Sunday Update on Anupama 17th July 2022


Sunday Update on Anupama 17th July 2022

Anupama signs divorce papers and asks Vanraj to sign them. He signs them hesitantly. Counsellor says they have 6 months to think and hopes they change their decision. Anu thinks she will not change her decision and its better if Vanraj also doesn’t change his decision. She greets counsellor and walks out of office, then says thank you to Vanraj and tries to leave. He stops her and says last year his friend got a divorce and he was telling that he was feeling weird, he told its not a big deal, but today he realized it a very big deal; thinking and telling about separating is fine, but when the find out that their decades old relationship will end with just a signature, hands won’t raise at all; now signatures are done and when relationship is ending, he wants to say sorry for giving her pain from connecting with Kavya to trying to prove her mentally unstable; he asks if she will forgive him. She asks him to give her mukti/salvation and think she forgave him.

He says Bapuji was right that he won’t he happy in life by hurting her heart; until she was with him, he had everything, a happy family, name, job, peace, etc., and once she is out of his life, everything left him; when she used to pray for him, he used to grow; when she used to apply kajal on his sole, he used to smile; when she used to cook.. She says she was there since the beginning, but he was not present and was with Kavya even while being with her and when he is with Kavya, he shouldn’t talk about being with her as those finished; if he said sorry to her so that she doesn’t curse him, he shouldn’t worry as she prays god that he and Kavya be happy forever; she had love for him earlier and then anger. He says and now… She says now nothing; life doesn’t give a second chance, but they got one; he should live for Kavya and she will for liv for herself, he shouldn’t lose this chance.

She smiles at him and walks away. Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa to Nahi…song plays in the background. He sits at a bench and reminisces her helping him in every chores and showering her love for him, but he ignoring her repeatedly. Anu reminisces their happier moments, then his rude behavior, his betrayal, etc. They both look at divorce notice and shed tears. She thinks everything will be fine. He thinks when will everything be fine, if it will or not.

Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house. Kavya asks what did counsellor say, if she gave next date. Vanraj says divorce will be finalized soon. She happily hugs him and says they will marry and live happily after that. He says for that she has to take divorce first. She says she is trying. He says it looks like she is more worried about his divorce and why should he bear the trauma alone. She asks if he feeling bad taking divorce from Anu, what is he trying to say. He says he is just tired. She asks him to calm down and says let us celebrate with champagne. Pakhi returns from school and hearing that walks back thinking here Bestie and there Kinjal will get her parents divorced for sure. Kavya asks Vanraj to not think much as everything will be fine soon, they will celebrate his birthday in a lavish way.

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Anu returns home. Baa with whole family eagerly waiting for her asks why didn’t she pick her phone. Anu says counseling is done and divorce will be finalized in 6 months. Dolly asks if she should prepare tea for her. Anu says she is tired and wants to rest. Kinjal asks her to have some food first. Baa stops her. Dolly asks her to go and rest and she goes to her room. Baa breaks down. Kinjal asks if its right to leave mummy alone. Dolly says Anu will come out herself and they shouldn’t disturb her. Kinjal asks Baa to have food as she needs to have medicine. Baa says she doesn’t want to have anything and wants to be alone. Anu returns to her room and looks around. Next morning, Baa prepares laddus for Vanraj’s buddy and stops mamaji from having it saying its for poor. He says even he is a middle class poor. She says she celebrates janmastami twice, first when her Thakurji was born and then when her son was born.

Bapuji says she prepares Vanraj’s all favorite items. Anu walks in. Baa says she will celebrate her son’s birthday here, whether someone likes it or not. She sees Anu preparing laddus and asks if she is preparing it for her son. Anu says she is preparing it for a mother as a mother is born when a first child is born and before that, she would be a daughter, DIL, a wife, etc., but not mother; she will prepare Vanraj’s favorite food, Baa should prepare kadhi. Baa says she will also prepare chutney. Mamaj jokes Bapuji’s chutney? Baa says she has kept pooja at home, though house is broken and only a bit is left; all family memembers will attend it except Samar. Anu says Sweety will come and she needs to prepare burger for her. Baa says dhokla for Toshu.

Vanraj sees Pakhi sad and asks reason. She says she has a test and leaves saying she will go to her friend’s house and then to school. Bapuji asks Baa if Kavya will give permission to Vanraj to celebrate his birthday with family. Baa says her son will celebrate his birthday with his mother. Kavya insists Vanraj to convince Pakhi to stay with Anu for 2 days as she wants to celebrate his birthday alone in a resort and since she is going for a business meeting at a resort, he should accompany her. Anu says Kavya may stop Vanraj. Bapuji tells Anu that either Baa or Kavya’s heart will break. Vanraj tells Kavya that he wants to spend quality time with Kavya, but Pakhi will feel bad if he asks her to go away, anyways his birthday is like a festival for Pakhi and Baa and its their family thing. Anu thinks a lot happened during his last birthday and prays god to not let that happen tomorrow.

Kavya starts emotionally blackmailing Vanraj and crying. Vanraj concerned asks why is she crying, what did he say. She says she spoke a lot without speaking, every year he celebrates birthday with family and leaves her alone. He says he will never leave her alone as he loves her. She says she is just his love and not priority. He says if she was not his priority, if he was staying with her leaving his family; he broke up with Anupama and not family and family still has right on him. She asks what about her right. Kinjal informs Baa that she has a business meeting at a resort and whole family has to accompany her. Baa says resort doesn’t suit their family. Kinjal says its necessary. Anu asks when they have to go to resort. Kinjal says tomorrow.

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Baa says not tomorrow as its sasur Vanraj’s birthday tomorrow and she has arranged pooja, so Toshu and Kinjal has to sit in pooja. Kinjal asks why she arranged pooja at our home. Baa says when they are celebrating birthday here, will she keep pooja in Japan. Anu says like every year, they will celebrate Vanraj’s birthday here. Kinjal asks if she is okay with it. Anu says yes as she doesn’t have a right to speak between mother and son. Kavya continues her emotional blackmail and tells Vanraj that he is concerned about his children and family always, he should pay attention towards her also and she is celebrating birthday for his happiness; he doesn’t send Pakhi home, so he denies her permission and always ignores her. Vanraj consoles her. Pakhi watches that and thinks if papa will send her home for Bestie, neithr of her parents love her. Kavya pleads Vanraj to give her one day and celebrate birthday with his family next day.

Baa insists Kinjal to take leave tomorrow to sit in pooja. Kinjal says she cannot. Anu explains that job is a responsibility and Kinjal cannot ignore it. Baa asks then why did Toshu take a leave from job tomorrow. Kinjal says Toshu works in her mom’s coaching instiute and is literally its damad/SIL, so he can take leave anytime. Toshu enters and asks till when he will be taunted for his job. Kinjal says she is not taunting him. He asks why don’t she try to take a leave for papa’s birthday. Kinjal says she is a project head and its important for her to go. Baa continues to insist. Kinjal says she can’t and will call papa and wish tomorrow, thats it. She walks away. Baa says if Kinju baby is going to resort, even maide ki katori Kavya will go, so her son will be alone. Anu thinks if Kavya is going, even Vanraj may go.

Kinju packs her clothes. Toshu hugs her and says he knows she is serious regarding job and doesn’t mix personal and professional life, but once in a blue moon she should take a leave for him, they will perform pooja in the morning and will go to take gift for papa after that and celebrate birthday with whole family, he won’t feel good without her, they fought a lot and let us start afresh. Kinjal says even she is tired of these fights. He says then she should agree. She asks what did he gift mummy, he even forgot her birthday. He says there is no connection between these 2 issues. She says she is seeing is so excited regarding papa’s birthday, its good that he loves his papa as even she does, but she doesn’t differentiate between her parents; they ignore one person’s sacrifice in this house and praise other, she doesn’t like seeing this double standard and doesn’t feel like taking a leave. He asks that means she will not take a leave then. She says she is not differentiating between mummy and papa, but can see how family ignores mummy and don’t even remember her birthday while mummy thinks of everyone, so she will think of mummy; sorry she cannot take a leave, but will accompany him to buy gift if he wants. He thinks mummy made Kinjal like her.

Samar video calls Anu and says he misses her and its the first time he has gone away from her. She cries saying even she is missing him and asks when will he return. He says 7-8 days. She asks 7 or 8 days as it makes a difference and she can cry 1 day less. She then asks how is Mumbai, if he saw something. Everything is good, but he doesn’t have her there. She cries again. He says mummy’s eyes means tear tanks; he says he heard Mr. Shah is celebrating his birthday at home, if he was there, he would have taken her out somewhere and not let her face him. His friend calls him for dinner and he leaves. Anu reminisces wishing Vanraj happy birthay at 12 exactly while he is asleep and he in sleep murmurs that Kavya presentation is tomorrow. She thinks he is murmuring even in sleep, she loves him. He turns, she hugs him from behind. Out of flashback, she thinks words finish but not memories, counts and at 12 wishes him happy birthday and a happy life with Kavya. She thinks her Sweety would be very happy as its her papa’s birthday.

Vajnraj goes to Pakhi, but she acts as sleeping. Kavya brings a mini cake and wishes her happy birthday. Vanraj says he is concerned about Pakhi as she wishes him birthday first always. Kavya takes him away saying Pakhi must be tired and slept off, so he should let her sleep. Pakhi weeps in bed reminiscing Kavya chatting with her friend and telling tomorrow is V’s birthday and she will wish him first, Pakhi is with her, she loves her, but sometime it gets difficult; she doesn’t get privacy when Pakhi is with her and hopes she gets personal time with V without Pakhi. Kavya celebrates Vanraj’s birthday with cupcakes and wishes him happy birthday. He thanks her. She says this is just a trailer and real birthday would be in resort. Baa calls Vanraj. Kavya fumes thinkig if not Pakhi, Baa disturbs them. Vanraj picks call. Baa asks if he had maide ka cake, she knows he is with Kavya, so she called him after 5 minutes. He asks her to wish him first.

She emotionally wishes him happy birthday in her own style emotionally and says she still remembers the day when he was born. He describes her said story. They both continue sharing emotional bonding, Baa thanks him for giving her an opportunity to become a mother. He says even he is thankful to her for giving him the best upbringing. She says her Gutlu is best. He asks her not to call him Gutlu. Bapuji wishes him happy birthday Gutlu and blesses him. Toshu, Kinjal and Mamaji wish him next. Baa asks him to come home tomorrow soon as she has arranged pooja for him and disconnects call. Kavya asks why didn’t he inform his mother that they are going to resort.

Baa tells family that her son didn’t deny her. Bapuji says he didn’t say yes also. She says her son will not deny her request. Pakhi continues crying in bed. Anu tells Baa that she didn’t hear Sweety’s voice. Baa says must be she has stuffed her mouth with cake. Anu thinks Sweety cannot keep quiet on Vanraj’s birtday and gets worried for her.

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