Thursday Update on This is Love 12 March 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 12 March 2020

Shagun saying I also worry for Ishita. Mihika says don’t worry, things will get fine, Mani is Ishita’s friend, they are so close, Mani will help her. Simmi and Mihika pacify her. Shagun says I mean he has no time for me, he left in the morning before I woke up. Simmi says plan a dinner, problem solve. Mihika says you both are big support for Ishita now. Ruhi says come with me now, stop all this. Karan is angry. Simmi says I will give them lunch tiffin. Karan says I will call for something if I feel hungry. Yug says I will take the tiffin. Karan asks Ruhi to come with Yug. Ruhi says wait, I m coming.

Yug asks Aaliya to send his tiffin to office. Shagun asks what happened to them now. Ishita thanks Arijit. She says we got minister’s total support, are you all

ready for the work. Karan says yes. She says I want to say something, Raman said Yug should handle this project, is that okay with you all. Arijit thinks maybe Karan didn’t like this. He says of course, Yug is Raman’s son, he would be talented also. Ishita says Yug will make it much successful. Ruhi says don’t say anything in front of Ishita. Karan says yes, we all trust his talents.
Ishita says I m very happy that we have Karan, he supported his mum’s business at a young age, he is with us, Mani is standing with us as a mentor, until Raman comes, really good people are there to manage it. Ruhi says Ishita is the biggest asset, we are so proud of you. Karan says yes. Yug says we are nothing without your support. Ishita thanks him. Arijit sees Shagun and says I m a lucky man to start and end my day by seeing you. She says so sweet, I m taking my husband on a dinner date. She goes. He says I have to flop Shagun’s plan, its good plan, Mani, Ishita and Shagun’s tension can’t get less. He calls.

Ishita says yes, we will meet for dinner and discuss finances. Arijit says I may invest more, my accountant is also coming. He says all the best Shagun, you will feel jealous of Ishita now, this will benefit me, trust me. Shagun comes. Ishita says you here, such a lovely surprise, Arijit called us for a meeting. Shagun says I thought we were going. Mani says yes, I was going to call you. Ishita asks Mani to go with Shagun, she will handle it. Mani says I have to be there, its imp, I will go with Shagun later. Shagun leaves. Ishita says Mani go after her, talk to her. Mani says okay, I will see.

Mani asks what happened to you. Shagun says I m trying to sort out our differences. He says I can’t leave Ishu alone. She says you can leave me alone. He says she is living in a denial, who will handle her if anyone asks about Raman, Raman is no more, shall we go for dinner. She says its not a celebration, I just wanted to talk to you. He says fine, we will talk once I come home.

Its morning, Arijit greets Shagun. She says my dinner plan with Mani got cancelled, you knew my dinner plan and you called him, what games are you playing. Arijit asks what, I just called Ishita, to my surprise, Mani was with her, I wanted to keep Ishita busy so that you and Mani spend good time, sorry, that wasn’t my intention. She says that’s fine, Mani is very dedicated, Ishita and Mani are childhood friends, they are focussing on the project, so maybe they stayed here last night. He says there was really no need for rush. He smiles and says come, lets go there together.

Ishita gives coffee to Mani and asks him to go home now. Mani says just another 2-3 days, this will get easier. She says we all will manage, go and rest. Simmi checks the door. Shagun and Arijit come. Ariji asks why do you look so tired Mani, are you fine. Mani says yes, I m fine, thanks. Arijit says I just got to know that you worked all night, that’s not needed, there is still time. Ishita says you asked us to stay prepared. Arijit says sorry, I didn’t know you will take it so seriously, I m feeling guilty.

Ishita says I was insisting Mani to go home and rest, we will handle this. Mani says I will get energized having your handmade coffee. She asks Shagun to take Mani home. Mani says fine, I will make sure I finish the work. Arijit says I came to give this file to you, you will need my company file. He leaves. Mani asks Shagun shall we leave. They leave. Mani says I m sorry, I know I should have come home in the morning, I will be with you all day. She asks promise. He says I promise. He gets Khosla’s call and asks what, today, fine, there is no problem, I will come. She asks what happened. He says investors want to meet me, I have to be with Ishu. She gets angry.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to take her medicines. Mrs. Bhalla cries for Raman. Simmi consoles her and asks her to live for all of them. Ruhi packs her tiffin and goes to see Karan. Mihika asks Mrs. Bhalla to just have medicines. Ruhi asks Karan why aren’t you ready. He says chill, Yug is the project head, why shall I go. She asks what are you saying, Ishita praised you, you are imp for this project. He says leave me. She gets back stumbling. Yug holds her. Mrs. Bhalla cries a lot. Mihika asks her to calm down.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is working on the project thinking Raman will be happy seeing it, but he is dead, he can never come back, what will happen with her, will she be able to bear this. Yug asks how dare you push Ruhi. He pushes Karan. Ruhi shouts. Simmi asks why is Ruhi shouting. Karan asks Yug to fight. Aaliya says you both are fighting again. Simmi scolds them. Yug says Karan pushed Ruhi.

Karan asks Ruhi to say, did he push her. Ruhi says no, he was just getting away when I held him. Yug asks why didn’t you tell before. Ruhi says you didn’t listen to me. Yug goes. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Ruhi says sorry Dadi. Simmi takes Mrs. Bhalla. Arijit thanks Khosla for calling Mani and keeping urgent meeting. He says trust me, now it will be fun, Ishita I will bring a storm in your life and break your family, you will fall lonely and then I will strike.

Ruhi asking Karan to just fight with Yug. Karan says sorry Ruhi, its my mistake. Ruhi says fine, don’t do all this now, get ready, we have to leave for office. He says give me 5mins, Ishita shouldn’t know this. Ishita says why didn’t they come, Ruhi.. Yug comes. She asks where is Ruhi. Yug says I was ready so I have come. Mani comes and greets them. She says sorry, you had to come, thanks. Mani says we will see the presentation now. Ishita asks Yug to study the presentation well, Mani and she knows the project, but he has to present it. Mani says give us a demo as well. Shweta comes and says investors have come. Mani says all the best, come. They greet the investors. Arijit asks Mr. Khosla why did he keep the meeting at a short notice. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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