Thursday Update on Cost of love 6th May 2021


Thursday Update on Cost of love 6th May 2021

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Aparna calls the family for help. JD takes a chance and comes to show his sympathy to Sheetal, pumping the inhaler into her nose while he calls for doctor. Aparna was suspicious of JD for a while. As Sheetal breathes heavily she pumps in Sheetal’s mouth again.
Ahaan gives Pankti a gift from his mother, it was the temple thread which he ties on her wrist for good luck. Pankti was moved by her love. Ahaan holds her hand and kiss the back of it.

Purva calls Monty that Pankti was selected for wild card entry. Monty tells Purva to start some business, so that people speak about him just the way Ahaan and Pankti are singers.
Ahaan decides the song Pankti will sing and advices to sing a song of some star. Pankti decides to sing Ahaan’s song, Tu Aashqui. They share an eyelock. It was Kayra’s call on Pankti’s number, she was crying and tells him about Sheetal. Ahaan hurries towards home.

Sheetal wakes up in bed. JD’s words echo in her mind. She raises her hand to point towards him but JD holds her hand, calling her darling. Sheetal places her head back. Everyone in the family was shocked thinking her as dead. JD cries and hugs Sheetal, calling her to open her eyes. The doctor arrives. Aparna stares towards JD who was faking his cry. The doctor says she is alive. JD looks on for a while, then fakes his happiness. The doctor says she is in a state of coma. Outside the room, the doctor tells JD that there is a mark at Sheetal’s neck and asks what happened to her.

JD thinks about the mark of injection, then explains it as a mark of necklace. The doctor says it doesn’t seem to be of a necklace, anyways she is fine and its not a small issue. They must take care of her. He tells Vikram that body has suffered a lot of trauma, they shouldn’t shift her to hospital right now.
Pankti tells Anita about some problem with Sheetal. Anita says the woman who is married to JD will suffer problems, he must have done this. Pankti says JD would never let his family know about it.

There, JD sends Aparna away and speaks to Sheetal that she is really a strong woman, she reached home after much devastation. It’s good she is alive, else he would have regretted that it was so easy to kill her. He says he will kill her progressively now, like she killed his habits. He smirks.

Doctor telling Ahaan about Sheetal’s asthma attack. He says she has slipped in coma, don’t worry, she will be fine, I have to order special medicines for her. Ahaan cries. Vikram says I won’t let Ahaan go to mom, everyone knows mom got asthma attack because of her. JD starts his drama. He says Sheetal broke down by daily fights, I used to apologize to her, Ahaan didn’t care for her health, I know I had an affair with Pankti, but Sheetal had forgiven me, Ahaan wanted to marry Pankti, how could Sheetal make Pankti her bahu, she was frustrated and reached this state, just Ahaan is responsible for her state. Ahaan shouts enough…..don’t get Pankti in all this, if anything happens to Sheetal, I promise I will not leave you, this happened because of you. Vikram shouts Ahaan….

Ahaan says please let me meet her, I regard her mum. Ahaan runs upstairs. JD looks on. Aparna sees JD’s stare and thinks how did JD get a wound in his hand. Ahaan talks to Sheetal and cries. He says I know you would have scolded me and Pankti, but can’t stay quiet like this, I know everything happened because of JD, tell me what happened. Aparna comes to him and says don’t know how much time will she take to get up, or maybe she doesn’t wake up. He says please don’t say so, I feel JD is behind this, else how can this happen, she was fine, she was upset with JD, how did she name property to him, how did she celebrate anniversary with JD at the farmhouse where there was no guest, Sheetal and JD’s clothes were drenched, in fact JD’s hand had a wound, there is some connection.

Ahaan cries. Vikram sees JD and asks did you do anything with mom. JD asks what are you saying. Vikram says answer me. JD says everything happened fine between us, Pankti’s name came in between, she got hyper and got asthma attack. Vikram says I hope this is true, but if this is a lie, I will not leave you, I told you to do anything outside the house, but nothing should happen to my mom. Ahaan says but still Sheetal is in this state. JD says because of you. Ahaan says time will say that, tell me why did Sheetal change her will. JD says because she loves me, she is my wife.

Ahaan says maybe you forgot what’s happening in our house, what about the party. JD asks am I the first husband to throw party for wife. Ahaan says no, you are first husband from whose party a wife came back in this state, why did you not take staff’s help. JD says I wanted to make it special. Aparna says party preparations doesn’t injure anyone. They all see JD’s wound. Aparna asks JD about his wound. JD says sorry Mam, I m not a decoration expert and got hurt, do you want to ask anything else. Ahaan says no, this will be decided after Sheetal wakes up, how did will change, how did party happen, was it any party or anything else. Vikram looks on.

Ahaan says if she tells something different then…. JD says I want Sheetal to wake up soon, I love her a lot, I don’t know for whom I m living. Ahaan finds him disgusting. JD goes upstairs. He sees Sheetal and says thank God she got saved, they are catching me when she slipped in coma, if she died, don’t know what would they have done. He sees his hand wound and does the aid. He talks to Adarsh on call. He asks Adarsh not to let Pankti become superstar. He ends call and says if Pankti becomes superstar, then whom will I call Babu.

Ahaan plays music and thinks of JD’s words. Aparna comes and says we have to stay around Sheetal and help her, JD’s truth will come out some day, just stay calm till Sheetal gets fine, don’t know since when was JD planning this. Pankti talks to Ahaan on call and asks him to stay with Sheetal.

Ahaan says yes, sorry I can’t come with you tomorrow. She says I know you are always with me, Sheetal will get fine soon. He says sometimes you talk like Aparna. She asks shall I sing lullaby for you. He asks her to sleep. She asks him to take care. She turns and sees JD. She gets shocked. JD says anyone will come if you keep the door open at night, be thankful that someone known has come. She asks him to leave.