Thursday Update on hindi serial colors of Love


Thursday Update on hindi serial colors of Love



Maithili says to maayra to think again, maayra says I have thought as I know rudra wont ever love me, Maithili says what if he has some feelings in his heart too, maayra is stunned and ask did he say something to you? Maithili says not really but I feel so, maayra says no, he cant love me as love happens only once and it happened to him. mohini calls Maithili and maayra down.
maayra is coming down staits, she is about to fall but rudra holds her and ask her to be careful, maayra says I am sorry, I am not used to sarees, he looks at her and says this saree? you bought red one, maayra says I bought this one too, dhruv comes there and says wow, you bought papa’s favorite color saree, maayra looks at rudra tensed, rudra says lets go in puja, they are about to leave but maayra disbalances again, rudra hold her again, Maithili witnesses all this.
all comes in puja, rudra and maayra come in puja together, pandit says so this is the couple to be married, rudra maayra fells awkward, maayra says no, groom will not be able to come in puja, pandit ask maayra to sit in puja, maayra sit and takes things in left hand, Maithili ask her to take in right hand, maayra takes, puja starts, maayra is doing puja as per pandit, maayra does aarti, rudra looks at her and smiles, they both smile to each other, mohini notices this and says they are looking at each other like this, there must be something between them, I have to find, pandit ask maayra to go and break coconut at gate of house and pray for her husband, maayra goes, rudra gets a call and comes to gate side too, maayra falls and gets hit on head by stool, it start bleeding on her head, rudra comes to her and puts hand on her head to stop blood, he says cant you see clearly, what if anything had happened to you, maayra says nothing happened and what even if it happened, I am fine, rudra says you cant take care of yourself, Maithili brings cotton and ointment, rohit comes there and sees blood mark on maayra’s forehead, he says sindoor? there is time for marriage and you had already put sindoor, who applied it, maayra gets tensed.rudra is about to apply ointment but rohit takes it from his hand and says I will do my work now.

danveer and all are sitting in hall, danveer says everything changes after marriage, you like to live with your partner, he ask maayra where her world lies, maayra says in India, all are shocked, she also thinks why did she say India, rohit says india? maayra says no, new York, I just stayed here for sometime so said india but I would like to settle in new York only, rohit says that’s like my maayra and kisses on maayra’s hand, rudra feels uneasy.
rudra is in his room, he recalls how he kissed maayra and how Maithili said that she is just maayra for you now as you love her now, he is frustrated and recalls rohit close to maayra, he recalls how Maithili said to stop your happiness, don’t let maayra go away from you, rudra is in pain.

maayra finds rose on her bed, maayra finds the letter too, she reads it that now I will show you the way to my heart, I will not pretend anymore, you will know whats in my heart, just follow the directions and come to my heart, maayra finds arrows made up of rose patels and starts following it smiling, its all dark in house and candles are lit everywhere, maayra is following arrows, she finds someone standing in hall, she sees and is shocked to find rudra there, she says you did all this? before rudra could answer, rohit comes and says you went to wrong direction, I showed you different way, rudra leaves from there but is seeing them from far, maayra ask did you do this? he says obviously, who else will do it? he says I told you that day only that I love you but today.. he sits on his knees and says maayra mehra, the girl who knows me better than anyone, the one who is most close to me, the one whom I love, will you marry me maayra? maayra is tensed and finds rudra angrily looking at them, she keep looking at him, rohit says where are you looking, I am here, maayra nods yes to his answer, rohit gets happy and makes her wear wedding ring, rudra is hurt to see all this, rohit lifts maayra in his hands and says I am so happy, rudra is jealous and has tears in his eyes.

rudra is busy in drinking, rohit comes there and says maayra, make one drink on maayra’s and my name, rudra is drunken, rohit says you are so much inebriated that you dont even remember names, maayra comes there and says to rohit that I am sleepy, she finds rudra drunken, rudra says why are you running maayra? he says ask anything, I will answer you, I will answer every question of yours, just ask me, maayra says what will I ask? rudra says ask me why ia drunken, ask me whom I love? just ask me, maayra says you have drank alot, rudra says whom i lived most, she is gone. he says I am feeling pain as I have something in heart, I have pain for not saying a thing, guilt for hiding a important fact, rohit ask what you cant say? rudra is about to drink more, maayra takes the bottle away. maayra says to rudra that’s enough, you drank a lot, stop it now, rudra says why would I stop, maayra say because I am saying, stop drinking, rohit ask rudra sternly who he loves? he ask him again. maayra is tensed.

rohit ask rudra to tell whom he love, rudra says you wont like the answer, rohit says just try, rudra looks at maayra, he comes close to her and takes wine bottle from her, maayra is tensed, rudra says I love life? rohit says what? rudra says I told you, you wont like the answer, rohit says we should sleep, rudra says no, I will tell what to do, rudra plays song and says see love is everywhere, feel it, rohit says this is for us, song kuch naa kahu plays, rohit ask maayra’s hand for dance, maayra says no I am sleepy, rudra says what happened, did you not like the song or something else bothering you? rohit starts dancing with maayra, rudra curtly looks at maayra and drinks, rohit gets some call, rudra says can I dance with you fiancée? rohit says ok and goes from there, rudra holds maayra’s hand and pulls her close to him, maayra ask what are you doing, rudra says shh, what should I do.. I wish I would be there in place of.. but, maayra is about to leave but rudra again pulls her close, rudra says first ask me why did I drink? maayra says leave me, rudra says I cant bear it, I cant handle this, he holds maayra’s face and says I don’t like it when he comes close to you, when he touches you, you don’t know what pain I am hiding, I am hiding thing of my heart, he touches his face with maayra’s, maayra closes her eyes, rudra says when you told me that you love me, I was blundered, but now I know I love you.. I love you maayra, he cups maayra’s face and comes very close to her, maayra says please stop it, maayra is feeling rudra heart beat too, maayra leaves from there, rohit comes to rudra and ask what did you say to maayra? rudra sleep being inebriated.

maayra is crying in her room, rohit comes there, maayra hides her tears, rohit ask what happened between you and rudra, there is something, tell me, speak up, why are you so much concerned about him, there is definitely something, tell me, because I want to listen the truth from your mouth, maayra says I don’t know what is wrong and whats right but I am marrying you and that’s the truth, rohit hugs maayra while she is tensed.

in morning, rudra wakes up and has hangover, he says rohit.. maayra comes there gives him lemon water, she says rohit has gone outside for your hangover, rudra says I don’t know what did I say yesterday, I am sorry, I was drunken, I am sorry for saying anything wrong, maayra says you are sorry for saying that you love me? rudra says no, I have no regrest for saying that, when you come to me, I feel like happiness has come in my life, when you smile to me, I feel like life is smiling, maayra says I don’t love you and is about to leave, rudra stops her and says then what is it in your eyes for me, tell me that you don’t love me looking in my eyes, when I come close to you, you feel something, will you leave me? will you able to live without me? whenever you will see your face in mirror, you will see me, you will feel that I am looking at you, Rudra says to maayra that I love you, just say yes once, he extends his hand to maayra, maayra is in tears, he ask to say yes once, I will handle everything. maayra is about to hold his hand but then says, will you be able to live with a girl who promised someone for marriage and broke it, will you able to live with a girl, who for her selfish motives broke her best friend’s heart, you says you love me but what if you start finding paro in me in future, I cant be paro, rudra cups her face and says no, I love maayra, I love you, maayra moves back and says its late now rudra, she leaves from there in tears.

Maithili comes to maayra, she says tell me truly, are you happy with things? from heart? I think rudra have told you too whats in his heart, maayra says I have some work, Maithili stops her and says I was worried that if anything happens between you and rudra.. then it would be because of your face btu I was wrong, you made place for yourself, you proves that you are maayra, you made place in everyone’s heart and now you both start loving each other, its fate decision and you should accept it, maayra ask about rohit? she says how can leaves him? and about happiness, I will learn to live happily and rudra have paro’s memories, he will live too, Maithili says right rudra have paro’s memories but don’t forget that no one can live with memories only and todays truth is that he loves you, maayra.

koyal ask maayra to come with them and play, rudra is playing too, maayra is tensed and looks at rudra, rudra looks down,rudra mistakenly throws dice, rohit comes there and takes it, he says super two six, koyal says wow, rudra will win now, rohit sits beside maayra. maayra ask where were you rohit, rohit says I went to meet pundit for our marriage tomorrow, Maithili says you said that you have arranged pundit, rohit says he is not free, maayra says but tomorrow? rohit says I forgot to tell you, I talked with your and my parents, they said that we should get married here tomorrow only with some rituals then go to new York, rudra listens this and is tensed.


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