Saturday Update on Strange Love 11th September 2021


Saturday Update on Strange Love 11th September 2021

Ajju talking to Kalindi and asking her to come along. Kalindi says she can’t come as Ankush did not wake up, we can’t leave him alone. Avdhoot says don’t worry, what will he do, mess up things, that’s fine. Ajju insists and she agrees. Avdhoot says he will drop them and they all leave. Ankush sees this hiding and says its good chance to find the paper, they pray to Lord and Lord listens to me. He goes to Kalindi’s room to get a signed paper. He does not get the paper. Shlok walks on the road and sees a newspaper shop. He checks the classified page and does not have the phone. He notes down the number on his hand by the pen provided there.

Ankush tries finding papers in the kitchen. Ajju and Kalindi come back home. Kalindi says Ankush, what are you finding, shall I help you. Ajju says does he say something. Ankush asks Ajju to keep quiet. Kalindi says your items are in your room cupboard. Ankush says so you are telling me today. He goes to his room. Shlok comes to the office who places newspaper ad and comes to know someone else got the job. He keeps walking and reaches another place. The man says Shlok Agnihotri, you want a job, we don’t have the shut our company by giving you job. Shlok says nothing like that, I came here for my research work. He goes to another place and says he does not have work experience certificate but can do good work. The man asks him to leave.

Shlok gets rejection everywhere. Astha also reads the paper. The man asks her to buy the paper and read. She says 2mins, I m seeing ad for job. The man takes the paper. A lady meets her and says a hotel has a job, you will get good money. She sprays perfume on her. Astha says leave me aunty, I m not that type of girl. Ankush thinks he does not get any paper with Kalindi’s sign. She thinks of the lawyer’s words to take Kalindi’s sign on blank paper by cheating.

Anjali stands near a flower shop and waits for Astha. She says even Shlok will come now. She talks to the lady and she suggests some petty job. Few men come there and start beating each other. Anjali is scared and gets tensed seeing a knife. The knife points towards her in their fight. Shlok comes there and sees this. Anjali cries.

Shlok runs to Anjlai and pushes the goons outside. They try to beat Shlok and police comes. Anjali cries. Shlok gets angry on everyone standing there to see the incident. Astha comes and sees Anjali crying. She says she will get water. She gets water and calms down Anjali. Shlok says I m ashamed to not be able to take care of my mum, no food, no roof. Anjali says you are a good son, I m very happy with you both, don’t worry. Shlok says he has to find a job soon. Astha says we have a duty towards you, we can’t be happy seeing you on road, so I decided something, come with me. Anjali asks where. Astha says you trust me right. Shlok says its not about water, but where. Astha says come with me.

Ankush brings a paper and asks Kalindi to sign it. Kalindi asks whats this. He thinks she does not know reading English, I will bring direct property papers. He exchanges the papers and acts smart. He says its bike parking application form for the colony area. Kalindi asks where to sign. Kalindi signs on the papers. Ankush gets glad that Kalindi signed the papers and went for a loss, you returned me my whole property by this sign. He says all your problems end today. Ajju asks what problem. Ankush says parking problem, and leaves on his bike.

Niranjan comes office and talks to the staff man. He says Shlok used to handle the work, he did not wish work load to come on you, so he did your work too. He gives so many files to Niranjan and asks him to see. Niranjan worries seeing the files and so much work lined up in pending. He says how can so much work be pending, its not impossible that I do this work in one day, anything else. The man says he will schedule his meeting for next week. Niranjan asks him to leave and sits to work. He says I m not habituated to so much work, my son has taken care of everything. Shlok….. come back.

Ankush gives the property papers to laywer. He says it will take some time for legal formalities, but you will get the property, but how did Kalindi sign on it, I thought she is smart. Ankush says he is smart. The lawyer checks the papers and laughs. He asks is this her sign. Ankush says yes. The man says I know you are smart, but she is your mum, see what she wrote. Ankush reads Sudhar Jaao instead of her sign. He gets angry. Astha brings Anjali and Shlok to the ashram. She says I want Aai to be here. Shlok says what are you saying. Astha says Aai will be safe here, I m afraid after what happened today, who will take care of her when we go to find jobs.

She says she can get food and clean bed here. She says we can’t give her basic necessities, her parents are here, she can share her pain with them. Shlok says I understand Astha’s concern, but Aai will be with us, I will do anything for this, I want to give all world’s happiness to her, I have hurt her a lot, I want to take care of her. He says its matter of few days. Astha says I understand your feelings, I know you are hurt by this decision, but if she stays with us, she will be more hurt, think we can’t be in peace being afraid, we will take a small home and then take Aai home. Shlok thinks of this incident and agrees. Anjali says no, I won’t leave you two, I want to be with you. Astha and Shlok explain her to understand. Anjali cries and nods no.

Niranjan doing the work in the office. He thinks how can Shlok leave him like this, did he think what will happen if his Baba, he always said he will support me always. He thinks of the pandit’s words and how Shlok chose him over Astha before. He thinks how Shlok jumped in the fire to save him. Mahesh comes and says its his meeting time. Niranjan says he will come later. Anjali’s parents feel tensed as if Anjali is in pain. Anjali comes to them with Astha. She hugs her mum and cries. Shlok looks on. They ask Astha is everything fine. Astha says we have left that house. They are shocked and see Shlok.

Astha says Shlok and I will make our new identity. She cries and says we will prove it to Niranjan, we don’t want Aai to be here as we can’t keep her wandering on road. They talk to Shlok. Shlok looks upset as he has dishonored them before and could not meet their eyes.

Shlok apologizes to Anjali’s parents, his Nana and Nani for always speaking with disrespect. He says you always wanted to give me love and I never valued it. They ask Shlok to find the job staying with them. Shlok says thanks, but I have to go. Anjali says she has to make him have food by her hands and asks him to come. They make Astha and Shlok have food with their love. Anjali’s emotions overflow and she cries. Shlok wipes her tears. Shlok says Aai please, don’t cry, I will come here once I get the job. He greets the elders by touching their feet and Astha hugs Nani ji. They bless them.

Anjali hugs Shlok and cries. Shlok says bless me Aai, that I can stand on my feet and become something. Anjali nods yes and hugs Astha. Suman gives a phone to Astha which she gifted her. Astha says she can’t take it. Anjali says keep it, we can be connected. Astha thanks them and leaves. Ankush comes to Kalindi and throws the papers asking whats this. She says your mind shows the temperature outside. He says tell me what I asked, show your plan to anyone else. She argues with him and says she does not have any way to tell him, so she wrote Sudhar Jao on the paper. She says how did you think I don’t know English, my son is so innocent, I m not just SSC pass, but I did double M.A in English Literature.

She says its your property and you will get it, have patience and change, then everything is yours. He says he will twist all her fingers, this will be proved costly to you. She says fine, we shall wait and watch. She smiles making him angry. He goes to his room. She asks him to come for lunch. She says she will change him. Niranjan scolds Mahesh asking how can so many meetings come in one day, how will he manage. Mahesh says Shlok used to handle all meetings, I don’t know how, he did not even take any help anytime, he said he likes to help you so he did your work. Niranjan asks him to leave.

Niranjan says you have to come back Shlok. Varad asks Sid to do his work and gives all files. He says sit in my cabin, and you will be managing this branch. Sid asks where are you going. Varad says as Shlok is not there, I have to manage the company. Sid asks what are you saying. Varad says we have much problem at home, I m very stressed out, Shlok, Anjali and Astha have left home, every house has problems, I know it was big this time, but Shlok should have not done this, Baba is broken, I m here to manage Baba and business, and my broken home.

He asks him to manage office and help him. He says he will get back Shlok. Sid is worried knowing all this. Varad says don’t tell this to Jyoti, she will worry, you have to take all imp decisions, I trust you the most. Sid promises that he won’t give him chance to complain. Varad looks at his cabin and says all the best. He leaves. Shlok and Astha walk on the road. Shlok thinks what to do, but he has to find job. Astha asks what will we do. He says lets find a place to stay overnight. She says we can go to a small lodge and will tell we can pay later, I m so intelligent. Shlok smiles and says you are Nautanki.

She says we will find the lodge and I hope its not like that decent. She laughs. Niranjan attends a meeting and comes to know about pending work again. Varad comes there to help him. Niranjan is blank about the work and says discuss everything with Shlok. The man says but Shlok is not here, can you say when will he come. Niranjan says what do I know when will he come, is he small kid to drag him by his hand. Varad calms him down and apologizes to them. He says he will manage the office till Shlok comes back, as he went for some work.

A man says he has four cars and has two drivers. Astha and Shlok hear him. Astha says I think it’s the lodge, lets talk to them. She says Kaka…. He says what, tell fast, don’t waste my time. She says we want room for few days, can we get it. He says its lodge, you can stay. He asks the man to find two drivers soon. He leaves. Shlok looks at the car. Astha sees him and says Shlok, you are so educated, you won’t drive taxi, I m sure you will get good job. He says I know, but I have nothing to justify my degree, maybe Lord want me to do this, we need money and you are my responsibility. Niranjan fumes in his cabin. Varad comes to him and sees him angry.

He asks is he fine. Niranjan says yes, I m fine. Varad gives him water glass. Niranjan thanks him. Varad says I will manage office for few days, you take rest, and then Shlok will come back in few days. Niranjan says yes. Varad says lets go home now and takes his coat. Niranjan takes his coat from him and leaves.