Sayi says she is becoming doctor and will give her medicine, hugs her tightly. Ashwini and Sayi smile seeing that while Pakhi and Bhavani fume. At dining table, Saloni, Ninad and Omkar yell that they have to wait till Sayi’s drama ends; she has made their life a rollercoaster ride. Devi walks in and sits on dining chair, asks where are everyone. Saloni says they are in Sayi’s room. Devi runs happily saying she will have food in Sayi’s room. Sayi asks Virat if he will give her candy floss and balloons or not. He gives them to her.

Devi enters and snatches candy floss away. Sayi runs behind her clashing with Bhavani repeatedly. Shivani stops them and says they both can share candy floss. Sayi agrees. Devi says since Sayi is a good girl, she will agree. Seher asks Virat why he brought gifts for Sayi and not Pakhi.
Virat informs that Sayi passed in her exam. Devi jumps in happiness. Sayi offers her balloons. Devi runs away happily holding candy floss and balloons. Sayi tells Usha that she thought only Aaba brings her candy floss and balloons to celebrate, but she is surprised that Virat also brought them for her. She happily share candy floss with everyone to celebrate. Bhavani yells that everyone are hungry and she is busy celebrating with candy floss. Sayi tickles her and forcefully feeds her candy floss when she laughs. Pakhi stands fuming. Sayi clicks pics with everyone.

Pakhi returns to her room fuming reminiscing Virat’s words for Sayi. She gets Virat and Sayi’s pic in family group and feels more jealous. After food, Bhavani sips green tea. Saloni asks why she is having green tea even at night. Bhavani says because of Sayi’s drama, she is feeling headache, Sayi forcefully fed her candy floss and she is sipping green tea to ward off toxins. Ashwini walks in and informs Bhavani that she wants to visit temple and feed poor to celebrate Sayi’s exam results. Bhavani yells its for family members and Sayi is not a family member. Ashwini says Sayi is a bahu and even if she has to sell her bangles to feed poor, she will do that. Bhavani yells why did she come to her when she has made up her mind. Ashwini says she had to take her permission as an elder and walks away. Saloni comments. Bhavani yells at her next.

Virat while walking in room slips and twists his ankle. Sayi fixes his sprain. He feels good. She thanks him for candy floss and balloon and making her special day more special by reliving her childhood memories. He says she gets happy with small things, should stop thanking him as he also gets happy seeing her happy; he will get her better gifts. She says her Aaba’s dream is coming true. He says along with Kamal sir’s wish, even her hard work is poured in. She describes what small things matter to her and gives an example of a flowing river.

Virat says he likes flowing river and describes his feelings, his childhood memories where his uncle used to take him and Samrat near lake and they used to enjoy; asks if she will visit river with him. She asks why would she. He says its for her happiness, if she doesn’t want to go with him, its okay, she can go with Shivan or Karishma. Sayi says she will not feel the happiness which she used to feel with Aaba; asks why they argue when they speak. He says she cannot speak without fighting. She says as if she came from jungle. He says means he is bad. She says not much. He asks if she will visit river with him. She asks if Usha mausi can accompany them as she is family. He asks if he is not a family. She says she is just a responsibility to him. He says family means responsibility.

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