Thursday Update on Lost in Love 19th May 2022


Thursday Update on Lost in Love 19th May 2022

Pakhi cuts vegetables engrasped in thoughts when Sayi enters with Usha and calls Pakhi. Vaishali asks why did she come here early morning. Sayi calls Pakhi again. Pakhi cuts her finger getting conscious. Sayi rushes to her concerned and puts her finger in water. Pakhi frees her finger and asks why did she come here. Sayi says she came to take Pakhi home and promises that she will never argue with her. Pakhi says she knows Sayi doesn’t like her in that house and came here on Virat’s insistence. Sayi says she and Pakhi don’t like each other, hence Pakhi should stay there thinking as if she doesn’t exist. Pakhi say she doesn’t want to return as she will talk to family members and even Virat, which Sayi will not like and will insult her again.

Sayi says she doesn’t mind Pakhi talking to Virat as she knows about their friendship and Pakhi knows about her and Virat’s deal. Pakhi says she knew Virat sent her here. Sayi says she knows that she doesn’t hide anything and speaks openly, so she should accept her apologizies and return home; since she left home, Virat doesn’t like anything and is very sad. Vaishali says mixing honey in poison will not change its nature, what is the guarantee that she is telling truth. Shailesh asks who is she to take Sayi home. Vaishali says she should return home as family must be waiting for her.

At home Saloni scolds Karishma for leaving dal burning on stove and wasting time on mobile. Karishma says she was about to go. Saloni asks her to cut vegetables. Karishma says she will call Sayi to cut vegetables. Devi informs them that Sayi has gone out early morning. Saloni thinks where she must have gone. Karishma calls Bhavani and her puppets Ninad and Omkar and informs them that Sayi went out of house without informing them. Ninad and Omkar yell that she always does whatever she likes. Their yelling continues. Sayi continues pleading Pakhi to return home as Virat needs her and even family would be happy. Parents yell that Pakhi will not come. Usha also pleads Pakhi to return home. Pakhi asks Sayi to go. Sayi leaves with Usha hoping Pakhi accepts her request and returns home soon.

Drama continues at Chavan Mansion. Bhavani and all her puppets continue yelling. She calls Sayi’s number, but phone rings nearby. Virat walks in. Bhavani yells that Sayi went out of house with Usha without informing family. Virat asks if they didn’t call her. Shivani says she left her phone at home as usual. Virat says maa must be knowing. Ninad yells she went to her mother’s house and is very careless. Virat requests him to stop insulting his mother repeatedly as he is tired of it now. Bhavani yells that Sayi taught him to argue with elders. Saloni asks Virat to search Sayi as she is worried for her. Drama continue when Sayi walks in. Omkar asks Virat to ask his wife where she had gone without informing anyone. Sayi says she will not and stops even Usha. Bhavani taunts that being a big police officer when he cannot question his wife, how will he question criminals. Virat says his stick makes them reply. Sayi asks if he wants to hit her, extending her hand says he should. Virat stands silently. She says when he cannot do, why he says so. Virat says she knows well that he doesn’t raise his hands on innocents and women. Drama continues.

Ninad sees Bhavani in anger and asks her not to burn her blood unnecessarily for small issues. Bhavani says Virat supported Sayi and ignored them. Ninad asks what they can do. She says Pakhi left home because of Sayi, they need to get back Pakhi home at any cost as Samrat’s money will to Pakhi instead of Mansi and Pakhi is beautiful, well educated and better in every aspect than Sayi, so Sayi will be under control if Pakhi stays around. She calls Pakhi and requests her to return home forgetting Sayi’s misbehavior. On the other side, Virat returns home to his room and sees Sayi picking her pillow and walking out, asks where is she going. Sayi says its none of his business. He says he already asked her. She says she is going to Usha’s room and will sleep there from here, he shouldn’t come to take her back like last time. He says there is a lizard in Usha mausi’s room. She says she doesn’t mind even if snake comes. He asks what problem she has, why didn’t she inform where she had gone.

Sayi continues her adamancy. Pakhi calls him. He goes aside and picks call. She asks why did he send Sayi to her house to take her back to Chavan House. He says he didn’t know Sayi came there and says he knows she is angry on him and Sayi, but other family members love her a lot, so she should return for their sake. Pakhi says when there is no respect in relationships, why should she return, anyways its easy to break relationships and difficult to make one. He says he came there to explain the same and requests again to return home. She says she will and will go back if someone insults her. He promises that Sayi will not misbehave with her again. She says he looks in a hurry to disconnect call as Sayi must be waiting for him. He says nothing like that and says he will wait for her tomorrow. Once he disconnects call, he asks Sayi why did she go to Pakhi’s room. Sayi angrily says she went to bring back Pakhi as promised to him. He asks if anyone misbehaved with her there. She says it doesn’t matter. He continues questioning and she continues her rude answers. He asks why can’t she reply directly. She says she is like that and continues her nok jhok with him.

Next morning, Pakhi returns to Chavan House with Shailesh. Bhavani gets happy seeing her and asks Karishma to call Mansi as she would be happy to see Pakhi back. Bhavani thanks Shailesh for bringing Pakhi back home and apologizes for Sayi’s misbehavior. Shailesh says he is worried for Pakhi as a father, but he cannot tolerate Sayi misbehaving with Pakhi again. Ninad promises that he will kick Sayi out of house if she again misbehaves with Pakhi. Mansi walks in with Shivani and gets happy seeing Pakhi. Ninad yells at Pakhi again. Ashwini asks Sayi to go to her room. Sayi asks why. Pakhi asks Ashwini to let Sayi stay there. Shivani asks Pakhi when she always hated Sayi, why she wants her to stay now. Bhavani yells at Shivani to behave with Pakhi as she returned home after a lot of difficulty.

Shivani says she cannot see one bahu behind praised and other insulted just because Pakhi has parents and Sayi is an orphan. Ashwini backs her. Bhavani yells at Shivani to mind her tongue. Pakhi tells Shailesh that is why she didn’t want to return here. Shailesh says don’t know how she will stay in this environment. Bhavani assures that she will take care of Pakhi like her own daughter. Shivani asks just because she doesn’t want Samrat’s pension and other money go to Pakhi. Bhavani yells to mind her tongue and says she has a lot money and is feeding her till now, she doesn’t need Samrat’s pension or money. Pakhi says she doesn’t need money and will give it to Bhavani.

Sayi asks them all to stop and asks Bhavani if she should prepare tea or coffee as it has been long since Shailesh came, asks Shailesh what would he like to have. Shailesh says he is about to go. Sayi asks him to wait for 5 minutes as she was preparing tea for everyone and walks to kitchen followed by Ashwini. Pakhi returns to her room where Karishma informs that Sayi had created a drama again after going out of home without informing anyone and when even Virat asked, she didn’t reply; so Virat got angry and even threatened her with stick. Pakhi realizes that Sayi told truth that she came to her without informing anyone.

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