Thursday Update Love or Poison 10th June 2021


Thursday Update Love or Poison 10th June 2021

Yamini comes to her room and closes the door from inside. She asks her husband to step outside. Why are you hiding like a woman? He complains it isn’t so but she reasons that he had a chance to prove his manhood today. Be a man. The eagle enters in their room. Arjun and Yamini hide so as to avoid it. The eagle flies away. Arjun teases his wife. It’s gone. Yamini looks around worried. He asks her to close the door. I told you that the danger isn’t over yet. Go outside now. She denies. You too shouldn’t go. Arjun is sure it isn’t an ordinary bird. Some enemy has sent it here especially for me. Yamini seconds him.

Sitara begins to tell Viraj her truth when the conch blows. She takes him inside knowing that Rani Sa is praying for Ratan. Rani Sa prays for her husband’s well being. Yamini prays that he never returns. Arjun prays that he becomes the new Maharaj now. Viraj asks Ma to help him find his father. Sitara says I have to fulfil my duty and promise given to Baba. I cannot let a scratch come on Maharaj or my vow will break. Please help me Devi Ma. Samrat blows conch. Sitara notices the pearl garland around Devi Ma shining brightly. Rani Sa holds the vermilion box in her hand. You have its swear Ma. Don’t keep my husband away from me. Sitara recalls how the mystery doors could be opened earlier. Red pearl, white pearl, vermilion, all these things hint at the south gate! She folds her hands in reverence and goes from there.

Vrinda is dressed like a new bride. She looks at Ratan lying unconscious on the bed in front of her. No one can stop our lineage from growing now. She moves closer to him but Sitara keeps her hand between Vrinda and Ratan’s mouth shocking Vrinda. Sitara pushes her away. Your every wish will remain incomplete till the time I am standing between you and the royal family. Vrinda asks her how she found out she is here. Sitara replies that she may have Mahamata on her side but I have Devi Ma.

Vrinda says you are too proud of your Devi Ma. I will see how your Devi Ma will save you and your king today. She drops droplets of her blood on the floor and an eagle surfaces. It attacks Sitara. Vrinda says I will make Ratan mine in front of your eyes today. You will just stand here helplessly. The eagle picks a stone and heads towards Sitara. Vrinda orders him to kill Sitara as she heads towards the bed where Ratan is lying unconscious. Sitara uses her powers to stop the eagle. She ends up strangling him.

Vrinda lies next to Ratan and starts unbuttoning his coat. Sitara holds her hand just in time and pulls her away. The eagle opens its eyes again. Sitara shouts Maa as the eagle hits her again. She asks Devi Ma to help her. Devi Ma sends her powers to Sitara. She burns the eagle in a second. Vrinda takes a step towards the bed but Sitara warns her she will meet the same fate if she tries touching Maharaj. Vrinda comes to her Vishkanya avatar. You must not be so proud of your powers. They will make you weak one day. You are alone whereas it is 4 of us. You will very soon fail in front of us! I will make a relation with Ratan that day. That day will come very soon! Sitara tells her it will never happen. I will tell your truth to everyone very soon. I will tell everyone that you and your sisters are Vishkanya’s.

Vrinda asks her who believes her. Ratan says I trust her and will always trust her. Sitara tells him the truth about Vrinda and her sisters. I am also a Vishkanya. They have come to seek revenge for their sister Kalindi. Trust me. You all knew about this but they stealthily wiped out your every memory about them. They have come in disguise to seek revenge! I know you will find it to be some story but it is our truth. Ratan tells her he trusts her. I might not recall my past but I very well know you wont cheat us ever! You will never lie to us! Vrinda tells him not to believe Sitara. How can you trust her? Sitara tells Ratan not to fall in Vrinda’s trap. Vrinda tries again but Ratan tells her not to utter another word. I respect women so I am speaking nicely. If it was a guy in your place then he would have met a different fate! It will be good if you and your sisters leave from here! He asks Sitara to come. He again warns Vrinda not to mistake his silence for his weakness. I can still hold you and your sister’s captive here if I want but I am allowing you go people to go far from here. You will see my worst if you don’t leave! He leaves with Sitara.

Vrinda recalls how Kalindi had died. You did very wrong Sitara. You will have to bear its brunt now. You must die now! You have invited your death this time!

Sitara gives water to Ratan. Are you fine? He nods. Sit down. Sitara complies. Ratan says why dint you think I might refuse to accept you as my DIL after knowing your truth. I might ask you leave just like I asked those Vishkanya’s? Weren’t you scared a bit? Sitara says I am your Minister Kuldeep’s daughter. He made me the protector of this palace. Nothing is above this dharma. It was my duty to save you and not my truth. Truth was going to come out in front of everyone sooner or later. I was about to tell Viraj my truth. I just couldn’t understand how. Will you help me? Please tell Viraj my truth. Tell him that I wont be able to do my patni-dharma ever. He has every right to know it! Viraj asks her what she is speaking about. Sitara stands up noticing Viraj and Rani Sa.

Sitara requesting Ratan to tell Viraj her truth. He has every right to know it! Viraj asks her what she is speaking about. Sitara stands up noticing Viraj and Rani Sa. They hug Ratan. When did you come? Did you get hurt? Ratan tells them not to worry. Viraj asks Sitara why she dint them that Dad is home. Where did he come from? Ratan offers to tell them everything. Sitara thinks it will be better if he tells them the truth. They will believe him then. Ratan cooks a fake story about him being thrown in a jungle. I saw you guys busy in puja when I came home. Sitara saw me and brought me home. Sitara begins to say something but Ratan cuts her mid-sentence. He wants to celebrate Holi grandly and leaves it on his wife to make preps.

Viraj and Sitara take a round around Holika and tie a holy thread. Ratan asks them to light Holika. Pray that all the evil goes away with Hoika. Sitara and Viraj are lighting Holika when Vrinda and her sisters come there. The couple takes a round around Holika.

Sitara reminds Vrinda about Holika Dahan story. Good wins over evil. Your game is up now! Rani Sa asks Vrinda to celebrate with them. It is Viraj and Sitara’s first Holi. Arjun asks Albeli to stay. You can go later. Ratan tells him to let them go. Their brother has an important work. They must leave. He walks up to Vrinda. Don’t even think of coming here again. Next time you wont be welcomed as guests here but will be tied in Vishloka! He asks driver to drop the Vishkanya’s at airport. Vrinda smiles at Sitara before she goes. The game isn’t up. Real game will begin now. Sitara looks at them in confusion.

Next morning, with Mahamata’s blessings, Vrinda creates some snakelets. Her sisters ask her about it. Vrinda shares that they wont be easily seen by anyone. They will help us implement our plan easily. She picks one of them and puts it in the bowl of milk. Chabeeli asks her why she put it there. Vrinda says they will inebriate everyone in the royal family so we can fulfil our mission. She asks the snakelets to get to work. I want every member of the royal family inebriated today! I will see how Sitara will save her family today!

Padmini asks Samrat to make best arrangements as it is Viraj’s first Holi after marriage. Samrat rues there is no bhang. Padmini convinces him. He agrees for her sake but decides to arrange bhang anyhow.

Sitara comes to her room with a plan to put colours on him before he wakes up. She ends up throwing colours on the cushion. Viraj comes from behind but she senses his presence and ducks. They start chasing each other around the room. Viraj challenges Sitara. I will be the first one to apply holi on you. She challenges him back. They walk towards the plates at the same minute; pick colours in their hands. Sitara throws colour in the air but seems shocked by something. Ratan is staring at them. Rani Sa enters and smiles.

Viraj wishes Happy Holi to Sitara. Ratan also ends up smiling which finally brings a smile on Sitara’s face. They seek their parents’ blessings. Rani Sa asks for a grandkid with whom she can pay Holi. Ratan and Sitara look at each other. He asks them to come downstairs. Sitara calls him Maharaj again which irks him. You are my DIL now. Viraj adds that she still call me Kunwar Sa. Ratan says that is your personal matter. You wont call me Maharaj after today. I am like your Baba. She agrees to call him Baba Sa. They nod. Ratan tells them to come downstairs when their Holi competition is over. Viraj tells Sitara he won. She throws colour in his direction again but he runs away before that.

Ratan applies red colour in his wife’s hairline. She hopes it remains like this forever. They share a hug. The other members of royal family are also playing Holi in the background. The snakelets get inside the container of Bhang. Samrat mixes more bhang in it and takes some in glasses. Everyone drinks it thinking it to be thandai (except Sitara). Sitara is thinking about Vrinda’s sly smile yesterday. She keeps looking around in suspicion. A group of dancers come there. Vrinda and her sisters have smeared colours on their faces and dance along with the ground. Sitara can sense that they are back.

Vrinda smiles seeing everyone drink bhang. Everyone must be inebriated by now! All Vishkanya’s take their place around their target. Vrinda looks at Ratan. You threw us out of the palace! Be prepared to pay for it Ratan Singh! Sitara keeps looking around in confusion.

Vrinda is approaching Ratan when he turns his attention to the newlyweds. Viraj and Sitara feed sweets to each other. Viraj offers her thandai but she tells him to drink it. Ratan tells Viraj him not to doubt Sitara at any step of life. Whatever she will do, will be for our wellbeing only! Viraj promises to trust Sitara always.