Saturday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 21st August 2021


Saturday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 21st August 2021

Mahira saying why did I eat golgappas with Zain, he is a fool, he took it as love, what shall I do now. She calls Rihaan. He says I can’t talk, your sister filed complaint against my dad. He ends call. She messages him. Meher comes and takes back her complaint. Rihaan says good, you realized your mistake. Meher says I m helpless, I m doing this for my uncle, his son’s alliance is fixed with Mahira. He asks what. He thinks of Mahira. He signs on the papers. Meher thanks inspector. Rihaan checks Mahira’s message and calls her.

She says I m trying to call you since long. He says I have to meet. She says how, Eid jashan will begin here in no time. He says I will come to meet you. Mariam and her friends meet everyone. Mariam says uncle and aunt will celebrate with us, its special eid. She recalls Aayat and asks Majaaz. Aijaz scolds her. Mariam thinks Aijaz loves Aayat a lot. Wasim and family come. Madiha welcomes them. Mariam hugs Rifat.

Zain comes. Fawad asks why are you nervous. Zain sees Mahira and smiles. He wishes Madiha. She smiles seeing him and wishes him. She hugs him and Fawad. Mahira greets Wasim and Rifat. Meher asks why do you look worried, all okay. Mariam and Fawad teach each other. Mariam goes to Zain and congrats him. She asks how did you like Mahira. He says I like her. They all go to have food. Rifat says we shall keep marriage rituals soon. Madiha agrees. Rifat says it will be good, you will get Zain’s haldi home, Mahira’s aunt will apply her haldi. Aijaz says she is dead for us. Mariam thinks aunt is alive, Aijaz will get big surprise today. Lights go. Majaaz goes to see. Rihaan comes there is disguise. He sings….Wallah re wallah…. everyone claps.

He winks to Mahira. She smiles. Rifat says Zain and Mahira look so good today, we should get them married soon. Rihaan asks Zain and Mahira for dance. Zain doesn’t go. Mahira dances with him. Everyone dances. Rihaan and Mahira go away to talk. He asks how did this happen. She says don’t know, they will get me married to Zain. He says i won’t let this happen, I love you. They hug. She says Zain will surely understand me. He says if he doesn’t understand and tell everyone, none should doubt, we will elope, we have no other way, you love me, you trust me right. She says yes and hugs. Zain and Meher look for Mahira. Rihaan says I have to go, I will come later. He goes. Meher sees him and shouts Mahira. She asks did you get mad, you know everything. Mahira says I love Rihaan, I will elope and marry him. Meher asks how can you forget everything, remember what happened with Aayat, she was in love with sarfaraz’s brother. Everyone dances. Mariam sees Aayat coming and smiles. Everyone gets shocked.

Mariam running to Aayat and getting her home. Aijaz shouts stop. Mariam asks him to forgive Aayat. He scolds Mariam. Madiha asks Aijaz not to be angry. Majaaz says don’t embarrass us in front of guests, anger isn’t good for your health. Aijaz asks Mariam to leave. Mariam goes. Aijaz asks Aayat not to show her face again, she has no place in his haveli. She breaks her bangles and throws there. She hurts herself. Majaaz asks what happened, you are hurt. He asks Meher to get first aid box. Aijaz says she is pretending again. Majaaz says she isn’t acting, see the bleeding. He does the aid. Aijaz says if this is done, ask her to leave. Majaaz asks where will she go like this, wound is deep. Aayat says let it be, I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Aijaz says fine, she should leave in the morning. Mariam looks on. Zain says we shall leave now. Rifat says we shall wait for some time, we have to give the gift to Mahira. She gives the jewelry for Mahira. She asks Madiha does she remember the necklace.

Madiha says yes, mum made this for her eldest bahu. Rifat says I m giving this to my eldest bahu. She gives it to Mahira. Madiha signs Mahira to accept. Rifat taunts Aayat. She invites her in haldi function. She goes with family. Aayat says I got peace now, this will be proved costly for Aijaz, someone is waiting for Mariam. She smokes. Majaaz comes there. She throws the cigarette. She says no one thought about me. He says I missed you a lot. He shows their drawing of childhood. She says dad scolded me that time as well. She gets Mariam and says so you are looking at us, I came here just for you, will you come with me. Majaaz asks what are you doing here. He shows the drawing to Mariam.

He says I used to see this drawing and miss Aayat. Mariam says if I go away, you can come here and miss me. He says I won’t let you go. Aayat thinks Mariam has to come with me, I can’t lose someone dear to me. Rifat happily dances and says my Zain got a beautiful bride, FIR is also taken back, my friends will get jealous seeing Mahira. Her sister-in-law says their haveli is so big. Rifat says though they are bankrupt, their haveli is big, I may get that haveli, we will soon know about Aayat. Mariam checks the world map.

Mariam asks is this a bad place, why is everyone annoyed with Aayat, since she went to Pakistan, everyone should be happy that she came back. He says such things happen in life, I will never be upset with you, I promise. She hugs him and says don’t leave me ever. She asks why does Aayat resemble me. He says there is a famous saying, aunt and niece are similar, like mum and daughter. She says I didn’t understand, but I will understand everything when I grow up. He thinks forgive me Mariam, its very difficult to answer you.