Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 5th May 2022


Thursday Update on Emperor Ashoka 5th May 2022

Kaurvaki once again apologizes to Dharma on the behalf of soldier. Dharma is impressed by Kaurvaki’s mannerisms. You are a Rajvanshi yet you are so down to earth. Kaurvaki feels some connection with the lady. She stops her. Your elder son must be hungry as well. She gives them more food. She looks at Vit who smiles at her. Dharma blesses Kaurvaki and leaves.

Dharma and Vit go where Ashoka is standing. Ashoka asks them who she was. Dharma says the one who asks for stuff others have no right to ask names. Come. He turns to go with her when light falls on his necklace. Kaurvaki catches a glimpse of it. I gave a similar one to Ashoka. Bela says you see or think nothing except Rajkumar Ashoka. It would not be him. Wait a little more. We will reach Ujjaini tomorrow.

Kaurvaki is at Dhaniram’s house. It is still burning. A lady talks nicely about Dharma and her family. They also praise Chand. He used to help everyone but never showed it. He used to treat his brother like a prince. He was like a prince only. They all appeared to belong to a royal family only. I am sure there would have been some big problem. Kaurvaki recalls the lady she met last night along with her two sons. She confirms it with the lady. It means that was Rani Dharma and Vit. The elder brother was no one else but my Ashoka. This is why I felt a connection towards them. She smiles happily.

Sushim enjoys getting bit by a snake. Mahamatya stands stunned and looks all freaked out witnessing the scene. The snake dies. Sushim remarks that it has been 10 years playing the cat and mouse game. We did all things but couldn’t find Ashoka. It is all waste. Mahamatya replies that we aren’t defeated till we give up trying. These are mere obstacles. Sushim is in no mood to hear his lectures. You may lose your life if you do it. Siamak says it seems like you lost once again. It isn’t your mistake but of you Indians. Nothing can be done about it. You aren’t fools but biggest fools. What did you get till date by plotting all these things? If you go on like this then you will not get anything ever. You think from your heart. Use your mind for once. One lays prey for the lion to lure him so as to hunt him down.

I am sure Ashoka will be more eager to meet you than you are. He will be waiting for a chance to fight with you and kill you. Sushim nods. Siamak suggests him to give Ashoka a chance to do so. Mahamatya likes the idea. Why shouldn’t we open the Nalanda competition for everyone this year? We can open it for everyone to participate. Plus we will announce that you will be participating in it this year. We will make it a national level championship. Ashoka will directly come as soon as he hears it. He will come to his Kaal. Sushim tells him to make an announcement of the same. Mahamatya leaves. Siamak turns to go but Sushim stops him. Why did you say we Indians? What about you? Siamak dismisses it. I gave you a golden chance to catch Ashoka. Focus on that. It is much more important for you. He goes. Sushim thinks he wont spare Ashoka. We will meet really soon!

A lady shows the house to Dharma. You will find everything here that you may need. Let us know if you need anything. Dharma loves the house. It is very beautiful but it wont be possible for us to pay rent for it. The lady says more than a tenant we needed someone who could look after the house as its own. After meeting you we are sure you are most suitable for it. Plus your mannerisms indicate that you are not from an ordinary family. Don’t worry about it. We got what we wished for.

Ashoka notices people practising wrestling. One man (Bhupal) walks up to him. You will have to work if you wish to live without paying any rent. Dig a pit. Ashoka gets down to work. Dharma is tensed to see the kids fighting. The lady says they (her sons) are doing it since they were a kid. Bhupal wins the competition. Hari tells Ashoka to leave something for tomorrow. the competition will start from tomorrow. There is a lot of time. Dharma thinks it is Ashoks’a birthday tomorrow. Ashoka thinks of the puja and how it was celebrated grandly back at Magadh. He keeps digging the pit.

Bhupal asks Vit to massage his hands. Ashoka looks angry while Dharma stands tensed. Ashoka thinks he has to see such a bad day. My younger brother, Magadh’s Prince has to see such a bad day. Dharma signals him to stop. How do I explain it to you that I am helpless? I have to force you to do all this. Planets have decided a time of 12 years for you. I will not allow you to seek revenge till this time is over.

Ashoka is walking in the market with Garud. Ashoka helplessly talks to Garud. Vit does not know his truth but I know it atleast. I want to give him all the luxuries. Ma has tied me in her swear or I would have ended those devils long ago. Ashoka asks a man if there is some work that he can do. The man denies. The man who forecasted Ashoka’s future (I will address him as Acharya) is also there. Kaurvaki also reaches there. Everyone stands back to see who is here. Ashoka is standing at the back. Ashoka wonders what it that is pulling me to her is. Kaurvaki’s helper asks for someone who can lift all the stuff and take them upstairs. Ashoka offers to do it.

Kaurvaki wishes to take bath. Bela goes to bring her stuff. Kaurvaki is worried for Ashoka. I wonder where he and his family will be and in what condition. Till when will you test me Lord? When will it all finally end?

Bela takes stuff from Ashoka when she notices the necklace around his neck. He notices her looking at it. What happened? She asks him to stop. There is a very important task. Just wait. She rushes inside. The man pays Ashoka for his work and sends him away.

A man makes announcement of the wrestling competition to be held in Nalanda this time. Samrat’s son Sushim will take part in it. You all will witness it. The winner will get 100 gold coins. He will be announced as the Maha Yodha of Magadh. Acharya thinks it is time for them to come face to face. Ashoka is tempted hearing the prize money. Shall we participate, Garud? Epi ends on the split screen of Ashoka and Sushim.

Kaurvaki is getting ready. Bela comes running to her. That worker was here. He was wearing the same necklace. Kaurvaki runs towards that room.

Ashoka is walking with Garud. Why did that Daasi looked at me in such a shocked manner?

Bela and Kaurvaki don’t find anyone in that room. Kaurvaki gets sad.

Dharma stops Ashoka. You have vowed to not change? She begins to hit him with a stick. There is no change in your attitude after coming here as well! Why dint you complete their work? They have given us shelter. He puts Garud in a corner and places his hard earned money in her hands. I have earned it by toiling hard. You have to do puja tomorrow on his birthday. She looks at him in shock. Stick falls down from her hands. You remember your father’s birthday? He replies that he remembered her husband’s birthday. You do puja every year on this day after all! She hugs him and cries. He gets emotional. Ma, I feel as if you have hugged me after decades and not just ten years! She cries her heart out. Vit comes there. They wipe their tears. Vit complains to his mother. You have started talking to each other directly now. I lost importance. You have made me useless. Ashoka walks up to him. Tell your mother to give me food. I am hungry. She also replies through Vit. Tell him to freshen up. I will bring food. Inside, Dharma is crying thinking of her marriage.

There is a knock on the door. Ashoka opens it only to find the same Acharya there. He informs Vit he will be back as he closes the door behind him.

Ashoka questions Acharya. What are you doing here? Acharya says I came to remind you that the time has come. Ashoka is confused. Acharya explains that you would have heard about the competition which is going to be held in Nalanda. Probably you dint hear that Sushim is also going to take part in it. Sushim is only laying a trap for you by participating in this competition. Ashoka demands to know who he is. Why did you come to inform me? Acharya calls himself his well-wisher. Ashoka threatens to kill him. Dharma comes out calling for Chand. Acharya advises Ashoka not to let his mother know about it. Ashoka leaves.

Dharma asks Ashoka about his whereabouts. He simply shakes his head. She tells him that she has served the food. He refuses saying he isn’t hungry. She is puzzled.

Acharya RG asks Acharya if he informed Ashoka. Acharya nods. Ashoka has been informed. Rani Dharma does not know anything. The wait of 10 years is going to be over in a few days. After this battle, all the adharmi’s will be killed. Dharma will win. Maha Nayak, the real son of Maurya lineage and the deserving and real heir of Magadh will win! He will be back once again. He will fulfil Acharya Chanakya’s dream of united India. Chakravarti Samrat Ashoka will be before the world real soon!

Ashoka thinks of Acharya’s words.

Dharma wakes up. She does morning prayers. She looks at her bare hands. Bindu had given her a ring. She wishes him happy birthday. She is surprised to hear someone cleaning outside. She is shocked to see Ashoka taking care of the house and Garud. What are you doing? He replies that he is only helping her. I know you will go to temple. I thought to help you so I did all this. You should go and make preps for the puja. She smiles broadly.

Dharma looks at her clothes. She thinks of Bindu. Ashoka is praying. He thinks the day, he has been waiting for, is finally here. I will move towards my aim after punishing the adharmi’s. He turns and is happy to see his mother dressed beautifully. She asks him if he will come along. He shakes his head. I have to go somewhere to do some work. She nods. I will be back soon. Vit joins Ashoka.

Hari and Bhupal have a deciding fight today. The one who wins will go to take part in the competition. Bhupal wins. I will go. Ashoka says let us figure out first who is stronger. I am also one of the competitors now. I assure you all I wont disappoint you. Bhupal asks him how he can be so sure. Ashoka replies that he has been waiting for this moment since last 10 years. Vit remarks how he gets scared whenever people get quiet hearing something his brother says. Bhupal tells Ashoka about the competition. Only the great Ashoka could win it once. You are an ordinary person. You think you can win? Hari advises Ashoka to do what suits him. Ashoka holds him by his neck. There is no point saying anything without knowing the truth. I can deafest each one of you who is present here. They accept his challenge. They tell him to defeat one man. Vit tells his brother to do whatever he has to do fast. Ma will be back soon.

Dharma gets puja done for Bindu. Purohit ji is surprised to realise she is getting the puja done for Magadh Samrat Bindusar. Why? What is he to you? She thinks of her marriage. Do the citizens have no right to pray for their king? Purohit ji nods. Most women do this puja today for their husbands only. She understands his point but adds that she is praying for the king and their state.

Shubhrasi does BIndu’s tilak. He imagines Dharma in her. His smile disappears upon the realization of truth. He does not bless her as she touches his feet. The one who you are thinking of will come before you really soon. He asks her if she said something. She wishes him and excuses herself.

Charu and Sushim come to wish Bindu next. He is surprised at Sushim’s wishes. Siamak also finds out some way to distance himself from me. Charu says you will only find flaws in people if you will look from that perspective. Sushim has organized a competition to make your day special. He has also asked common people to join the competition. He wants them to come together and celebrate. Entire Magadh will be together. They will be united. Sushim will also take part as a competitor. Bindu is impressed. I will be there to encourage my son and see him win.

Ashoka wins over everyone. I did what you asked from me. Let me take part in the competition now. bhupal says winning once does not mean you are eligible for it. You will have to defeat me if you want to take part in it. Ashoka agrees to fulfil his wish. Vit thinks BHaiya should not delay. You have to win before Ma comes back.

Purohit ji gives a Raksha-Sutra to Dharma to tie on the hands of her son. She greets him and goes. He feels as if she is not some ordinary woman. Kaurvaki comes there just then. I have to do puja (that married women do). He asks her if she is married. She thinks of her wedding with Ashoka. Think of it to be something like that only. She tells him the details of who she wants to get the puja for. He is surprised. Everyone is doing puja for the royal family today. a lady just did puja for Samrat Bindu. Kaurvaki is sure it will be Rani Dharma only. Dharma is not there though. Kaurvaki gets sad. Dharma is standing right behind her.