Sunday Update on My Desire 10th July 2022


Sunday Update on My Desire 10th July 2022

Ahana and Mishka scolding Prisha. Prisha says I don’t know how did this happen, at least you trust me. Shard a says I trusted you, you broke my trust, you proved me wrong in front of everyone. Balraj says everyone has seen your truth, even your parents. He asks Rudra will he still keep her at home. Rudra says I had seen her face before, she is clever and selfish, I know her character also. Balraj says make her out of here, right now. Rudraksh says no, she won’t go anywhere, she will stay with us, this is a big punishment for her, she has to tolerate a lot. He asks his family to come. They go. Vasu takes Prisha. Gopal and Yuvraj look on.

Vasu asks why did you hear all that, they are rich, they have all the respect, don’t we have respect, why did you meet Yuvraj, you come with us. Prisha says then it will be proved that I have stolen the necklace, I don’t know how Yuvraj got the necklace. Vasu says you think they will respect you, see what Rudraksh said, he will torture you. Prisha says I have to think for Saransh. Vasu says yes. Prisha says I gave Saransh’s custody to Rudraksh, he isn’t bad, he didn’t let Saransh see my insult, he keeps Saransh happy, Saransh wanted a father, he is happy, how shall I snatch his happiness. Vasu asks what about your happiness. Prisha says my happiness is with Saransh, who will know it.

Vasu hugs her. Prisha says you have to keep Yuvraj away. Gopal scolds Yuvraj. Yuvraj says I love Prisha and came for her. Gopal says its a drama, you don’t love her, else you would have not got her insulted, what bad will you do. Yuvraj says I m being wronged, I didn’t steal the necklace, Ahana and Rudraksh are behind this, you think I m the thief. Gopal says you are saying it, you know what you are. He warns him to stay away from Prisha. He goes.

He says Prisha’s case got reopened, I will give statement against you if needed. Yuvraj gets angry. He holds Gopal’s leg and apologizes. He leaves. Saransh comes to Prisha and hugs. He asks are you fine, everyone was scolding you. She says I m fine, people scold ones they love, I also scold you. He asks did you do any mistake. She says some times its a misunderstanding, not a mistake. Saransh asks Rudra why is he angry. Rudra says everything is fine. Saransh asks did you say sorry, say it now. She says I m sorry to blame about Bunty and Pia. He controls anger. Bunty and Bubbles come. Bunty says Saransh wil come with me, relax, we will drop him. Saransh asks Prisha to come soon. He goes. Gopal and Vasu come and hug Prisha. Gopal says Saransh is our weakness, if anything happens, just call us. Prisha says okay, don’t worry. Vasu says we will drop you. Gopal says we will visit her tomorrow if needed.

He asks Prisha to be strong. They go. Rudraksh and Prisha are on the way. She thinks why is he silent, I will try to clear things. She says thanks for sending Saransh for Pia, I came there to meet you, but Yuvraj came there, don’t know how, I know you won’t believe me. Rudraksh drives recklessly. Prisha says Yuvraj gave a friendly hug, I don’t know about necklace, he doesn’t lie, even he didn’t know about it, he isn’t a thief. She asks him to lower the speed or stop the car. He stops the car. She asks are you mad, why are you angry. She says shut up, I know you are a cheap girl, Rajeev was innocent, I m not, I will kill you, you had an affair with Rajeev and then blackmailed him, killed him, now you were with your lover, I hate it. She says I m not such a girl. He says shut up, I have seen your real face, come out. She asks where are you taking me. He says where you deserve to be. He takes her to the bar. They see the dancers.

He says you should be here, these girls earn money, you earn money here. She says I don’t want to be here. He pushes her on the dance floor and goes to the bar counter. Prisha looks around.

The men teasing Prisha and asking her to dance. She asks them to leave her. She calls out Rudraksh. She pushes the man. Rudraksh looks on. The other man stops her. The man asks who is this girl, doesn’t she know about me, I m taking this girl with me, right now. He asks Prisha to come with him, how dare she pushes him. Prisha asks Rudraksh to save her. Rudraksh sits drinking. The men get her to the room. She asks them to stay away. She beats the men and tries to run away. She shouts for help. Rudraksh comes and beats the men. The man asks who are you. Rudraksh says leave it, and leave her, she is no one to me, who is she for you, the problem is you should respect a girl, not tag her price. He gives his hand to Prisha. She holds his hand. They beat the men. Rudraksh takes her. They are on the way. He says you are confused that I took you there and saved you, you deserve to be there, I saved you for Saransh’s sake, he is Rajeev’s son. She says shut up, I m not wrong, you did wrong.

He says you have guts to call me wrong. She says I m tolerating you for the sake of Saransh, you have become his happiness, else I would have given you an answer, we are together just for Saransh’s sake. Saransh waits for them. He takes Balraj’s phone to call Rudraksh and Prisha.

Balraj scolds Saransh. He pulls his cheek. Saransh screams. Niketan comes and asks what are you doing, he is just a child, you have hurt him a lot. He asks Balraj to explain kids with love. Rudraksh and Prisha come home. Saransh cries and hugs Prisha. She asks what happened, why are you crying. Saransh asks why did you leave me alone here. Rudraksh asks what happened. Prisha asks did anyone say anything, what’s this mark on the cheek. Niketan says Balraj, you should apologize to the boy. Balraj says I don’t talk to children, I punish them, he isn’t much hurt. Rudraksh greets Niketan. He says I have come to surprise Ahana and Mishka, they will be much glad. He introduces his secretary Natasha.

Balraj says Niketan, your room is fixed and its always ready. Niketan says thanks, I regret to know about Rajeev, did you find out who did it. Balraj says we don’t like talking about it. Rudraksh says I will punish the culprit. Niketan says I m also your culprit, I didn’t come in Mishka and your marriage, but I will pay for it, I will go when you ask me to leave, who is this lovely lady. Rudraksh says she is Prisha. Saransh says she is my mumma, her marriage…. Balraj asks him not to talk in between. Rudraksh asks him not to scold him. Niketan says pleasure to meet you, I m Niketan Singhania, Ahana and Mishka’s dad and Rudraksh’s dad-in-law. Saransh greets him and says call me Dadu, Balraj and I are same for you. Prisha takes Saransh. Balraj says Niketan, you should go and rest now. Niketan goes.

Rudraksh asks why are you behaving like this with Saransh, why did you beat him. Balraj says you want to argue with me for his sake, come with me, I will give you an answer. He takes Rudraksh and scares him. Rudraksh recalls Balraj beating him in childhood. Balraj says remember I m your dad, you don’t teach me how to behave, think how will you behave with Niketan, who came here without informing, if he knows you didn’t marry Mishka, but Prisha, you know what will happen, he will take back his investments and we will come on road, find a solution, else I won’t spare you. He goes.

Prisha takes care of Saransh. She thinks when Niketan knows truth, what will happen. She says sorry, I came late. Saransh asks why is Balraj like this, new Dadu saved me, he spoke to me well. She says stay away from him, please. Rudraksh comes and talks to Saransh. Saransh asks Rudraksh and Prisha to become friends and never fight. Rudraksh says we are together just for your sake. Prisha says we will remember this. They say friends… Saransh says we shall party. Prisha says I will see. Rudraksh says I will see. He goes. Saransh gets icecream. He says we will party now. Rudraksh says I m a singer, I won’t spoil my throat. Saransh says mumma eats one full tub of icecream at a time, we will have a competition, Rudraksh is a loser. Rudraksh agrees to compete.

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