Saturday Update on My Identity 24th July 2021


Saturday Update on My Identity 24th July 2021

Neil asking are you mad, what did you do. He picks the broken beads. Avni says I did what was right, this mangalsutra was handcuff for you, you have to live in present, it will be better that you live a new life, think about your future, I free you from our relation, memories and myself. Neil says fine, I got free, get out of here. He sends her out and shuts the door. She cries. Sunehri says I don’t know why you are doing this. Avni says nothing can get fine now, I just want Neil to get peace, he will get peace when I go away, I didn’t wish to come in his life.

Sunehri says your fate is linked. Avni says no, so much happened in these ten years, nothing can get fine between us, it will be better if I free him. Sunehri asks who are you to decide alone, did Neil not love you. Avni says he loved and now he hates me. Sunehri says just remember Lord is watching this, you are taking decision alone, you are doing wrong with Neil, I just want to explain you, that your relation isn’t made by just mangalsutra, tell the truth to Neil please, there is one more link to your relation. Avni says we have to leave tomorrow, prepare for it. Sunehri goes. Avni cries. Neil cries in his room.

He sees the broken mangalsutra and recalls her. Avni cries holding his shirt and recalls him. Its morning, Bebe and Shweta meet the kids. Avni keeps the bags in the car. She asks the kids to sit in the car. Bebe says you could have stayed for a while, Prakash would be coming. Avni says no, I have to settle kids in the new house, I will call Prakash. Neil looks on and cries. Avni turns to see. She leaves. Neil says you left like always. Kids like the new house. Avni asks Mowgli why is he silent. Mowgli says I m missing Bebe, Shweta, Prakash and superman, why can’t we stay there. Avni says that was their house, this is our house, we have to stay here, but we will go to meet them, get happy now. She hugs him.

Prakash sees Neil and says I think everyone is missing kids. Neil says its fine dad, this house is also habitual of sorrow like us. He goes. Prakash picks a book and gets Avni’s letter. He reads…..I hope this book makes you smile, like it made me smile, I couldn’t tell you, Lord made me meet you so that I understand what’s a father, my dad didn’t give me time, when you called me your daughter, I got the happiness which I was searching for, I got a house and love, I got a father, thank you for always loving me, even when I left you all, you all are in my heart and will always be, Neil and I may not have any relation, but you will always be a father for me, yours Avni…. He cries.

Shweta sees Avni’s pic and cries. She packs things. Bebe says Neil and Avni are made for each other, you don’t want them to be together. Shweta says many love stories don’t complete, if they had to stay together, I would have fixed this pic on Neil’s room wall. Bebe says Avni came back, they will get together. Shweta says I can’t see Neil in pain. Bebe asks what about Avni’s pain. Shweta says you know I love Avni, their happiness used to be here, Avni got life’s motive in those kids, Mitali will be Neil’s life’s motive.

Bebe says Neil loves Avni, how will he love Avni. Shweta says I m sure he will love Mitali. Bebe says he loves Avni, this is the truth. Neil comes and throws things. He cries and shows the broken mangalsutra. He says the day I stopped this mangalsutra from going in fire, you explained me that I love Avni, today Avni has broken this and ended all relations. Prakash looks on. Neil says no one will take Avni’s name in this house now.

Avni asks Sunehri what is she hiding. Sunehri says nothing. Avni asks again. She sees a cake. Sunehri says its for Mowgli. Avni says I know it, why are you giving extra to him, don’t give special treatment to him. Its morning, Neil thinks of Avni. He hears news of Mitali and constable’s injury during a loot case. He gets shocked. Shweta says Neil….. Neil leaves. Sunehri says your test will be taken by Avni. Prakash comes and sees Mowgli. He smiles. Mowgli and kids run and hug him. Prakash gives them chocolates. Avni asks Prakash to sit.

Prakash says being your father, I came to tell something, when everything got fine, Vidyut is gone, why did you decide this, do you want to go away. Avni says its not easy for me to stay together. He says we know you and Neil can’t live without each other, you can turn away from love, its tough to live like this. She says Neil and my relation isn’t same now, I got a reason to live in these kids, Neil hates me now, he will never forgive me. He sees Mowgli and thinks he reminds me of Neil’s childhood. He thinks of Neil. Avni says Neil has to start a new life. She sees him looking at Mowgli and asks what happened. He says you turned away from one relation, how will you deny a blood relation, Mowgli is Neil’s son right. She gets shocked.

Prakash asking Avni is Mowgli Neil’s son, tell me, is he my grandson, he is very similar to Neil and has same allergies, tell the truth, I can’t be wrong to know my blood. They all look on. Avni asks Sunehri to take kids inside. Neil comes to see Mitali and worries. He asks are you fine. She says I didn’t feel I will survive, I thought did you forgive me, and see you have come. He holds her hand and cries. He recalls Avni breaking mangalsutra. He asks will you marry me, tell me, will you marry me. She asks what are you saying. He says Avni is not in my life, heart and mind, but you are close to me, will you be with me forever, will you marry me. Doctor says please go out, I have to do her dressing.

Prakash says tell me Avni, Mowgli is your and Neil’s child, our heir, is this true, he stayed with us and we didn’t understand, I felt a connection with him, why did you not tell anyone, you have hidden this secret for ten years, why. Avni cries and says when I was writing my fake death story, Lord was writing this story, I didn’t know I was pregnant, I know how I lived with this truth. He says fine I agreed you were helpless, why don’t you tell this to Neil, don’t snatch his rights, he is Mowgli’s dad. She says you can’t say Neil, I can’t take risk to lose Mowgli. He says you feel Neil will snatch Mowgli.

She says Neil hates me, if he knows that I have hidden this truth, he will snatch Mowgli. He says no, don’t you know Neil. She says he doesn’t want to live with me, but he will live for Mowgli’s sake, he has a right to move on. He says like Saisha had to know her father, Mowgli has to know who is his father. She says Mowgli is Neil’s gift to me, I can’t lose him. He says I won’t tell this to anyone but Neil has a right to know, n why shall Mowgli live an orphan’s life when his parents are alive, look at his face. He cries and goes.

Neil says I spoke to doctor, you will be discharged soon, I know this is sudden. Mitali says if you are serious, just be sure, I really love you, but can you give me love as I love you, will you be able to love again, such things go ahead honestly. Avni cries and hugs Mowgli’s childhood clothes. She sees the pic and recalls baby Mowgli. She says I didn’t know I will hide you from your dad, but I promise to take care and make your life better. FB ends. She recalls Mowgli saying her dad is a superman. She gets sad hearing the kids talking that they are orphans. She says when you know the truth, will you love me. Sunehri comes and holds her. Avni keeps the pic. Sunehri smiles and says you are hiding it from me, I made this sweater for Mowgli, he is my child too, Prakash was saying right, why are you dragging Mowgli in Neil and your fight, you are doing wrong with Mowgli and his dad, you know the pain of orphans, Mowgli has parents, you aren’t letting him meet them. Avni cries.

She says I can’t lose Mowgli, if I tell everything to Neil, he will snatch Mowgli, he will get away as all my dear ones went away, when Mowgli learns I m his mum, he will hate me, he will get tangled in my and Neil’s relation. Mowgli comes. Sunehri says Mowgli doesn’t know you are his mum, when he gets hurt, he thinks of you, he doesn’t call you Maa. Avni says yes, I m Mowgli’s mum, but I m afraid to lose him. Mowgli says Maa. Avni says I can’t tell him.

Saisha asks Kamini to have food. Kamini says if you think I will have food served by you, you are wrong, let me be clear, knowing your dark past, I will never accept you. Saisha cries. She says I will ask someone else to serve you food, but please have it, I will have food in my room. She goes. Kamini says you can act to become good, you and Avni’s lives will be like hell now. Avni calls all kids to have food. Sunehri goes to call Mowgli. She says Mowgli isn’t inside. Avni asks where did he go. She asks Samrat to check outside. Samrat says he isn’t there. Pinky says we were playing hide and seek, then Mowgli… Avni says I will go and see him. Sunehri says this is Lord’s hit, you have hidden truth and did big mistake, you kept Mowgli away from what he should have got, so Mowgli is away from you now. Avni says help me in getting Mowgli.

Sunehri goes with her. Mowgli recalls Avni and cries. He sits somewhere on the road. Shweta says Prakash is sitting silent in the room, don’t know what’s the matter. Bebe says yes, are Avni and kids fine, I feel Prakash is hiding something from us, is Mitali fine, I m scared. Neil comes. They worry seeing blood on his hand and ask is he fine. He says yes, Mitali is also fine, I had to say something, I asked something to Mitali, I asked will she marry me.

Bebe says don’t decide anything in anger. Neil says strange, you advised me to move on, now you aren’t sure, I feel you are stuck in past. Bebe says no. Shweta says we are happy if you are happy. Neil says my happiness is in your happiness, I would like to marry Mitali. Shweta smiles.