Thursday Update on Anupama 26th May 2022


Thursday Update on Anupama 26th May 2022

Anupama’s mother emotionally tells Baa that she is happy to see Anupama happy today. Baa jokes she is telling as if she lashes Anupama daily. Mother says she means Anupama is lucky to have such a caring family who keeps her happy always. Baa jokes she is her family member, so she has to take care of her happiness. Mother emotionally hugs her. Family says only good is happening today. Sanjay hopes Kavya doesn’t come here and spoil their happiness. Kavya traveling in cab towards Vanraj’s house reminisces all the incidents where she feels jealous towards Anu, Vanraj’s fondness for Anu, etc. Her taxi breaks down in the middle and driver asks her to take another cab. She walks towards Vanraj’s home. Back at home, Pandit asks who will perform kanyadaan.

Bapuji says he and Leela/Baa will perform kanyadan as he considers Anu as is his daughter now and speaks emotionally. Anirudh calls Kavya repeatedly, but her phone is away. She walks to pick phone to click pics when Baa stops her and asks to enjoy moments. Bapuji speaking about past incidents warns Vanraj to keep his daughter/Anu happy. Baa also says she will consider Anu as daughter from hereon and says Anu is her choice now. Anu gets more emotional.

Nandini picks phone and seeing Anirudh’s multiple missed calls calls him and finds out that Kavya is coming to Vanraj’s house. She informs Toshu who says Kavya will not come here as her plan failed and even if she comes here, he will handle her. Rakhi sees them and asks if they are planning any surprise for Anu and Vanraj. They nervously nod yes. She asks phone charger, and Toshu shows it. Nandini thinks she knows her aunt well and Kavya will come here for sure. Samar walks to her and insists to tell why she is tensed, if its regarding his mother. She says she is tensed regarding Anu. Samar leaves.

Kavya continues walking towards Vanraj’s house barefooted. Panditji asks groom’s sister to perform gathbandhan. Sanjay asks her to tie it strongly that no third person can break it. Vanraj pays nek to Dolly saying she got his gathbandhan to the best woman in his life. Panditji continues next rituals. Vanraj imagines Kavya standing near door and gets tensed. Samar thinks why papa is looking at door repeatedly. Panditji asks bride and groom to perform pheras and they complete pheras. Everyone clap for them. Kavya walks in. Baa jokes she should have come more late. Kavya walking to Anu shows her mangalsutra says this is her mangalsutra and it is unused. She hugs Anu and says she came late as even it was her wedding, but it didn’t as her boyfriend didn’t come. Anu asks who is her boyfriend. Kavya says it is a one-word answer, but very difficult to pronounce. Anu asks to be specific whom she wanted to marry. Kavya says one whom Anu married, she was to marry Anu’s husband Vanraj. Anu shatters and looks at Vanraj in shock. Vanraj stammers.

Kavya comes and says she was stuck somewhere. Anupama tells her that at least she came. Kavya says she couldn’t be present during marriage, but she can help in other rituals. Baa tells her they have to follow all traditions. She says of course and goes to Vanraj. She brings mangalsutra and sindhoor tray to Vanraj and asks him to fill Anu’s maang. He does. Anupama smiles. Everyone claps. Kavya eyes Vanraj and then asks him to put on mangalsutra. He recalls Kavya asking him to buy a mangalsutra for her. He takes the mangalsutra and puts it on Anu. Anupama smiles. Kavya has tears in her eyes. Vanraj is unable to look into Kavya’s eyes. Anupama says it’s 25 years since their marriage. Devika had once asked her what gifts Vanraj gave her in those 25 years.

Today she will answer that question. He gave her 5 precious gifts. Love, trust (she trusts him more than Kanha ji), her 3 kids and also her family. She’s luckiest woman in the world. She thanks everyone for becoming her happiness. It’s pictures time now. Paritosh and Nandini ask Kavya not to do any drama there. Kavya says she is not too traditional, but if wedding is done, then there should be bidaai too. If bride doesn’t cry after marriage, then people gossip. That’s why she wants to make sure Anupama cries. Vanraj wonders where she has gone mad in shock. Baa asks her to go ahead. She tells Samar to play bidaai songs. Samar plays song and she dances on song ‘Tera Yaha Koi Nahi’. She drags Anupama and makes her dance as well. Anupama hugs everyone and cries. Kavya pulls all ladies and they all dance.

Vanraj wonders where Kavya disappeared. Kavya comes and says she won’t go that easily. He says please. She says all that is of no use. Anu’s mum gets emotional and leaves from there. Anupama goes behind her. Vanraj’s family recalls Dolly’s bidaai and how Baa got emotional.

Kavya quietly goes to Vanraj and says all brides cry during their bidaai, especially the one whose bidaai doesn’t happen. The one who keeps waiting at the door and her groom doesn’t come. Today she cried so much that she doesn’t have any tears left. That is why she came there… to take her part’s happiness.

Anupama is trying to stop her mother from crying. Her mother says today it’s happy tears. She suffered so much in last 25 years. After 25 years, finally she got happiness. She used to smile to hide her sorrow, but today she’s smiling to show her happiness. Anupama says she never imagined life can be like this too. From today, her life, every moment will be different. She is very happy. Her mother says more happiness will come. Soon she will become mother-in-law, grandmother. Her new journey will start now. Anu’s mother and brother praise Anupama and Vanraj as well.

They join everyone again. Bapuji says let mother and daughter live this moment. Kavya says he’s correct as no one knows what’s going to happen next. Baa says, after bidaai, next is graha pravesh. Bapuji says they are so lucky to have graha pravesh 2nd time. Baa goes for graha pravesh preps.

Kavya is standing with Anu. Baa asks why she is standing on bride’s side. She says Anupama is her friend as well. She fulfilled her friendship with Vanraj, now it’s time to fulfill her friendship with Anu. Baa does Anupama and Vanraj’s aarti and asks them to come in the house. Kavya eyes the knot. While everyone is busy fighting for gifts upon bride’s entry, she quietly opens it. Anupama kicks the rice pot and enters. Kavya grabs Vanraj from back and he keeps standing at the door. Everyone gets quiet. Anupama turns back and becomes sad. Kavya tells Vanraj that the knot is open. Now if he ties the knot with anyone, then it will be with her.

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