Saturday Update on Lost in Love 28th May 2022


Saturday Update on Lost in Love 28th May 2022

Sayi continues speaking to Amay over phone and tells him that her husband is very boring and he doesn’t even speak to her or love her, but he shouldn’t think about it. Virat hearing her conversation asks whom she is speaking to. Sayi mutes phone and says Amay and she already told him that she will teach Amay a good lesson. Virat asks by calling him baby and flirting with him. Shivani asks him to let Sayi do what she wants to. Sayi unmutes call and says she is bored of her husband and expects love from him. He says why wouldn’t he love a beautiful would be doctor, she should leave her husband and come to him right now. She says its too early and they shouldn’t break Shivani’s heart suddenly; he should come tomorrow with money and properly breakup with Shivani.

Once she disconnects call, Amay thinks he was being an old scumbag and now got a young beautiful treasury. Virat asks Sayi why she was flirting with Amay. She says she wants him to come here tomorrow. He says he already told her that he will get Amy punished. She says she also told him that she will make Amay apologize Shivani bua playing with her heart. He asks why she wants to do everything alone as family already considers as troublesome and nobody like the way she spoke to Bhavani and Ninad in front of stranger women. Sayi says his family will not like whatever she does and its not new. He asks why she thinks only she is right always. She says she doesn’t about always, but whatever she did today was right as his family didn’t support Shivani and instead would have supported those women.

Virat says he never told she did wrong today, but he doesn’t like her flirting with Amay or anyone else. She asks if he thinks Amay did right with Shivani bua, he shouldn’t have played with Shivani bua’s feelings, she never told him that she will only do whatever Virat likes. He says this is not the right way. She says she did what she felt right. He says she shouldn’t carry so much pressure on her young shoulders and blasting like a bomb on his family. She asks him to asks his family to stop filling gun powder of words in her ears. Shivani says Sayi was just trying to help him. He agrees and says its between him and Sayi and she shouldn’t interfere. Sayi shouts he shouldn’t misbehave with Shivani bua like this and continues fighting with him loudly. Shivani asks them both to stop fighting. He asks to look at the way Sayi is speaking to him, he happily dropped her to college today and returned home happily, but saw her drama. She shouts that he instead of feeding her food fed only scoldings and taunts. He orders her to call Amay and ask him not to come here as he doesn’t want any further complications at home. She shouts she will go according to plan and will not listen to him or anyone. He angrily walks towards door and seeing food plate says they couldn’t have food together, but she should finish her food alone at least.

Next morning, Sayi eagerly waits for Amay. Pakhi with Karishma serves breakfast to Ashwini and Saloni. Saloni praises her. Karishma taunts that looks like only they are bahus and not Shivani. Bhavani enters and Pakhi complains her that Sayi instead of going to college or serving family is wandering around. Bhavani walks to Sayi and yells that good she dropped her idea of going to college. Sayi says she has important work and not disturb her. Ninad with Omkar walks in and asks what is happening. Bhavani yells that Pakhi and Karishma are working hard in kitchen, but Sayi is busy wandering around here and misbehaving with elders. Ninad yells that she knows only to insult elders, etc. Sayi mimics him and Bhavani. Ninad warns him to stop misbehaving with elders or he knows to slap and shut her mouth. Sayi shows her cheek and asks him to slap her at last. Omkar says they don’t raise hands on women. She says they just know to yell at women and judge them. She continues her argument. Saloni warns next her to stop misbehaving with elders, followed by Pakhi. Virat enters and hears their conversation. Sayi continues that they just know to judge others and even give points for their work, etc. Ninad asks Virat if he saw how his wife misbehaves with elders.

Virat walks to Sayi and warns her to stop misbehaving with elders or he will misbehave with her the way she misbehaves with them. Sayi asks what did he say. He says he said what she heard. Saloni says at least now he woke up after seeing their insult so many times. Bhavani yells next and continues. Sayi mimics her. Virat angrily shouts at Sayi to stop insulting elders. Pakhi says good at last he saw his wife’s mistake and accept it.

Virat confronts Sayi that there is a difference between loud mouthed and misbehavior which she cleared, she should use her brain before speaking and realize that she is speaking to an elder person. Ashwini interferes and asks them to calm down and asks Virat if he tried to find out what was happening with Sayi before he entered. Bhavani yells that she was waiting for Ashwini to support her bahu, if he thinks his mother who is 12th pass is more intelligent than BA pass kaku and MA pass Pakhi. Virat asks her to stop as he doesn’t want anyone to insult his mother. Bhavani says she was just. Ashwini completes insulting Ashwini and she just loves insulting her and Sayi.

Bhavani says Ashwini knows only to cover up Sayi’s mistakes. Ninad yells that Sayi is most arrogant and ill mannered girl he has ever seen. Sayi gets angry. He says Sayi is staring at him as if she will kill him. Virat asks Sayi to apologize. Pakhi asks if he can really convince his wife to obey him, relationships take long to built but break easily. Bhavani praises her. Pakhi says her parents taught her to behave with elders and they never tolerated her misbehaving with elders, she is telling this not because she hates Sayi but to maintain peace at home as she doesn’t want family’s peace to be spoilt. Saloni says Pakhi kept her words in a simple language and is so well cultured. Sayi reminds Pakhi that she promised Pakhi not to misbehave with her when she came to her house, else she would have gave her a befitting reply, after which Pakhi would have beeen in shame; from hereon, she will not follow her promise and will not tolerate Pakhi’s misbehavior. Pakhi says she is hiding behind promise.

Virat asks Sayi to stop the drama and apologize elders. Pakhi says she will not as she is not wrong and if she doesn’t work, even others don’t work in this house; he doesn’t know why he was wandering in lawn, but family is hell bent to insult her; she shouts that he is no one to order her. She shouts back that he is no one to her, but why didn’t her father teach her to behave with elders. Sayi shouts not to drag her father in this. Ashwini asks Virat to stop as he doesn’t know what is happening with Sayi, Sayi lost her father and left her place for him and is trying to create a place for herself in his family. Ninad yells to stop supporting Sayi always and she does it as Sayi opposed him and Bhavani. Virat says he feels baba is right this time and asks if she really supports Sayi against Bhavani and Ninad. Sayi says he cannot misbehave with his mother. Virat says she doesn’t have to teach him how to behave with his mother.

Shivani enters and asks Virat to stop as he already scolded her last night. Ninad yells at her to shut up as they are facing humiliation because of her. Omkar and Saloni back him and yell at her next. Devi walks in and says they are scolding Shivani bua like they scold her and asks if Bhavani shooed away even her husband. Sayi asks Devi to go in. Devi asks if she will get her well after becoming doctor. Sayi promises. Devi taunts Bhavani that Sayi is good and Bhavan is bad. Sayi asks her to go to her room now as she will come from college and discuss with her what happened at college. Devi walks away saying she is saying goodbye only to her. Bhavani yells that this family’s daughers’ are disgrace to them, her daughter is insane and Shivani is behind a married man. Omkar yells at Shivani that she is a shame on them. Sayi says he was giving lecture to her and now himself is misbehaving with his own sister. Saloni yells not to insult her husband. Karishma backs her and says whole locality is talking about Shivani’s drama. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Karishma says she went for a walk with Mohit yesterday and neighbor asked why there were women shouting in her house yesterday taking Shivani’s name, if Shivani trapped another man for third marriage. Bhavani yells at Shivani that family is facing humiliation because of her.

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