Thursday Update on Cost of Love 22nd July 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of Love 22nd July 2021

JD imagining Pankti and talking to her. Ahaan and Pankti are on the way. Pankti gets Uday’s message. JD asks where will you go now, you left Ahaan too, police is in my pocket, why do you want to play hide and seek, come in front of me if you have courage. Pankti says I want to get JD’s truth in front of everyone. JD asks will you go to Anita, you can’t think of ahead, will you go to Manav and Aparna. Pankti laughs while he names more people. She says think more, your thinking is bound, what can I do more. He says you can’t do anything. Ahaan and Pankti reach the location. Pankti says Uday told about this location.

JD throws the glass and shouts what will you do. Lights get on. He looks at himself in the mirror. Ahaan and Pankti get inside the dark place. He says I don’t think he is here. She says lets see there. They find Sheetal’s watch and look for her. Sinha looks on and thinks JD was right. He hides Sheetal and takes her on gun point. The pigeons fly off. Sinha hides. Ahaan and Pankti try to see. Pankti says maybe there is no one here. They leave. Sinha informs JD that Pankti had come with Ahaan. JD comes to meet Sheetal as Reyansh and says maybe Pankti knows about me, you prepare to die, you have to die for my plan. He pours kerosene and prepares to light the place. He is about to ignite fire. Sinha stops him and asks him to see the video.

They get shocked seeing Reyansh declared as most wanted killer. He says Pankti you should have not done this. He goes to Sheetal and says first I will deal with your Sautan and then you. He leaves. Pankti says this is the only way to make JD’s strength his weakness. Reyansh sees police at checkpost and sees a truck. He goes there and hides. Ahaan says yes, the is the only way. Pankti says police will catch Reyansh and then JD’s truth will be out. Police checks the truck. Reyansh hides. Police lets the truck go.

Aparna says you will win, the evil will be exposed soon, don’t worry. Anita sees Reyansh’s news and gets shocked. She says I was thinking to deal with him, he is most wanted killer, my time is going bad. She sees Ahaan dropping Pankti home. Ahaan says Reyansh would know that you know about him. Pankti says this time we can’t let him win. Anita gets shocked hearing them. Pankti says JD has come as Reyansh, if we don’t get him caught, he will do more severe thing next time. Ahaan asks her to take care and goes. Anita says what, Reyansh is JD, no, JD was dead. She recalls JD and Reyansh. Anita says this is not a news, but a way to earn money, see how I get my 10 crores now. Reyansh smiles and thinks now see Pankti, what happens, your love story will end.

Pankti getting Ahaan’s message. Vikram asks the doctor about Richa. Richa gets angry on him and asks do you care about our baby. He asks what, our baby. She says yes, you don’t care for our baby, when you play with someone’s life, Lord plays with your life, I want a break, I m going to my parents’ house, stop following me. She leaves. He asks her to listen to him. He goes to his car. Anita stops Vikram. He says don’t say anything now. She says don’t you care for your dad’s matter, I will give some shocking news, but you need to pay me 10 crores for this.

Aparna says Pankti will win and end the evil. Kaira asks about Sheetal. Manav comes with Ahaan. He says Sheetal isn’t found, Ahaan told me everything. Ahaan says we didn’t get Sheetal. Manav says we don’t know about JD. He gets a call from police station. Inspector says we got to know about Reyansh, can you come here with your family. Manav says we are coming. He asks everyone to come, there is some info about Reyansh.

Anita shows the ashes pot of JD. Vikram asks what nonsense, we have immersed his ashes in Ganga, what are you saying, you have to pay for this. She says I m trying to say that I have real JD, you have immersed someone else’s ashes. He says I won’t bear any joke about him. He takes the pot and asks what game are you trying to play. She says after JD left, someone came in Ahaan and Pankti’s life and took interest in their lives by becoming their friend, didn’t you think about it, someone was always with them, face was different, but intentions were same as JD. Vikram thinks of Reyansh. He asks who, Reyansh? She says JD. He gets shocked.

Pankti comes home and calls out Ahaan and Aparna. Manav asks about Reyansh. Inspector says we are trying to find him. Manav says we got a call from police station. Another inspector lies. Manav says I really got a call. Pankti calls Ahaan and asks where did you go by calling me here, I came to your house. Ahaan says I didn’t message you. She asks who called you. Reyansh calls the inspector and says you are finding me, I m waiting for you here, I want to surrender. Inspector notes down address. They get shocked. Reyansh laughs and thinks how he hacked Ahaan’s phone and making inspector lie.

Reyansh says wow, Pankti has learnt to trap me in my plan. Ahaan says Pankti, JD is at home, I m coming. He asks Manav to get police. Pankti comes downstairs and sees the decorations. She sees Ahaan and her pics. Reyansh says Romeo and Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal and now Ahaan and Pankti, you know what’s common, the lovers were madly in love, unfortunately they couldn’t unite, no happy endings. Ahaan is on the way. Reyansh says your and Ahaan’s the end will happen the same way. He burns their pic. Pankti says time will show it, shall I call you Reyansh or JD. He says you got smart, because of me, I m your time and your end too. He burns another pic. She cries.

He burns more pics and says this is the end of your love, engagement and story, I have a right to end it as it started because of me. Reyansh says I know Ahaan earned 10 crores for you, but I saved you and family from poverty, I taught you living, I sacrificed my life and family for you, did Ahaan do such a great thing, I m owner of this house and JMD company, I left everything and hugged death, did Ahaan do such a great thing, I came back from death for you, I got a new identity for you, did Ahaan do this, why don’t we get paired, you are shaming my love by choosing Ahaan, I know I bought you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you, my way was wrong, its time that I end Reyansh forever. He ignites a lighter close to his face. The heat melts his mask. She gets shocked seeing JD. JD smiles.