Sunday Update on Lost in Love 24th April 2022


Sunday Update on Lost in Love 24th April 2022

Samrat as groom takes his baraat to wedding venue where Pakhi’s parents perform their aarti and greet them. Sonali asks Pakhi’s parents why they look tensed. Mother says they are tired with arrangements and asks Neha to perform ukhana/riddle ritual with jijaji/Samrat. Samrat starts with a riddle followed by others. Neha replies. Samrat gets stuck and asks Virat to help. Virat says everything was in life except one thing, pakhi is entering Samrat’s life to complete his life. Everyone clap and Shivani praises Virat. Neha asks Samrat to repeat Virat’s words and complete ritual. Samrat repeats Virat’s words and completes ritual. Pakhi’s parents then wash Samrat’s feet and complete next ritual. Virat walks aside with Sunny. Badimaa asks Virat if everyone are just joking or he really found a girl for himself. Virat says nothing like that. Badimaa says good then, she will find a girl for him. Ashwini walks to Samrat, and Samrat cries hugging him. She asks if he is fine. He wipes tears and nods yes.

Samrat and Pakhi’s wedding rituals start. Virat with Mohit holds a curtain. Pakhi walks down as bride. Badimaa tells Samrat that bride is very beautiful, he is very lucky. Samrat gets happy hearing that. Pakhi walks for ritual. Karishma tells Virat that bhabhi is very beautiful. Virat looks at her, then thinks he should control himself and not look at her. Pakhi with teary eyes looks at Virat. Pandit then asks to exchanger garlands. Samrat and Pakhi exchange garlands. Virat looks aside. Ninad signals him, and he claps. Karishma takes Mohit aside and says she thinks Virat and Patralekha must be having an affair. Mohit says she speaks senselessly. Karishma says she doesn’t speak without proof and reminds that Virat called Patralekha as Pakhi and they both are acting weird since then, Pakhi is looking at Virat even now. Mohit walks away asking her to stop speaking nonsense.

Jagtap’s mother gets Sayi ready as bride and performs prewedding ritual. Sayi throws shagun and shouts she doesn’t want to marry. Jagtap says now he will marry her directly without any rituals and drags her away.

Samrat and Pakhi’s wedding rituals continue. Pandit asks parents to perform gatbandhan and come forward for kanyadaan. Pakhi continues looking at Virat while performing rituals. Pandit asks bride and groom to tie turmeric thread to each other’s wrists, and they both obey. Pandit then asks groom to fix mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Samrat picks mangalsutra and is about to tie when it falls down. Virat holds it and says this wedding cannot happen because and he and Pakhi love each other. Family look at each other in shock. Virat fixes mangalsutra in Pakhi’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Pakhi smiles at Virat.

Pakhi imagines Virat fixing mangalsutra in her neck and is about to apply sindhoor on her forehead when Virat’s phone rings and she gets out of imagination. Virat returns mangalsutra to Samrat and walks away. Pandit asks bride and groom to start pheras. Virat speaks to Aaba/Kamal Joshi who informs that Jagtap kidnapped Sayi and wants to marry her, so he should come and save her before that. He informs Ninad that inspector Kamal Joshi’s daughter Sayi is kidnapped and he needs to go and save her. Ninad nods okay. Virat asks Samrat to continue wedding as he needs to return to duty. He asks Patralekha if all okay. She stands mum.

Badimaa says no problem. Karishma asks Ninad how can Virat leave Samrat’s wedding midway. Ninad says duty is utmost important to Virat. Virat over phone informs Aaba that is coming and to surround temple with team till he comes. Aaba says around 50 goons with automatic weapons are in temple. Virat says he will request for more force and asks not to shoot till he comes there. Samrat and Pakhi complete pheras. Ashwini stops Virat and asks if duty is the only reason that he is leaving Samrat’s wedding midway. Virat says yes and leaves.

Vithal and his wife wait at temple for Jagtap and Sayi. Jagtap with his goons brings Sayi. Sayi shouts to let her go. Jagtap drags her to Aaba’s effigy and asks her to meet her father one last time. He orders his puppet to shoot effigy, puppet obeys and burst effigy’s head into pieces. Sayi shouts. Aaba with police force reaches near temple and thinking Sayi is in danger walks alone ordering constables to stay there till Virat comes. Jagtap warns Sayi if she disobeys him, he will burst Aaba’s head into pieces. Sayi hears Aaba’s voice, but doesn’t react fearing Jagtap.

Samrat and Pakhi’s bidayi ritual start. Pakhi’s parents emotionally hug her and request Badimaa to take care of Pakhi. Badimaa says Pakhi is her daughter now, so they need not worry. Karishma thinks both Virat and Samrat will take care of Pakhi. Family leaves wedding hall.

Jagtap takes Sayi to wedding mantap and performs wedding rituals. Sayi obeys him in fear. Aaba runs to Sayi, but goons catch him. He asks Sayi not to worry as he has come to save her. Sayi keeps silent reminiscing Jagtap’s warning. Virat reaches venue.