Sunday Update on Anupama 22nd May 2022


Sunday Update on Anupama 22nd May 2022

Baa taunts Kavya indirectly that people lose respect if they visit same place repeatedly uninvited. Kavya reminisces insulting Baa the other day and touching Baa’s feet apologizes her for misbehaving with her. She apologizes even Anu and for interfering between Vanraj and Samar the other day. She says she is like a family member and there is no shy in apologizing family. She apologizes for what she did before and what she will do in the future. Baa forgives her saying when someone touches her feet and apologizes, she has to forgive them. Bapuji and Mamaji joke.

Baa says Kavya can attend all wedding functions. Kavya says of course and she feels as if its her marriage, thinks she apologized as she is becoming this house’s bahu and should be visiting here often. Nandini and Sanjay fume seeing her drama. Mamaji says if apologizes are over, let us play musical chair. Anu sees Nandini sad and asks reason. Nandini lies that her favorite jacket tore. Anu cheers her up. Samar hearing that feels concerned for her. Toshu, Kinjal, and Pakhi taunt him. Devika messages Vanraj that if he makes Anu cry again, she will make him and his whole family cry. He thinks he has to continue drama to maintain balance between his happiness/Kavya and his family’s happiness/Anu, so he is marrying them both.

Mamaji says let us start game. Bapuji reminds him not to forget after playing music. Mamaji says he remembers and plays Ladki Beautiful Kargayi… Everyone revolve around chair. Mamaji stops music, and Dolly loses first. Mamaji plays music again. Samar speaks to Nandini and asks her not to get sad for the jacket. She says okay. He thinks she is not interested in talking to him. Kavya thinks everyone are noticing her except Vanraj. She walks to him and asks if he noticed how she convinced Baa, she knows to manage things, sometimes one needs to break rules for ease of life and she knows her game better. Vanraj smirks hoping he manages both lives easily like this. Baa loses, but denies to give up. Mamaji plays music and stops. Meenu loses next followed by Bapuji. Baa says let us rest for sometime.

Samar walks to Nandini. Nandini reminisces his excitement for his parent’s rewedding and thinks she should inform him about Kavya and Vanraj’s affair. She says she needs to inform him something. He excitedly asks what is it. Game restarts and he leaves. All lose game except Vanraj, Kavya and Anu. Vanraj loses next. Anu and Kavya both offer their seat to him. Baa taunts Anu is trying to impress her boss. Vanraj says he lost, so they should continue their game. Samar comments papa played fair game. Bapuji says let us spice up the game with vachal yuddha. Samar asks what is that. Dadaji says just like sledging in cricket match. Baa says nobody can win her in vachal yuddha. Kavya says he means faceoff, she is ready for that. Anu hesitates saying she doesn’t want to hurt anyone with words. Family insists. Their face off starts. Anu gives befitting replies leaving family praising her and Kavya jealous. Finally, Anu wins. Samar insists Vanraj to crown maa and pronounce her a winner. Vanraj crowns Anu saying she is his queen. Any shies while Kavya stands fuming. Samar clicks Vanraj and Anu’s pics, leaving Kavya more jealous.

Baa feels leg pain after running around in musical chair game. Anu brings ajwain oil for her and applies it on her feet saying she knew Baa would feel pain after running around in musical chair game. Baa says she didn’t realize when 25 years passed tolerating Anu. Anu says she knows she wasn’t Baa’s choice for Vanraj, her mother had taught to become her mother-in-law’s daughter as mother’s heart is very king, she tried her best to become Baa’s daughter and even now she is trying her best. Baa says she likes her. Anu happily leans on her lap saying that is more than enough for her and thanks Baa. Baa emotionally keeps her hand on Anu’s head.

Kavya tells Vanraj that she apologized and convinced Baa today. Vanraj says he felt good seeing that. Kavya says Baa is her would be mother-in-law and she cannot keep her angry; she will not reveal that she is Baa’s bahu, but she also has her dreams and wants him to marry her before Anu and bring her mangalsutra tomorrow. Vanraj agrees. She gets Pakhi’s message inviting her for mummy’s mehandi ceremony and to be on time. She gets angry saying his family is acting as if its his and Anu’s first wedding, how stupid. Vanraj says even her demand of wearing mangalsutra first is stupid. He then holds her says its stupid, but too cute; if she doesn’t want to attend mehandi, he will inform family that she is busy with office work. Kavya hugs him saying she will come as even she wants to get mehandi and is a bride.

Anu thanks Baa for forgiving her every mistake and showing her a right path and giving her world’s best gift. Baa asks which gift. Anu shyingly says Toshu’s papa. Baa prays for her and Vanraj’s long relationship. Anu says she wants to become like her and keep family united like the way she has. Baa says Anu cannot become like her as Anu cannot control her words. Bapuji and Mamaji get happy seeing Baa and Anu’s bonding and hope Anu should be happy whole life. Anu also hopes all functions go well peacefully.

Next day, Anu with whole family performs god’s aarti and Baa blesses her. Mamaji also blesses him. Kavya enters. Pakhi says her bestie came. Samar asks if Nandini didn’t come. Pakhi and Toshu taunt him. Kinjal says soon there will be even her mehandi ceremony. Baa suggests her to remember all good things and forget bad things in sasural, asks where is Rakhi indirectly referring she is bad. Kinjal says she is busy in some meeting and will come soon. Baa says let us start mehandi function as mehandi needs time to dry. Vanraj informs Kavya that he brought her mangalsutra.

Anu’s mehandi ceremony starts. Mehandi Hai Lagne Wali…song..plays in the background. Kavya silently performs the steps Anu performs during ritual looking at Vanraj. In lieu of chatting with Meenu, she smear’s Meenu’s mehandi on her hand. Nandin enters and fumes seeing that. She feels sad for Anu and walking to Samar says she needs to inform him something, but Pakhi and Kinal take her way.

Samar with other family members dances on Mehandi Lagake Kavya gets jealous seeing everyone’s attention towards Anu. Anu and Vanraj dance next. Kavya imagines dancing with Vanraj and gets sad realizing its her imagination. After performance, Samar cries hugging Vanraj and thanks him for giving this happiness to mummy and says she deserves all the happiness of whole world. Vanraj asks him to stop as his cool due image will spoil, if his mummy is happy even he is happy. Samar performs Anu’s nazar, making Kavya more jealous. Family restarts dance again. Samar walks to Nandini and asks if she wanted to say something. Nandini says no and thinks she wants to, but doesn’t want to spoil Anu’s happiness.

Mehandi ceremony continues. Baa asks mehandi designer to write Vanraj’s name on Anu’s hand. Kavya signals Vanraj and gets his name written on her hand. Rakhi enters and noticing Vanraj’s name on Kavya’s hand gathers family and shows Vanraj’s name on both Anu and Kavya’s hands.

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