Thursday Update on Complicated Love 17th September 2020


Thursday Update on Complicated Love 17th September 2020

During the Sufi concert, Kunal keeps an eye over the door awaiting Mauli. He looks towards Nandini who fully enjoyed the music. He couldn’t take his eyes off. Nandini turns to look at him, he pass a smile and looks straight but as soon as she turns her face to the front he again watches Nandini. Mauli comes to sit in her place in between and keeps her face over his shoulder. Kunal was disturbed.

At night, Mauli thanks Kunal for another beautiful evening in her life. It was Nandini who saved her tonight, else she had got the call from hospital again. She feared there must have been a repeat telecast of his anger like the last time, but Nandini saved her today. Kunal shouts at once to stop discussing Nandini, he questions why Nandini was even there? She is always between them and with them? Why Mauli even brought her between their celebrations? And she offered her the saree he brought for her, she didn’t even wear it for once. Doesn’t she care for values and emotions at all?

Mauli apologizes, she didn’t realize he would dislike it so much. She only considered that Nandini gets bored all day in the house. She only gave the saree to her to wear for the evening, she has kept each of his gift with great care. Mauli accepts that she totally goofed up, it must have been their personal time. She was ready to do sit stand or take ten rounds of the society as punishment but Kunal hugs her tightly. He was weepy and asks her to stay with him and not go away. It was his mistake that he shouted. He agrees it’s his mistake, he was shouting over himself. He is bringing Nandini in between their marriage.

Kunal and Mauli sat in the balcony swing. He suggested about going on a vacation as they haven’t vacationed for long. Mauli says she was considering to resign from this Saturday job. Kunal was excited to hear and fears what if it affects her work. Mauli says it will get them more time to spend together. Mauli turns to go and prepare for the tea. Nandini already brings the tea. She says it was the best evening of her life in a while. Thanks to both of them for the evening. Nandini asks what they would have for breakfast. She learnt cooking mixed lentil’s Cheela on television, its healthy as well; teasingly staring at Kunal. Kunal requests to eat Idli Samber made by Mauli. Mauli promises to cook Idli Samber for them. Kunal sat in a serious mood there and soon leaves to sleep. Mauli and Nandini discuss about the return of Roop in colors serial Roop.

Late at night, Kunal wakes up due to stormy weather and shuts the windows. He feels some sounds outside and goes to check outside. Nandini was struggling with windows and doors of balcony amidst heavy winds. Kunal helps her while his hand lay over Nandini’s on the handle. They were successful in shutting the door. Kunal backs up from Nandini. Nandini doesn’t notice and was worried that it’s heavy winds and seems there will be a storm; she looks behind to find Kunal wasn’t there.

The next morning, Mauli was cooking when Kunal brings phone for her from hospital. Mauli attends to the call while Kunal looks into the dish. He tells Mauli the fragrance is irresistible. Mauli was worried if it would be good or not. She goes to take another call. Mauli goes outside. Kunal tastes the salt and find there was none. Nandini notices he was adding salt and asks if it’s Mauli who cooked it? He explains Mauli must have forgotten to add salt. He forbids Nandini to tell Mauli there was no salt, she is already conscious.

On the breakfast table, Nandini recalls how Rajdeep used to harass and disrespect her. Kunal appreciates the flavors and kiss Mauli’s hand; he goes to kiss her head then. Dida calls it public display of affection! Nandini thinks Mauli and Kunal’s marriage is beautiful, they respect each other, and Rajdeep never respected her and even deprived her of her self-confidence. She wonders how their marriage worked for so long. Mauli notices Nandini was lost in some thought, she reminds its Nandini’s checkup for internal injuries and asks Kunal to bring her in time. Nandini was ready to come by auto rickshaw, but Kunal says he would drop her.

In the evening, Kunal was about to knock at Nandini’s door when she opens the door. She says Mauli called her to come sooner as her appointment has been cancelled. They leave after informing Dida. At a signal, a kinner comes to beg. He complements their couple and wish them to live together for seven lives. The signal goes green, Kunal drives fast to leave the signal.

In the hospital elevator, there was suddenly an electricity breakdown. Nandini was terrified and trembles feeling afraid. Kunal asks her to hold his hand tightly, then turns the torch of his cell phone. He was mesmerized by Nandini’s looks. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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