Sunday Update on Lockdown Love Story 6th March 2022


Sunday Update on Lockdown Love Story 6th March 2022

Dhruv acting close to Milky to show Sonam. Some time back, Milky says I want to stay here for 14 days, I don’t want anything else. Subhadra hears this on call. Nutan and others give the samples. Inspector and the lab men leave. Sonam asks why are you all surrounding me, you shouldn’t be here without a mask, where is my room. Dhruv gets angry. Dheeraj stops him. Dhruv says I will send her out. Dheeraj says no one will go to Sonam, don’t risk her. Dhruv says she is clever to make excuse if illness. Dheeraj says just stop it. Milky argues with Sonam. Sonam asks Dhruv to tell Milky not to talk between them. Dhruv asks why, you made her sit in your place, she has a right. He asks Milky to come. He holds her hand with love to make Sonam jealous. Nutan and Sheetal get shocked. Milky smiles.

Dhruv says I thank you from my open heart for giving me Milky, my childhood friend, I m glad we got married, I m very happy, you had come to see me in upset state, sorry, I thank you for saving me from making a big mistake in life. Milky requests Sonam to leave from their lives. Sonam says be happy, but you will get punished for your deeds, its called Karma. Milky asks what, will you punish me. She wears a mask and goes to Sonam.

Shashi stops Milky. Milky asks how can Sonam insult me, Dhruv kicked her out one day and today I will kick her out. Shashi shouts and says don’t dare…. if you touch Sonam. Nutan says don’t dare to stop Milky. Milky and Dhruv ask Sonam to leave from their house. Pratap says you are responsible to put my daughter in this difficulty, everyone is against her. Subhadra says stay strong, I m always with you Sonam. Milky asks will you go or not. Sonam says no. Milky says fine, Shashi stopped me from touching you. She gets a stick. She pushes Sonam out. Dhruv asks are you mad. Shashi throws the stick. Hulchul and Bablu come. Bablu asks why are you doing this Milky, police said Sonam will stay here for 14 days. Hulchul says its simple, keep her here for 14 days. Dhruv says you said you will get her killed, now you are asking me to give her a place in the house. Pratap and Subhadra get shocked. He says they will kill Sonam. Shashi slaps Dhruv.

He says I m ashamed to see you, you were not tired to show love for that girl, you are talking of getting her killed, I feel my son trapped that girl in love and played with her, then you left her. Dhruv asks what would I do, this didn’t happen with anyone, you have pity with her, if you keep her, we all will burn. Shashi says recall your time, when you came here, you just said one thing, you can’t live without Sonam, you left her to die today, you don’t care for her, its bad to have so much hatred, everyone listen to me now, Sonam will stay here for 14 days, I will see the humanity in you. Nutan argues. Shashi shouts shut up, not a word anymore now. He says just tell me where will Sonam stay. Nutan says I don’t know. Shashi asks Sonam to come. Pratap says you would be so happy now, don’t know how is Sonam there. Sonam cleans the space for herself. Ankita comes to help. She goes to Dhruv and says there is much heat there, do one thing, just get a room for her by talking to Nutan or give her a table fan, she has stayed in AC, she will die like this. He asks her to give hand fan to her, more air will increase corona. He goes to see Sonam and gives the hand fan. He says you won’t get this easily.

Dheeraj scolding Ankita. He asks her not to help Sonam, Dhruv had kicked her out, what was the need for her to come back. She gets sad. He says fine, I will see what I can do. Sheetal says Dhruv is angry, we will get rid of Sonam. Milky says I m glad seeing his behavior. Dheeraj comes to Dhruv. He asks him to just do what suit him. He says you have to give the fan to Sonam. Dhruv says yes, I was doing a trial. Dheeraj goes. Nutan says Ankita would have taught him. Dhruv comes to give the fan to Sonam. He asks her to just leave the house. She says I will go if you listen to me, I promise I will go. He says I don’t want to listen. She says then I won’t go. He breaks the fan and says lets see how long will you stay.

She says I will clear my name. He asks was I wrong, I always favored you, I didn’t think of my family’s wish, your dad insulted my family always, my family stayed silent for my sake, you never understood that marriage is serious thing, I m also a human, I also have a limit, which you crossed, I m not a puppet, you have to go. She says I won’t go, you listen to me, I will not go, you can do anything. Milky looks on. Shashi sees her. Milky says I was just seeing Dhruv. He says its not good to spy, I know you are the main player in this game, you can’t have the fruit of cheat, explain this to Nutan also. Milky goes to Nutan. Nutan says Sonam has her team in this house, Shashi and Sneha. Sheetal says even Ankita supports her, teach her a lesson. Shashi and Sneha help Sonam. Sonam says this is not needed, don’t worry, you all love me, that’s enough, Dhruv and Nutan will be angry on me, do you also think I m wrong. Shashi says maybe its a small thing, but marriage is a big thing here, it happened because of your mistake, truth can’t change.

Nutan says Shashi will not understand, we have to take Milky’s idea. Sheetal says don’t do anything to Sonam, let her stay. Milky asks why, I wish I could kick her out. Sheetal says Dhruv is acting close to Milky on seeing Sonam, he was making her jealous, we don’t know if he will accept Milky or not, he will get close to her to make Sonam jealous, if Dhruv and Milky stay together, there will be sparks, Sonam can’t see this Rasleela, she will go back. Nutan and Milky smile. Nutan says I will give you my earrings.

Sonam talks to Subhadra. She says Dhruv changed a lot. Subhadra says he is in anger. Sonam says no, I have seen him, he is happy with Milky, he pretends it, he wants to get free from me, once I prove my innocence, I will come home. Subhadra asks her to take care. Sonam cries. Nutan stops Dhruv from smoking. She says this way you will lose to Sonam. Dhruv says I already lost, I want to make her away from my life. Sheetal says she is stubborn, think of some plan. He asks what. She says make her jealous, she will go away. He asks what are you saying. Nutan says just show Sonam that you are happy with Milky, you just be with Milky. Dhruv says no, I will not get trapped. Sheetal says just do a drama. Dhruv asks drama. Nutan says Sonam was jealous seeing you both, let her get jealous, then she will go, let Milky sleep in your room. Milky looks on.