Thursday Update on Promised love 6th May 2021


Thursday Update on Promised love 6th May 2021

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Noor telling Razia that there is a big change in their lives, in 5 years. She says I love him, but not…She says I can stay in his life as his friend and not as his wife. Razia says but…They hear Azaan singing. Noor tells Razia that Azaan’s wounds can be healed by music and not by her love. She says I can make this possible. Khalid packs Rubina’s stuff and says you are going from here. he tells that he wouldn’t have hidden her sin if she was not pregnant. Rubina asks him to accept that he wants to romance with Noor.

Khalid says you have done a mistake and now accusing me. Rubina asks if this is not truth that you loved her. Khalid says it is past now, I had done many mistakes and Azaan and badi ammi forgave me. He says I realized my mistake and wants you to do the same. He says I am thinking about our baby. Rubina says it is good and tells that badi ammi doesn’t remember what I have done with her. dilruba comes there and asks what you have done?

Razia asks Azaan to take popcorn and says you like it naa. Azaan thanks her and says I will eat popcorn made by my Ammi after 5 years. Noor comes and takes the bowl, says she will eat this popcorn. She asks him to wipe his tears first. Razia says she made it for Azaan. Noor tastes it and tells that it is not tasty, asks Mashuqa to throw it. Razia asks why did you take it, when you don’t want to eat. Noor asks what is the age of your son, 5 years. Azaan asks Mashuqa to bring popcorn. Mashuqa says she don’t have money.

Azaan asks Noor to have the popcorn. Razia feels drowsy and tells him. Azaan asks Mashuqa to bring her medicines. Noor asks Mashuqa to do as she said. Azaan comes back after dropping Razia to room. Mashuqa tells Azaan that Razia is drowsy as she didn’t have anything. She tells that she made soup for her. Noor asks her to tell with whose money, she made soup. Mashuqa says she took money from Noor. Noor asks Azaan to do something to get the soup. Azaan is about to slap her.

Rubina slaps Dilruba and asks what you will say to them? Dilruba says you are hiding big from them. Rubina scolds him. Khalid tells that she had taken some money from his wallet. Dilruba says she does wrong and I get slap. Khalid asks him to go and not to tell anyone. Rubina misbehaves with Dilruba. Dilruba goes and is doubtful.

Noor asks Azaan not to dare slap her. She asks him what he can do to take soup. They have an argument. Azaan says you used to call her badi ammi and now you are misbehaving with her. Noor asks him to do something. Mashuqa asks him to do something for his Ammi. Azaan agrees to do whatever she says to get the soup.

Khalid tells Rubina that he will not bear her anymore and asks her to go. Rubina says if I go from here then you will not get to see my baby’s face. He says Rubina. Dilruba tries to hear them, but can’t hear anything. Rubina says you have 10 seconds to think.

Noor announces that Azaan Akhtar Mirza is going to sing for her, to save his Ammi. Everyone hears her.

Noor telling in mic that just like Basanti danced to save Veeru infront of Gabbar, same way Azaan will sing for me to save his Ammi. She says whoever wants to be a part of this mehfil shall wear the flower on their hands. She asks Azaan to come near the mic so that they can hear his song well. Azaan takes mic from her hand. Noor sits and asks Azaan to sing. Mashuqa puts the phone ready to capture the video. Azaan sings the song. Jaanisar……Noor gets emotional and recalls her moments with him. Noor says not bad, you have made one week food arrangement ready for your Ammi and asks Mashuqa to make soup. Mashuqa goes. Dilruba comes to kitchen and tells that something is wrong. He tells that he is doubtful about Khalid and his wife. Mashuqa says leave it. Dilruba says your choice is bad, Adil, Aladin and Khalid. Mashuqa says you was mad about Asgar Miyan. They talk about Noor’s plan.

Noor tells Razia that she asked Mashuqa to record the video. She says Azaan will become a big star now. She shows the recording and tells that it will be hit on social media. She says his talent will come out and his pain will lower. Razia says people says right that hungry sings by mouth and truthful by heart. She says it will reach the people. Noor tells that when someone’s heart is broken and tells that many hearts are broken. She asks Razia to upload it. Razia uploads the video. Noor tells that Azaan’s destiny and this house’s situation will change. She says my Azaan will become a big star.

Razia says my Azaan. Noor says I mean my friend Azaan. Razia asks her to say if she loves Azaan. She asks her to swear on her and say. Noor tells that I love him and will always love him, but….she cries. Razia says we can clear his misunderstanding very soon. Noor says this is not possible. Razia asks what? Noor says there is a problem? She gets a call and tells someone on call that she was busy. She excuses herself. Razia thinks why Noor wants to keep her away from Azaan when she loves him, thinks with whom she was talking to in night. She thinks Noor is not telling her, from where she got the money.

Noor collides with Rubina and the latter falls down. Khalid comes and helps Rubina gets up, and scolds Noor politely. Noor asks if his wife is made of glass. Khalid tells that she is pregnant. Noor gets happy and says she will tell everyone. Rubina asks why you are happy and asks her not to tell anyone. Noor tells that she is not happy, but shocked. She asks if they are thinking that she will fund their child, tells that she has not open a poor home. She asks Rubina to pick her phone and smiles at Khalid.

Azaan and Razia congratulate Khalid and Rubina. Razia asks Rubina to take care of her well. Azaan asks Khalid to make his relations better with Rubina, recalls about Shayra’s pregnancy. Razia tells Rubina that even her godh bharayi is due on her. Rubina thinks this lie is spreading. Razia says I will make you meet gynaec. Rubina says she is already consulting a gynaec and tells the hospital’s name. Mashuqa brings the fruits in plate. Razia asks Khalid to make her eat it. Rubina thinks what to do. Mashuqa sees her tensed. Rubina asks her to go.

Mashuqa tells dilruba that there is something wrong and tells that Rubina is hiding something from us. Noor comes there and tells that Rubina is pregnant. Dilruba says something is wrong and tells that she was shouting at Khalid and slapped me. Mashuqa says when Azaan and Razia went to their room, she was very tensed. Dilruba says I gave her Papaya yesterday when she asked me. Noor recalls colliding with her. Mashuqa says pregnant woman holds stomach and not head.