Strings of Love Update: Tuesday 12th March 2024


Strings of Love Update: Tuesday 12th March 2024

Inder collections jewelry and money from family members. Kidnapper sends location on his phone. Angad tells Inder that he will accompany him. Inder says no. Japjyoth says he should take Angad along as kidnappers are very dangerous. Inder says he can risk his life for his daughter and says he is happy to see whole family worried for Simran. He leaves. Japjyoth tells Angad that though Manveer hates Simran, she gave all her jewelry to save Simran. Manveer calls kidnapper and says she asked him to shift Simran to orphanage safely, then what is this kidnapping drama. Kidnapper rudely warns her to shut her mouth and says she herself gave him a lottery ticket, now she should keep her mouth shut or else he will inform her family that she is behind Simran’s kidnap. Manveer turns and is shocked to see Sahiba standing. Sahiba confronts her.

Manveer recalls how she executed her plan misleading guards and gave Simran to the kidnappers. Sahiba asks Manveer how can she stoop so low and get Simran kidnapped. Manveer says she never intended to get Simran kidnapped and had spoken to Manali’s reputed orphanage. Sahiba asks if she thinks a reputed orphanage will accept a child without proper paper work and asks will she forgive herself if something happens to Simran. Manveer says no and requests Sahiba not to inform family about it. Sahiba asks her to give kidnapper’s number. Manveer asks why? Sahiba says if she doesn’t give her number, she will involve police and inform family. Manveer gives her number. Sahiba walks out and asks Veer to get the number’s location via his police friend. Veer asks whose number is it. Sahiba reveals it’s kidnapper’s number.

Inder drives car towards kidnapper’s location and hopes he gets back Simran safely. He notices someone following him. Angad follows him. Sahiba calls him and asks where is he. Angad says he is following Mr Brar and asks how did kidnappers kidnap Simran when she had gone out of room just for a few minutes. Sahiba says she doesn’t know and asks him to be careful and keep updating her. Veer informs her Sahiba that her friend told kidnapper’s location is changing repeatedly. Sahiba asks him to get the live location from his friend as she herself wants to go there and she thinks kidnapper will demand more money after taking 20 crores. Veer says he will accompany her and they both follow the location.

Prabjyoth and Gurleen discuss how can kidnapper enter Brar house and kindap Simran while the guards were there and there is only one gate to enter the house. Manveer panics hearing that. Prabjyoth asks if she is also worried for Simran. Japjyoth says her Manveer is worried for Simran and gave her whole jewelry. Manveer says she will be fine if she takes medicine and rests. Hansraj walks to her and asks shy she is so tensed. Manveer reveals that she had called a Manali orphanage to take Simran from here, but the person kidnapped Simran. Hansraj asks if anyone else knows about this. Manveer says Sahiba found out. Akaal asks servant to call the guards. Hansraj stops Akaal and tells him that Manveer feels someone from the family is supporting kidnappers and if the question guards, he/she will get alert.