Thursday Update on Strange Love 9th September 2021


Thursday Update on Strange Love 9th September 2021

Kalindi lost in thoughts. The milk boils and flows over. Avdhoot comes and greets good morning. He sees the milk and offs the stove. She says she is missing Astha and feeling bad to hide this from her. He says we should tell her the truth, she will understand us, she is our daughter, she will give you hope. She says yes, but I can’t see her hurt, I could not talk to her well, don’t know whats going on in her mind, I know she will understand when we tell the truth. He says we can’t hide this from her. Ankush comes and asks when will you tell about me to Astha, tell her soon, and uncle is right, if you don’t tell, anyone else can tell her. He jokes on them.

He says its fun to trouble you, give me tension expressions again. He laughs and leaves. Avdhoot asks Kalindi not to worry, Ankush does not know value of relations. He says I m sure you will change him. She says don’t know when will this day come when he talks to me well. Sojal tells Anjali that its morning, and Astha and Shlok did not come. I m worried even Varad did not come home. She calls Varad and asks about Shlok and Astha, and asks him to find them soon. Niranjan takes phone from Anjali and says stop crying now, this are crocodile tears. He throws the phone.

He says stop doing this drama, you could have managed it, but you enjoy in making things wrong, and gets angry on her. He scolds her and blames her for seeking sympathy from everyone by saying her husband tortures her. He says you won’t get freedom from this relation, what was less, I gave you everything, clothes, jewelry, comfort, good food, what else did you need. She says you said it right, you gave me everything, expect self esteem and respect. She says you have good food, but made me helpless to eat in your leftover plate, you did not understand a wife’s respect, you did not let me breath with peace and even my children.

She says they did as you said, I wanted their love, you made mistake and were great Lord for them, and made them hate me. She says you can’t love anyone, you worry for your respect. He says I wish I did not stop Shlok from kicking you out of this house, it was good if you left. She says when I was not here, your truth would have not been in cover, I will not bear anything now. He says you will bear it when you stay in this house and pushes her out. Shlok comes and holds Anjali. Niranjan is shocked seeing Shlok and Astha.

Anjali cries and says you came. Where were you, I tried your phone, and was waiting for you, I was worried for you, I got bad thoughts, are you fine. Shlok and Astha cry. Astha nods he is fine. Shlok’s tears fall. Anjali asks what is he seeing. He says Aai………… She is stunned. They all cry together. Anjali hugs her shocking Niranjan. He says I was wrong, trapped in Baba’s words, I always hurt you. Anjali cries a lot. Shlok says I could not identify your love, I m sorry. They wipe each other’s tears. He says lucky children get a mother like you.

He says I m so unlucky to kick my fate. He says I know Aai, you always longed for my love, you know I also longed for your love, always. Astha and Sojal cry looking on. He says now its enough, not anymore, I want to give you all the happiness which you deserve. He apologizes to her holding her hands. Niranjan looks on shocked. She says a mum’s heart never have complaints for her children, you will always be fine. She kisses his forehead and hugs him.

He says Aai, I don’t want to live here, now we won’t stay here, come. Niranjan stops Shlok and asks where was he, he was afraid, I was worried. He hugs Shlok. Shlok turns his face. Niranjan says you are mistaken my son, this is done by Astha and Anjali. He holds Shlok’s hand to stop him and asks him to listen to him. Shlok gets angry and says I regarded you Lord, you don’t deserve to be called a human, I don’t want to live here, Nranjan says Shlok, you can’t leave me. Shlok walks to his room. Sojal and Astha hug Anjali.

Shlok comes in his room and thinks how Niranjan acted and put the blame on Anjali at the time of rejecting Swati. He thinks about Jyoti blaming Anjali and Anjali acting strict towards her. He thinks how he decided to end his marriage with Astha in Ganpati Viasrjan. He puts down Niranjan’s pic. He starts packing his bag. Ankush meets the lawyer and asks can anything happen, I want my property by any way. The lawyer says you take Kalindi’s sign on this blank paper by any reason, and I will make you get the property. Ankush gets glad and says he will handle Kalindi his way.

Varad comes home and asks about Shlok. Anjali says Astha got him. Varad says is he fine, please tell me whats going on. Astha says I will talk to Shlok, and goes. Varad asks Anjali to say. Sojal says we won’t stay here, we are leaving home. Varad says what. Anjali says we won’t stay here, as Niranjan has burnt his own home and insulted all relations. Niranjan acts again and blames Anjali for everything. He says she made Shlok against me, why did I harm her. He asks Varad to explain Shlok, he has gone mad and wants to leave home, Anjali is taking revenge as you all love me, I always tried to unite the family, but since Astha came in this house, she has added poison in everyone’s heart. Varad says Baba, enough, don’t cry, I will talk to Shlok. Sojal stops him and says Aai did not lie, if you want to believe Baba, fine, we won’t stay here.

Astha coming to Shlok. She cries and he says he can’t be here for a second, come. She says its not right to leave the house like this, I did not wish to break the house and bring any distance between you and Baba, I wanted to tell you the truth to show Anjali was never wrong, I know Baba did wrong, it does not mean we leave him alone, we can’t do wrong for wrong, we have to make him realize he is wrong, we have to give him a chance to make him a good person, maybe he will change, the one who keeps relations are happy. He says what relations and family, things are either right or wrong, when I regarded you wrong, I treated you so badly as I felt Baba is right, but when I know Baba is wrong, I hate myself.

He says I was ready to leave you for his sake, he knows I love you a lot and can’t live without you, how can you forgive him when he tried to kill you, how can he fall so low to take away his son’s happiness, I can’t stay here, I m feeling suffocated and I don’t have strength to insult Baba. She says Shlok listen to me. He leaves out of the room. She says I did not know you will leave home knowing the truth, I did not wish this to happen. Ankush comes and hears Kalindi and Ajju talking in kitchen. He thinks he should find some paper at home, to do his mission by taking her sign. He sees they are busy and goes to her room to find her signed paper.

Avdhoot comes there and asks what is he doing here. Ankush says my wine stock was out of stock, so I thought to come here., Avdhoot argues and says we don’t want anything from your property, trust me. Ankush says he does not even believe his dad. Niranjan stops Shlok and he does not listen. Astha takes the plant and places it somewhere else. She says lets go. Sojal asks Jaya to come. Shlok asks Anjali to come. Niranjan says stop and gets angry. He asks where are you going Shlok. Did you break your Baba’s trust so soon and where will you go, you will have me with you, you will be called Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri wherever you go. He says whats your identity Shlok?

He says you are the owner of Agnihotri group of institute as my name is linked to you, don’t make mistake to take off my name, else you are worth just two penny, dear son Shlok. Shlok gets angry and turns to look at him. Shloj says thank you very much for making me realize this thing, Mr Niranjan Agnihotri. Niranjan is shocked. Everyone looks on. For me, you will be just Mr Niranjan Agnihotri, you have worked hard to get this name, and we don’t have any relation between us, I don’t want to listen or talk to you. I regret just one thing that I preached a man like you, made you Lord for me, blindly agreed to you, and said everyone that I even not trust Lord if he speaks against you, I regret to be your son, I regret I did not agree to the woman who loves you the most.

He brings Anjali and says she is my Aai………… She longed for this word Aai to hear it from me and you did not let this happen. I m ashamed of you, I insulted my Aai because of you, I did not listen to Astha, I risked my love for you, what did you do, and you killed my Baba, you can’t be my Baba, you are just a man named Niranjan Agnihotri, whom I don’t even know. He says you said you want to see me happy, what about that, and why did you wish to take my happiness, you did not do this for me, as you don’t love me, your love is a show, drama, what do you want to prove showing women is a slipper and should be bonded in four walls, you said you equate sons and daughters, the truth is you just have fun in showing down women, and torturing them.

He says I realized today, everyone here has no identity, as you did not let it happen, you always wanted them to be according to you. You did not think about other, am I right Mr Niranjan Agnihotri. Niranjan shouts Bahot Hogaya……….. (Its Enough….) Everyone looks on. Niranjan says I won’t stop you, leave form my house and you lost the right of calling me Niranjan Agnihotri, leave. Shlok shouts who wants to be in this house, you are good here alone, and don’t worry, I will drop Niranjan Agnihotri’s name from my name, thanks so much, I will identify myself, and I will get my identity, don’t worry I will go as Shlok from here.

He removes the watch and wallet. He keeps his phone and asks Astha to remove her jewellery, as its all belongs to Shlok Niranjan Agnihotri, not Shlok. Astha removes her jewellery and keeps it. Shlok says this mangalsutra also. Astha cries and holds it. She says Shlok….. He says no Astha, its jewellery, your mangalsutra is the black thread which I made you wear in temple, I m happy to do this, maybe Lord made me use that black thread for this day.

Astha removes and keeps the mangalsutra. Anjali also removes her bangles and jewellery. Sojal too removes the jewellery. Jaya’s heart sinks. Anjali goes to the house temple and brings something. Shlok asks him to keep it. She says its Sreedhar, its my right, my parents gave this. Shlok says one more thing, my relation. He swears taking water on his name and says I break all relations and remove Niranjan Agnihotri’s name from my name. He drops the water and looks at Niranjan.