Teasers on The Power of Love August 2022


Teasers on The Power of Love August 2022

Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 15

Bondita finds herself in a fix as she unintentionally soils her saree before the post-marriage rituals. To avoid embarrassment, she sneaks out of the window to wash her saree at the river. Will she land in trouble for getting out of the house?

Episode 16

Bondita goes missing from the mansion and the family is unable to find her. However, Anirudh locates her whereabouts with no trouble and senses something very fishy and peculiar about her. On the other hand, she is terror-stricken wondering that Anirudh has learned about her senseless blunder. Will Bondita’s truth be exposed in front of the whole family?

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 17

While Anirudh, locked in his room, is in turmoil about his argument with Mini, Bondita is adamant on touching his feet as a mark of respect. While an enraged Anirudh flares at Bondita initially, he gives her a clear understanding of the fact that men and women are equal. Will little Bondita learn Anirudh’s values and principles?

Episode 18

As Anirudh decides to stop the rituals after he is irritated by Mini’s words, his family tries to force him to participate in the rituals. However, with the scene created by Anirudh, Bondita is left heartbroken when he dismisses the guests without considering her request. How will she handle the heartbreaking situation?

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Episode 19

Anirudh stumbles upon Bondita’s letter and learns about her two conditions on which she agreed to marry him. To his family’s surprise, he agrees to bring her widow mother home to live with them. But will his family grant him the consent to take such a drastic step?

Episode 20

Anirudh and Bondita perform the post-wedding rituals in the presence of their family members. Meanwhile, Trilochan conspires to stop Bondita’s mother from living with the newlyweds. Will his devious plan foil the promise made by Anirudh to Bondita?

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 21

Anirudh writes a letter addressed to Mini to convey his apology and discloses the real reason for marrying Bondita. But Bondita stumbles across this letter before it is dispatched to Mini. Will she read it and learn the truth about her marriage?

Episode 22

All of Soudamini’s assumptions about Anirudh’s wife falls apart after Bondita reveals her identity in front of her. However, when Bondita questions her regarding her sudden quest, Soudamini fails to answer. With Anirudh staying mum about Soudamini, will Bondita figure out who she is?

Friday 5 August 2022

Episode 23

Bondita is overwhelmed with joy as she finally reunites with her mother. But she grows impatient when her mother advises her to complete the rituals before spending time with her. Will Bondita consider her mother’s advice?

Episode 24

After sending Bondita to meet her friends, her mother reveals her hesitation in accompanying Anirudh and her daughter to Bandipur. However, Anirudh makes a polite request to change her decision and supports Bondita’s commitment to take her along with them. Will Anirudh be able to change Bondita’s mother’s mind?

Monday 8 August 2022

Episode 25

Anirudh teaches Bondita the very valuable concept of good touch and bad touch by relating it to the way she pets the animals around her. However, her family interrupts Anirudh and rebukes his teaching and remarks on his lessons as false knowledge. Will Anirudh be able to convince the family otherwise?

Episode 26

As the newly-weds arrive home, Anirudh is surprised to see Saudamini welcome them with joy. Anirudh’s suspicion grows when Saudamini volunteers to get Bondita set for the festivities. Will Anirudh find out Saudamini’s true intentions?

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episode 27

Soudamini decides to help Bondita for the preparation of Bhog on the eve of Rama Navami. Although Bondita is relieved by this support, Anirudh grows suspicious and questions Soudamini for doing this favour. How will Soudamini respond?

Episode 28

Trilochan requests Anirudh to light the diyas along with Bondita during the Rama Navami rituals. But Anirudh sternly declines his request thereby shocking Bondita and the entire family. Will anyone be able to convince Anirudh to change his decision?

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Episode 29

Bondita is surprised when the ladies who were taking bath in the river, is suddenly rushed out by a group of men. However, upon witnessing the men disregarding the women, Bondita takes matters into her own hands and teaches the men a lesson by stealing their clothes. Will Bondita be able to get away with the act?

Episode 30

A group of men appears at the gates of Trilochan’s house and demand that Bondita be punished for stealing their dhotis from the river banks. Will Anirudh stand by Bondita or will he side with the men?

Thursday 11 August 2022

Episode 31

Trilochan tries to tell Anirudh that the women of the house should not use the bathrooms inside the house and use the river to take a bath. However, Anirudh ignores him and tells Bondita that she will be punished if she goes to the river to take her bath. How will Bondita react to Anirudh’s decision?

Episode 32

Soudamini learns the embarrassing truth about Bondita wetting the bed and plans to use it to prove that a girl who can’t take care of herself should not be married to Anirudh. On the other hand, Bondita is busy destroying all evidence of the incident to protect her honour. Will Bondita’s truth stay hidden?

Friday 12 August 2022

Episode 33

Soudamini’s knitted plan intending to humiliate Bondita in front of the whole family comes into effect when Bondita’s wet bedsheets become the heated topic of discussion for everyone. How will Anirudh react after knowing about the incident? Will he defend Bondita from Trilochan’s rage?

Episode 34

Trilochan decides that Bondita must be sent to her mother to cure her of bedwetting. Although Anirudh agrees with the same at first, later remembers his promise to take care of Bondita forever, and decides to stop her from leaving. But how will he reason with Trilochan?

Monday 15 August 2022

Episode 35

Trilochan bans Bondita from entering the kitchen and the temple due to her bed-wetting habit, which enrages Anirudh. He takes up a challenge to correct her within six days before the festival, but failing in the task would lead Bondita to leave for her maternal home.

Episode 36

Bondita complains to Soudamini about Anirudh stopping her from going to meet her mother. But Soudamini sees this as an opportunity to get Bondita out of the house and tells her to get Trilochan angry at her so that he sends her to her mother. Will Bondita agree to Soudamini?

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Episode 37

Bondita is delighted on learning that she will be attending a wedding with the family later that day. However, Anirudh is left furious after he learns that the bride and groom at the wedding are aged five and eleven respectively! He vows to stop the child marriage from taking place. Eager to attend the wedding, can Bondita convince him otherwise?

Episode 38

Anirudh voices his displeasure over his family being associated with child marriage and refuses to attend the wedding. However, Bondita looks forward to the wedding. Will Anirudh be able to persuade Bondita to avoid it as well?

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Episode 39

As per Anirudh’s strict instructions, Bondita must visit the bathroom every hour during the night and drink minimal water. But Bondita gets sad when Anirudh instructs her against eating any sweet or salty snacks. Will Bondita adhere to these strict diet guidelines?

Episode 40

To win Anirudh back, Soudamini wrecks his plan and lets Bondita sleep through the night. Eventually, Bondita fails to follow Anirudh’s strict instructions to visit the washroom every hour during the night and drink minimal water. Will Anirudh discover the truth about Soudamini’s spiteful ploy?

Thursday 18 August 2022

Episode 41

When Anirudh decides to teach yoga to Bondita, they come across a hurdle as her attire makes it difficult for her to practice. However, Anirudh comes up with comfortable boys clothes for her to wear. But will Bondita break the stereotype and wear boys clothes?

Episode 42

Bondita, dressed as a boy, attends the fest that is hosted exclusively for the Brahmin saints. But will she be able to maintain the facade or, will her deception be exposed?

Friday 19 August 2022

Episode 43

Anirudh confronts the priests and in a fit of rage, he reprimands them for adhering to archaic traditions. Anirudh’s father is angered by this and threatens to leave the house unless Anirudh apologises to the priests. Will Anirudh apologise?

Episode 44

Keeping in mind Binoy’s condition, Anirudh realises that Bondita has just three days till she is sent back to her mother’s house. He decides to consult a doctor about her bed-wetting habit and informs the family about his decision! How will Trilochan react to Anirudh’s decision?

Monday 22 August 2022

Episode 45

Bondita gets frightened by the Tantric priest’s furious temperament and finds no choice but to follow the ritual. Therefore, after sensing a suspicious practice that’s been taking place in the house, Anirudh goes in search of Bondita, but with the society’s superstition standing between them, will Anirudh be able to stop and help Bondita?

Episode 46

After learning the truth about his uncle’s cruel action to treat Bondita’s illness, Anirudh unleashes his wrath and decides to take her to the doctor. However, his father and uncle oppose his action and consider his decision unethical and dishonourable. Will he break the stereotypical frame of mind and take Bondita to the doctor?

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Episode 47

Soudamini manipulates Bondita into believing that people will laugh at her and asks her to run away from the doctor’s clinic. However, Soudamini is forced to hide when Anirudh arrives at the right moment. Will he find her?

Episode 48

Anirudh is left shocked after the doctor reveals that he does not treat women, however, Anirudh notices a bottle of alcohol on the doctor’s table and suspects if he was bribed to refrain from treating Bondita. Will he dig deeper to and uncover the truth behind the doctor’s decision?

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Episode 49

Unable to calm and tend to the wounds of a furious Anirudh, an innocent Bondita takes a decision by herself that shocks Trilochan and Binoy.

Episode 50

Trilochan’s ultimatum against failing in convincing Anirudh to tend to his wounds scares Bondita to the core. But her dedication to find a way finally proves to be fruitful when an idea strikes her just in time! What is the plan that Bondita is so sure of?

Thursday 25 August 2022

Episode 51

Bondita finds herself in a fix when the Maha Pandit asks her to swear to her mother and reveal the reason for visiting the doctor. But she remembers her promise made to Trilochan to not disclose her ailment. Caught between two promises, what step will Bondita take?

Episode 52

Even after failing in every attempt to cure Bondita’s health issue, Anirudh stands sturdy as a rock with his decision to fulfil his commitment successfully before the deadline given by his father. On the other hand, Binoy and Trilochan get excited anticipating Anirudh’s failure as that would lead Bondita out of the house! Will Anirudh be able to succeed with the time running out?

Friday 26 August 2022

Episode 53

Anirudh surprises Bondita when he brings her mother in the house to help him in curing Bondita’s ailment. At the first sight of her mother, Bondita takes a trip down memory lane and goes through an emotional outburst. With the arrival of her mother, will Bondita’s health issue be cured?

Episode 54

Trilochan’s devious plan to separate Anirudh and Bondita comes into action when he shrewdly coerces Bondita’s mother to take her away. Intimidated by him, Bondita’s mother is left with no other option but to obey his commands. But will Anirudh let her take Bondita away?

Monday 29 August 2022

Episode 55

Bondita’s joy of meeting her mother suppresses the pressure from Trilochan and Binoy of being the perfect daughter-in-law. But the same can’t be assumed for her mother, Sumati, as she constantly gets pressurised by Trilochan to take Bondita with her, for good. Left with two choices having their respective consequences, what will Sumati choose to do?

Episode 56

Bondita willingly agrees to her mother’s request to leave for the village with her. However, when Anirudh refuses to let Bondita go with her mother, she obstructs her nose and chokes herself. Will Anirudh bow down to her foolish stubbornness?


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