Strings of love Sahiba to be in danger Spoiler


Strings of love Sahiba to be in danger Spoiler

In the upcoming episode of Strings of Love, viewers are going to witness some major Twist.

Angad to notice Sahiba is missing

 Garry asks Seerat why is she calling him even when he is cutting her calls. Seerat argues with Garry for a while and says she wants to meet him today at 4 o’clock as her family is thinking of doing her marriage. Garry asks Seerat to do that marriage. Seerat says she can’t think of marrying anyone besides him.
Seerat says to Garry that if he doesn’t come then she will directly go to Brar mansion. Garry asks Seerat not to do that and says he will meet her. Sahiba eavesdrops on their conversation.
Veer asks Sahiba why did she call him. Sahiba requests Veer for his help and says there is someone in Seerat’s life and he is manipulating Seerat. Sahiba says Angad doesn’t believe what she says and says this is her last chance to prove what she is talking about is right.
Veer says he will do anything so that the misunderstandings between Angad and Sahiba will be cleared. Sahiba asks Veer to make sure no one finds out she left the house, especially Angad. Veer agrees.
In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Veer asking Angad where is he going. Angad says he is going to Sahiba’s room to meet Sahiba. Veer says Sahiba is sleeping. Angad says this is an important matter and he will wake her up.
Angad comes into Sahiba’s room and sees that she is not in her room.
Sahiba comes to Green View Garden and searches for Garry and Seerat. Sahiba sees Seerat holding Garry’s collar.
Will Sahiba get hold of evidence against Garry?
Will Sahiba prove her innocence?

Sahiba to be in danger?

As reported earlier, Santosh notices Seerat’s absence in the house and understands that Seerat has deceived her and left the house. Seerat asks Garry why does everyone hate her so much and says he also made a mistake? Garry agrees and says Sahiba is turning everyone in the house against her. Seerat doesn’t believe Garry’s words.
Garry says to Seerat that Sahiba manipulated Angad that Angad even slapped him for the first time. Seerat says Sahiba would never do that and says Sahiba slapped her once but it was her mistake at that time. Garry says to Seerat that they couldn’t be together as Sahiba played a dirty game against both of them.
Garry asks Seerat to do the marriage. He says he is never going to marry as he loves her too much. Garry says he is going to leave India as if he is here her memories will not allow him to live. Seerat tries to listen to convince Garry that they have a future together. But Garry says they don’t.
Seerat gets a phone call from Santosh. Santosh scolds Seerat on the phone for deceiving her and leaving the house. Santosh asks Seerat to return home right away. Seerat says she will be back. Seerat cuts the call and sees that Garry has left.
 Seerat searching for Garry. Sahiba finds Seerat. Sahiba says to Seerat that she knows she came here to meet Garry. Sahiba asks Seerat if she wants to marry Garry. Seerat says yes. Sahiba says that Garry betrayed his own brother for his goals and says a person like that couldn’t be anyone else’s.
Sahiba asks Seerat to come with her and tell the truth to everyone. Seerat gets out of Sahiba’s hold and runs away from her. Sahiba searches for Seerat walking in the middle of the road. It is shown a lorry is about to hit Sahiba. Angad gets shocked.
Will Sahiba get hold of evidence against Garry?
Will Angad save Sahiba?

Will Sahiba succeed in exposing Garry?

 Sahiba and Angad get into a heated argument when the latter exposes his truth in front of Manveer. Later Suri comments on seeing Sahiba cooking for the Brar’s in the Brar mansion. Sahiba says the Bisaki ki Dawat always tastes good when it is made on Bisakhi. Manveer asks Suri to serve food for everyone.
Suri says Sahiba prepared food and says Sahiba is going to serve everyone. Manveer asks Sahiba who gave her permission to enter the kitchen. Sahiba reminds Manveer that Akaal permitted her to step into the kitchen when she entered this house.
Sahiba says on every Bisakhi she has a habit of cooking food for her family so she did this. Manveer says she is not part of this family. Sahiba says that she is living in their house so she thought of them as family.
In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Sahiba will say to Angad that she is going to prove today that one of his brothers is deceiving him. Angad questions Sahiba if this is her new drama.

Sahiba loses consciousness. Gurleen comes and says to Angad that Sahiba is not acting and says Sahiba has not eaten anything from the morning for him and asks him to make Sahiba drink water.
Angad agrees and does it. Sahiba after drinking some water with Angad’s hand opens her eyes and points at Garry. Garry feels panicked.