Strings of Love Update: Saturday 3rd February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Saturday 3rd February 2024

Angad tells Sahiba that an FIR has her signature. Sahiba says it can’t be. Inspector shows her signature on FIR and matches it with her signature on ID card. Sahiba says it’s impossible as she never signed. Angad warns her to stop lying. Inspector warns him not to pressurize his wife. Anad says Sahiba pressurizes everyone and asks if she is not ashamed of accusing a senior citizen and putting him behind bars. Sahiba says he never understood her at all, even she is feeling pain seeing Akaal behind bars.

Angad whisks her and says she is lying. Inspector stops him and takes her to her cabin. She says she need not worry as even she was a victim of domestic abuse, but she fought bravely and got justice to herself. Sahiba says she never filed any complaint and never visited this police station though. Inspector warns her to stop changing statement and shows a footage where Sahiba describes how she is being tortured by Akaal and his family and fears for her life. Sahiba is shocked and says it’s not her and she doesn’t know who recorded this video and how did it reach police station.

Inspector calls her subordinate shows a CCTV footage where Sahiba walks in and files FIR. He says he even matched her face with her ID card to confirm it’s her. Sahiba says i’s some imposter and not her. Constable says she had sat in this cabin for over an hour. Inspector says she has filed multiple sections on Akaal and made sure he will not get a bail. Sahiba pleads not to do that. Constable says they need to get Sahiba’s checkup as she must have lost her mental balance due to her in-laws’ torture.

At home, doctor checks Japjyoth and says he never saw her so ill before, maybe she is in a shock. Manveer says its a personal matter which they can’t explain. Doctor gives injection to Japjyoth and says he wouldn’t suggest hospital admission for her. Whole family continue their favorite task of verbally abusing Sahiba. Gurleen says she wants to say somthing. Manveer says she shouldn’t dare try to support Sahiba.

Angad’s lawyer tells that he can’t get bail for Akaal as he doesn’t know what evidence Sahiba has submitted. Angad asks he can’t say that as a lawyer and should arrange bail at any cost. Sahiba walks out and pleads Akaal to believe her that she didn’t file complaint. Angad drags her away and asks if she convinced inspector to free Akaal. Sahiba says inspector has some video evidence where some imposter disguised as her gave statement that her in-laws torture her. Angad says she is changing her statement often. Sahiba pleads to believe her.

Angad continues to shout at her. Inspector walks out and warns him to stay away from his wife and says since its a high-profile case, she will arrange a best public prosecutor for Sahiba. Sahiba says she doesn’t need any lawyer. NGO ladies walk in and assure Sahiba that they will get her justice. Sahiba refuses their help and asks inspector to keep them away from her. Angad tells Akaal that he will go out and seek help from home minister and DIG.