Thursday Update on This is Love 30th July 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 30th July 2020

Bhuvan saying this lady is Namita, none will know she isn’t real Namita. Arijit asks does she know the plan. She says I won’t play this role if there is any risk, I work for money. Arijit says Bhuvan didn’t you tell about that girl’s problem, the innocent girl is tortured by a bad family, she has psychological problem, I want you to go as her mum and bring her out of the house. The lady asks if she is your friend’s daughter, why doesn’t he get her out. Arijit praises her acting kills. He says just do your work, get paid and work done. She says I can’t do this unless I know all details, how will I handle the situation, I might be sued for fraud, I m an actress.

Arijit says you think deeply, you do the work and go, you don’t have to become real Namita, just act as Namita’s mum, say I m her dad and your ex BF. She asks what if they aren’t convinced. Bhuvan gets money. She says don’t worry, I will convince them that Neeti is our illegitimate child. Bhuvan shows Neeti’s pic. Arijit says Neeti shouldn’t be harmed, else I.. her father will not leave you. She says don’t worry, I will take care of her. He says I will call Shardul.

Shardul says keep shopping lists ready. Simmi asks why is Arijit calling you. Shardul says maybe he wants to talk about office work. Simmi says its a holiday. He says maybe he is calling to say about London sketches. He answers the call. Arijit says I got fake Namita, I m getting her home today, finish work and come home, convince everyone that it will be good if Neeti goes with family. Shardul says fine, why do you want to come, will you come and tell us, fine. He ends call and says he wants to come home, he is mad. Karan and Yug see Raman’s sketch. Aaliya asks how is this possible. Yug says maybe Neeti has seen dad when he met Arijit in London. Karan says its not possible. Ishita says maybe Neeti stalked Arijit and seen Raman with him. Karan says I don’t trust Arijit, he has told us a story, he has a new agenda.

She says I feel he is lying to us. Ishita says we can take the help of police, but not risk Neeti, we will talk to inspector Sharma. They go. Mihika says I have to talk to Neeti, I m sure she will tell me something. She goes to Neeti and says I got hair oil to give you a head massage, its good, your hair will be shiny. Neeti agrees and sits. Mihika does the massage. She says I have seen your drawing book, you draw so well, all the sketches are lovely, the house sketch was beautiful, you made someone’s face, do you know that person. Neeti gets up. Mihika says its fine, don’t get angry, sorry. She goes. She says when I asked about Raman, she got angry on me, its my fault, I should have not talked to her. Aaliya says its okay. Mihika says I ruined it all.

Raman, Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla come home. Simmi says Raman has won my heart, he bought everything I wanted. Raman says how could it happen that I don’t get what you want. He asks Mihika to get water for him. Mihika goes. She gets water. She tells him everything. He asks my old face. She says yes, it was bad idea to ask her about it. He says give some time to Neeti, I will get freshen up, make a cup of tea for me. He calls Arijit. He says get that fake woman and take Neeti, else everything will get over, I will tell everyone that you want to meet us for project talk. He thinks thank God, I got to know this on time. The lady gets ready. Arijit says impressive.

Bhuvan says she should look your GF, right. The lady asks what shall I say if they ask about me. Arijit says say you were in Delhi. Bhuvan asks how, Neeti makes London drawings. Arijit says yes, tell them that you stayed in London, Neeti stalked me, she got lost when she came to India. He says lie about her current dad. She asks what’s my profession, I wanted to become an architect, I will tell that. He asks do you have some knowledge about it. She says they will ask me about Neeti. He says fine, I will give you all details, I will show you her scrapbook, you can read it well. She says yes. Bhuvan asks shall I come along. Arijit says no, stay here. Shardul asks from where are you coming. Ishita says we went to the police.

Shardul says you didn’t talk to me about it. She says we were going to say it when you came back from shopping, Neeti had made the sketch of your old face, she didn’t see you, I don’t believe Arijit, how did she know you, maybe Arijit tried to harm you, maybe Neeti had seen this, I was really confused, I thought to take help from cops. He asks what’s the need to involve police, Neeti is unwell. She says why would they take Neeti, they will deal with Arijit. He says police will interrogate Arijit and Neeti also, you should have consulted me once. The lady reads Neeti’s book. Arijit takes it and says its just some personal pics, are you ready. She says I m a professional actress, I m ready. Ishita asks Raman to calm down. Shardul says its not simple, you made a big mistake. She thinks I don’t think so. He thinks did Arijit come, I have to stop him. He sees police coming and goes. He calls Arijit. Arijit leaves the phone inside the car.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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