Sunday Update on Strange Love 6th June 2021


Sunday Update on Strange Love 6th June 2021

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Astha thinking about the girl she saw at night. Her focus is not on cooking. Anjali comes to her and scolds her. Astha says I saw….. Anjali says its your imagination, we don’t have ghosts in my house. Astha says no, I saw a girl wearing bridal dress. Anjali says show me if you see again. Astha says I will find it out tonight, who is in the bridal dress and I will show you also. Abhay’s Bua does the aarti. jyoti prays for her and her baby’s safety. She says do some miracle this time and save my baby. jyoti is tensed. Her mum in law says I m sure its a baby boy. Abhay says I will know it today after sonography.

Abhay gets a call from someone and comes to know that doctor is not free today. The appointment is cancelled. jyoti becomes happy. Abhay tells his Bua that there is only one doctor who can tell this, what to do now. He says I m going to office and leaves. jyoti thanks Bappa for saving her. She says I have to go to Anjali in this one day of time and request her to keep me for some days, she is my mum and she will surely understand me, Astha is also there, she will help me in this.

Kavya comes to Astha and asks her to make a house for her school event. Astha says I will help you and starts making the house model. Astha asks her to go and play and she will complete it. Kavya leaves thanking her. Astha leaves the model and goes. Shlok comes and says whats this drama now. He gets angry seeing it and breaks it. Astha says Shlok, it was Kavya’s. Their hands were of glue and gets fixed to each other. Shlok says what the hell. She says I tried to stop you. He says why did you not tell me before, its your mistake. She says no, its your mistake.

jyoti is treated well by Abhay. She is asked to have food. She sees Abhay and her mum in law going to the market. She says this is the chance to leave from here. Abhay forgets the car keys and comes back home. jyoti opens the door and is shocked to see him. He asks where were you going. She says to my mum’s house. He gets angry and calls his Bua. He says see her guts, she was leaving, tell me what to do now with her. He says I told you not to breath without my permission. jyoti says sorry, forgive me, I was missing my mum a lot. Abhay says is there any other reason. He says don’t worry, it will affect our child, first lets meet the doctor then I will drop you to your mum’s house. He asks her to take rest. He asks Bua to stay at home and look after jyoti.

Astha and Shlok argue. Kavya comes and laughs seeing them stuck. Anjali and Sojal come to Kavya and see Astha and Shlok together. Sojal is shocked and laughs. Anjali asks whats all this drama. Astha says gum. Sojal thinks now they need gum to stick to each other. Astha asks Aditi to help. Aditi asks for vinegar. Aditi puts vinegar on their hands and uses a thread. Aditi says I have solution of every problem, see how I separated both of you. Astha says thanks and smiles.

Astha gets up at night and takes out powder boxes. She puts it on the stairs and in the hall. She says I know someone comes here. Someone is watching Astha. Astha says why did anyone not come till now. She looks at the watch and waits. She sleeps for some time and says still no one came, maybe Anjali was right. Aditi passes by. Astha hears the anklet sound and goes to see. She sees the footsteps on the floor. She follows the footsteps and goes to see. She thinks of calling Anjali.

Astha wakes up Anjali and says I came to show you the proof, I told you about the bride, come with me and see. She says her footprints are there, please come. Astha shows her the footrprints and is scared. Anjali says maybe its your footprints. Astha says no, it can’t happen. This is not my footprints. Anjali says the door is closed, how can anyone go there. She says what do you want, why are you doing this. Anjali leaves. Astha says why don’t anyone believe me. Aditi sees Astha leaving.

Its morning, Astha wakes up. The powder falls on Shlok’s shirt. Shlok gets angry seeing it and scolds her. She says sorry. He says have you gone mad. She gives the shirt to him and leaves. Shlok thinks what should I do about her.

Abhay bringing jyoti to the doctor and asking him to do the sonography. He says you will get the price, do the checkup. The doctor says fine. jyoti tells Abhay that this is not right, whats the need, we should accept it as Lord’s blessings. Abhay hurts her and scolds her. He says it will be good if I come to know its a boy, and I can do anything for my son, so do as I m saying.

The doctor takes jyoti for sonography. jyoti is tensed and prays to Bappa that it should be a son. Abhay waits outside with his Bua. jyoti asks the doctor what is it. The doctor says congrats, its a daughter. jyoti cries and falls in his feet. She says I request you don’t tell this to my husband, I will give you money. She gives him her gold bangles and cries. She says my husband have aborted my daughters twice, please don’t tell Abhay, I want to give birth to my daughter. I don’t want to kill my baby, only you can help me.

The doctor comes to Abhay and tells him that its a baby boy. Abhay and his Bua are very happy. jyoti is thankful to the doctor. Abhay thanks the doctor and asks jyoti not to cry and dance with happiness. The inspector comes to arrest the doctor for doing sonography which is illegal. Abhay gets worried. The inspector scolds the doctor. They leave from the hospital. Anjali tells Astha that kitchen work is over, the work should be done on right time. Astha comes late. Anjali scolds her and looks at her saree. She says whats all this, powder is all over her clothes. Astha says trust me, I saw a girl in bridal dress in our house. Anjali says enough, stop this, else I would have to take you to psychiatrist. She says Niranjan should not know about this. Astha leaves.

jyoti comes home and sees Abhay’s photos everywhere in her room. She cries. Abhay calls her and keeps his photo everywhere. He says how am I looking, great right. He says see my photos so that my son should be like me in everything. He says I m waiting for that day when my son comes in this world, you are doing a good work by giving me a son, are you happy, you will be, its obvious. He says lets go out, get ready. She asks where. He says leave it on me. She says but…… He gets angry and says I won’t be angry on you, go and get ready, we will go for dinner.

Shlok sees Astha sleeping. She smiles in her sleep. She feels cold but he does not give her the blanket thinking she is doing this intentionally. He is about to sleep but sees a shadow outside. He goes to see who is it. He comes in the hall and hears the anklet sound. He sees the girl and runs to the terrace. Astha wakes up to take the blanket and says where is Shlok till now, where did he go. She gets up to see him. She says did he also see that bride. She looks out for Shlok and hears a soung from terrace. Anjali wakes up by that sound and goes to check. Aditi walks on the railing of the terrace wall. Shlok comes there and is shocked to see her. Astha and Anjali are also shocked seeing her.

Astha says see I told you there is someone who is roaming as a bride in our house. Shlok says who are you, see you will fall. He holds her and brings her down. They are shocked to see its Aditi. Aditi faints. Everyone try to wake her up. Aditi opens her eyes and sees where is she. She gets up and asks how did I come here. Shlok says what. Astha says you in this clothes, bridal dress, why were you roaming in the house, I was not lying, this is not about one day. Aditi says I don’t understand anything. She asks what am I doing here and why am I wearing this dress, what was I doing. Shlok says you were about to jump off. Aditi says but I was sleeping, I don’t know.

Aditi says doctor told me that I walk in sleep but I did not know its so serious, I don’t remember how I came here. Aditi cries and says I m so sorry. She runs. They run after her asking her to stop. Aditi goes to her room and closes the door. Shlok bangs her door. Anjali says break the door, she may do anything, I will call Niranjan. She breaks the door and sees her crying sitting in a corner. Niranjan talks to Ajinkya and says we will take care, come after you finish your work. Anjali comes to him and says Aditi, she was about to jump from terrace but Shlok saved her. She said she walks in sleep. Niranjan says yes, Ajinkya called me just now and told me, how is she now.

Anjali says she locked herself in the room, come fast. Astha removes Aditi’s bangles. Niranjan comes and says she does not look fine, its not good to question her, else she will feel bad about her sleepwalking disease. He says lets talk to her tomorrow morning and leaves.