Thursday Update on The Frontliners 9th September 2021


Thursday Update on The Frontliners 9th September 2021

Asha coming in between Sid and Ishani. She thinks Ishani, I will make you away from Sid. They go. Rahil asks Ishani when will you talk to Sid. Ishani says I will talk to him tonight. Juhi says we have to distribute the surgeries, Sid can’t do any surgery now. Shashank says we will manage. She asks him to talk to the patients once. Shashank says what shall I say that he slept during the surgery, he is on probation, I regarded him as my son, I thought he will take my place in Sanjivani. She says when I was removed from Sanjivani, I made my anger my courage and went to prove that I m talented, you gave me a second chance, he should also get it. She gets a letter. She reads…. Shashank isn’t the one as he appears, he has done many wrong things. She angrily crushes the note and dumps.

Vardaan looks on and thinks I will ruin Shashank and hit on all his weak links, daughter, son, love, I will make Shashank alone as he had made me alone. Ishani thinks of Asha. She calls Sid. Sid asks why is she calling me at this time, is there any emergency case. He answers the call. He asks what happened. She says sorry to call you so late, I will talk tomorrow.

He asks what happened. She says I wanted to call you before, I just reached home, I have to tell you about Asha. He asks what about Asha. Asha stops him. Ishani says whatever is happening with you, Asha is behind it, I m pretty sure. Asha says you shouldn’t call a married man at this time. She disconnects. Sid asks what happened. Asha says you didn’t think you will be keeping this relation, you came ahead and applied sindoor, you came in my life as hero, I m not one of those wives that you just keep here as a medal. She goes.

Ishani says Asha would be angry, very sorry Sid. Asha packs her bags. Sid stops her. She says you made me your wife and didn’t give me any rights, you will behave badly even with my child, everyone taunts me that I came between two lovers, fine I will get away. He asks her to calm down, stop it, what shall I do to show that I m with you, not with Ishani. She says end ties with Ishani, get away from him, tell me, what will you do, do you want your wife or Ishani. He cries.

Ishani says let Asha get upset, when Sid comes tomorrow, I will talk to him. Its morning, Vardaan gets his BP checked. He says I don’t need medicines, I will shut the hospital and open a temple. Rahil looks on. He says if he shouts, his BP will be high. Vardaan says Rahil, you know there are many unemployed people in the country, you can join them. The man tells about the emergency case. Vardaan gets angry. He stops the man and says fine, admit the emergency case, its imp to save a life than money. He laughs and says there is just one doctor who will handle such cases, our Robinhood, Sid, I will give him another chance to ruin himself.

Ishani waits for Sid. He signs her to stop. Asha looks on and smiles. Ishani thinks Asha had made him helpless. Asha thinks sindoor has dark colour than love, now see how Sid gets ruined. Ishani thinks you can’t control Sid, I will stand as a shield between you both. Vardaan comes to talk to Juhi. He says Dr. Sid… Juhi says that will be great, he can do the small surgery, I will talk to him. He thanks her. Sid sees the board and gets upset. Juhi comes and asks him to perform the small surgery, all doctors are busy, he can take it a second chance and do it well. Sid smiles and says I promise, there won’t be any mistake, I will do my best. She wishes him and goes. Sid smiles seeing his name written on the board. He says I will tell Ishani. He stops. Asha asks why did you get another surgery for Sid. Vardaan jokes. Ishani says Sid’s name is on the surgery board. Sid says I can do this. Ishani comes. Sid holds her happily. He recalls Asha’s words and gets away.

Ishani saying I m very happy for you. Sid says I wanted to tell you, but got busy in preparing for the surgery. She says refuse for this surgery. He asks what. She says I know you are very happy, but please refuse, don’t go to OT, I also know its an easy surgery, anyone else will do it. He asks why do you want this. She says you may get stuck again, trust me, I know Asha has a problem with our friendship, she is your wife, please understand this. He gets angry and asks why are you doing this. She says I m very happy, you aren’t understanding this. He says I m just into the books since that happened, I wanted to do the surgery, who else can understand this better, who will understand if you don’t understand. She says I understand what it was not a casual decision to give you this surgery, you will get more chances. He says I can’t wait anymore. She says Asha maybe involved in this. She sees him gone. She looks for Sid. She sees Asha mixing something in the coffee cup. She worries. She goes to Asha.

She asks why do you want to ruin Sid’s career, what did you mix in this, you had drugged him last time, tell me what did you add in this. Asha drinks the juice and says I just mixed vitamin C tablet, this is for me, I m drinking juice in Sid’s coffee cup, what right do you have to ask me. She scolds Ishani. She asks did you feed him anything wrong, you are always after him. Sid goes to OT and gets emotional. Asha says you have a reason to do this, but Sid saved me and my baby, he trapped you in love and married someone else, you may do this, you would have thought to ruin his career. Sid prepares for the surgery.

Asha says you have no one in this world, you fell for Sid, he cheated you and left, you have the reasons to do this, what do I have. Sid takes the doctors’ gown. Asha says Sid will face it, but you think what you will face, you will be gone, get away now, my husband got a chance for the operation, I want to go to him. Ishani claps and smiles. She says I know what I have told and why, I will explain you in your language, you do whatever you want, but I will save Sid, not Rukmani, but as Radha, I can go to any extent to save him, please excuse me, Sid got a surgery, I have to stop him. She goes. She gets shocked seeing Sid fallen on the ground. She goes to Sid and holds him. She asks are you okay. Sid says I m fine. She says you aren’t fine, look at yourself. Juhi comes there and gets shocked seeing Sid’s state.

Ishani asks Sid to get up. Ishani and Rahil take Sid. Ishani says thank God, we took Sid’s consent, we have to do the blood test, Vardaan and Asha shouldn’t know about it, I want to prove Sid that wrong is happening with him, he needs to find out. Rahil takes the blood sample and says hold him, I will do the test and come. Sid sits unconscious. Ishani says I know you aren’t mine, I accepted this, but I won’t let Asha ruin your life as your wife, whatever blames the world put on me, I m just stopping you from the wrong. Juhi says I felt Sid should get a chance to do the surgery. Vardaan says I agree with you, Sid actually got punished. She says Sid isn’t taking his responsibility serious. He says if a doctor behaves this way, how will I run the hospital. She says yes, I agree, I will recommend the board to give a break to Sid, we can’t risk patients’ lives to save doctors’ career. She goes.

He smiles and thinks Sid is useless now, Ishani can’t help him now. Asha sees Sid. She sits near him. She sees the bandage on his arm and worries. She thinks blood test…. She goes in the lift. She gets stuck. She doesn’t get network. Ishani asks the man to hurry up. She gets the reports. She gets shocked. Sid comes there. Ishani holds him and asks him to be careful. Sid says I want to know what’s in my reports. Asha comes. Sid says I want to know why is this happening with me. Ishani says me too, but we will know when we see the reports. They see the reports. Asha recalls drugging Sid by putting chloroform on the doctors’ mask.