Thursday Update on This is Love 4th March 2020


Thursday Update on This is Love 4th March 2020

Karan saying how do I wear this lungi. He calls out Bala. Ruhi laughs seeing him. Karan says I m wearing the shorts, why are you laughing. Ruhi says I know, I m not laughing. He gets close. Pal ek pal….plays… She ties the dhoti/lungi to him. He smiles. He holds her. She says I have work, you also come soon. Mani and Shagun come. Shagun goes to Ishita. Mani says everyone looks busy, you both have no work. Raman says our work is to supervise, my Karan and Arjun are working. Karan and Yug smile. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to order sweets. Raman says you had to order it. Mr. Bhalla says why will I work when I have Ram, Laxman and Bharat. Raman smiles. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to go and order sweets. Bala asks Raman to come, else they have to prepare sweets themselves. Pandit

comes. Shaina gets ready. Ishita says we women hide others’ mistakes and hurt themselves, we should stay strong and not do this. Samar comes. Shaina hugs him.
Raman comes to meet commissioner and asks why did you call me. Commissioner says its a good news, Sahil will not come out of the jail, he is a terrorist. Mathur says I can’t make a terrorist my client. Commissioner says I have shown him the proofs, Manish and Shamshad also confessed about Sahil’s warehouses, we got all the proofs, Mathur has decided that he won’t fight this case. Raman says we should tell this to everyone so that they believe the law. Commissioner says its our duty to jail Sahil, you and Ishita are real patriot. Raman says I have done my duty. Commissioner says take Mrs. Sharma home with you, she has a good news for Shaina.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to feed honey to Simmi. Simmi feeds honey. Ishita thinks where is Raman. Raman gets Shalini home. Samar goes away. Shagun says you need not get afraid. Raman says Mathur changed his mind, he is a true indian, he said he will not help terrorists, Sahil will never come out of the jail. Shaina checks file. Shagun says you can be Samar’s foster parent, Samar can live with you. Ishita says Samar is Shaina’s son legally. Shaina thanks them.

Ishita, Mihika and Simmi make food. Shaina comes and says sorry, I woke up late. Ishita says its good that you slept in peace. Shaina says its peace to hug child and sleep, I sent him away after his birth, when he calls me mum, I feel relieved, all of this happened because of you. Ishita says we didn’t do anything. She gets some message and says Shaina, come with me, its something urgent. Simmi asks what happened. Mihika says I hope its not related with Sahil. Ishita asks why did you call me. Raman says I have enrolled Samar in a school, its a prestigious school in Chandigarh, are you okay with this Shaina. Shaina says its expensive school, how will I manage. Raman says Ishita and I will handle his education expenses, you are like Simmi, you could work there as a teacher, don’t argue now. Ishita asks Shaina to go and pack bags.

Samar greets everyone. Ruhi and Aaliya get school stationery and toys for Samar. Raman says we should leave now. Shaina leaves. Everyone misses Samar. Simmi says we should be happy for them. Aaliya says I can take care of kids now. Yug says you will be able to take care of our child. Bala says get them married soon, I heard everything clearly. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk when Raman comes. Yug says I will remind you if you forget to talk. They all smile. Karan stops Ruhi and says don’t go after Aaliya. Ruhi asks what.

Karan says see someone will come now. Yug goes to meet Aaliya. Karan says see, that’s why I stopped you. She asks how did you know Yug will go there. He says guys in love behave like that. She says let me go. He says we will get our marriage date fixed also. She says not now. He says you don’t want to marry me. She says no, I want to wait for your mother, I want her blessings, she is undergoing treatment, let her come back, then we will fix our marriage date. He asks really. She says yes, Aaliya and Yug are getting married, we will enjoy their marriage and then plan our marriage. He says so sweet, I feel really lucky that my would be wife is so smart. She goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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