Thursday Update on Cost of Love 3rd June 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of Love 3rd June 2021

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The police search the place around temple inquiring some people around. Pankti and Ahaan leave the place. JD orders to search every check post of police, Ahaan would be spotted in his car. People come to recognize Pankti Sharma from Rising Star and Ahaan from Tu Aashiqui. They were happy to have celebrities around. The fans demand Pankti to sing for them. Ahaan explains their Rising Star is a little unwell, he will sing and Pankti will be there in each word of his song. He takes his guitar and sings. Pankti joins Ahaan in the female vocals. Aparna was calling Ahaan but Ahaan was busy singing, he didn’t pick up the call. Aparna calls the nearby shop but Ahaan had left by then.

Vikram was around his friends. They suggests Vikram to learn something from JD, he has got an affair with a young girl. Vikram heads to punch his friend, then recalls JD’s and Ahaan’s attraction towards Pankti. He spares his friend, and thinks he must fix his mistake now.
Aparna brings Sheetal to the hall. Aparna was determined to keep her around, not leave her in the room anymore. JD arrives home. Richa says they want Ahaan and Pankti to get married. Its better Pankti comes to this house as Ahaan’s wife and not his mistress. JD asks what Vikram’s point of view is. Vikram comes to stand beside JD in the matter. JD clarifies to Aparna he won’t let anyone win over himself, they must be ready for the consequences.

Anita comes home. Poorva asks if JD cut her wrist, she recalls JD confessing it in front of her. Anita says he did it, but it doesn’t matter. She accepts being responsible for whatever happened today; she could never sense Ahaan can take Pankti in front of her. She asks Poorva to move forward in life. Poorva says she can never understand when Anita change sides from being a good mother to be JD’s partner. Anita says they have all seen well what it means to part ways from JD, she doesn’t want to be a good mom anymore and go against JD.

Ahaan and Pankti were going in the car when they were stopped at a check post. Pankti was worried about police checking. Ahaan takes it normal.
Uday and friends discuss that Ahaan called them through landline, they must get to the place easily and warn Ahaan. A friend says they know Ahaan and Pankti are in the car, they can reach them easily. There at home, the inspector tells Anita he has placed check posts all around the city.
Ahaan and Pankti play radio. Sanaya was there on a show. Ahaan was intrigued, Sanaya warned them in covered words. Soon the police spot their car and hijack it.

police looking for Ahaan and Pankti. They see the car empty. Ahaan and Pankti run inside the jungle. Her dress gets stuck. Ahaan frees her and asks her to come, they can’t stop till they get a place to hide. Anita says police got the car, but Ahaan and Pankti weren’t there. JD says ask police to call more policemen and some goons too, but find them. Sanaya and Kaira hear JD. Aparna says its good Richa has kept the mic in JD’s room, we can atleast know what he is upto. Richa says yes, JD will never know about the mic.

Aparna wishes Ahaan and Pankti are safe. Ahaan and Pankti run in the jungle. Police looks for them. Ahaan hides with Pankti. Inspector sends the staff in different directions. He sees an earring and picks it. Pankti says I m fine, I lied that I m hurt so that you can take some rest and look after your wound. She cares for him. He jokes and says you just remind me, all wounds get fine, police went in wrong direction, we got some time to think. Pankti says Sanaya would be telling us about police right. Ahaan says its good we heard her on right time.

She says JD has sent the police. He says nothing will happen till you are with me, its a romantic ambience. Pankti says you are leaving me alone. He says not too far, I will just come. He goes. Sanaya says my ideas can trouble anyone. Aparna says JD’s goons will reach Ahaan and Pankti soon. Manav says we can’t take help from police too, they are also working for JD. Richa says we shall keep an eye on JD and know whom he is meeting. Sanaya likes the idea. Richa says we want someone who can keep an eye on JD personally. Vikram says so you want someone to spy on JD, just I can do this, JD trusts me, you think I m a cheat, so I have to cheat now. Richa hugs him and says sorry. He says sorry, I love my dad but I love mom more. Kaira says well done bro and hugs him. She says Vikram will spy on JD and inform us. Sanaya says we will stay connected in a message group. Richa says JD shouldn’t know about it.

Ahaan gets some water for Pankti. She smiles seeing him and says you are really my hero, you always come to save me. He says heroine ji, have water first and then praise me well. She drinks the water. They sit talking. She says you can do anything for me. He asks her to think of food, not romance. She asks what’s in for lunch. Ahaan goes. Vikram gets a drink for JD. He says don’t worry for Ahaan and Pankti, they will be caught again. JD says if work doesn’t happen on time, its of no value. Vikram asks did you get any clue.

JD says when there is any imp work, the details shouldn’t be told to anyone. Vikram says right, but I m on your side. JD gets a call and asks Vikram to excuse. He goes. Vikram messages everyone. Kaira and Sanaya go to spy on JD. JD cancels his meetings. They hear JD. Sanaya says it was just a business call. Ahaan gets mangoes. Pankti says its my fav, how do you know. He says I know everything, this is very sweet, try this and check. Pankti eats the mango. He asks isn’t it sweet. She says you have it. He says have another one. He says no, I don’t like mangoes. She says if I knew this before, I would have never loved you. He says fine, I will have even poison from your hands. She calls him filmi and asks him to have mango now. They laugh.

Vikram says dad didn’t tell me anything. Manav says we will find some other way. Aparna asks will JD hurt Ahaan and Pankti. Manav says no, I will find them. Aparna prays. Pankti says the mango got sweet when you got it for me. Ahaan calls her filmi. He asks where is her earring. She says maybe it fell somewhere. Dogs bark and come their way. Ahaan and Pankti start running. Police gets after them. She gets tired and sits. She says I can’t walk now. Ahaan asks her to just come. They worry.