Thursday Update on True Love 19 March 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 19 March 2020

The goons enter the house with the excuse that they came from decorator with carpets. They get a call from their boss. One goon informs that they easily entered the house and his work will be done.

Vishnu has joined the function again. He talks with the guests. He’s leaving from there and Mukta is coming there. They bump into each other and have an eye lock. Akash notices that. Vishnu apologizes to Mukta. Mukta says, it’s okay. Both having eye lock again. Vishnu says in his mind, how can I tell you that how desperate I am to tell you that I love you a lot. Mukta says in her mind, I was so desperate to hear from you that you love me. Akash comes to them and breaks their eye lock. Akash asks Vishnu if he needs any help.

Vishnu doesn’t say anything and leaves. Akash then tells Mukta, I don’t know whether I should talk to you about this or no, but I feel there is something between you and Vishnu, but you’re both hiding it and no one is able to notice it in this house either. Mukta right away says, there is nothing like that. Akash says, you believe that Meethi loves Vishnu? You helped me.. you know Meethi is mine and she can’t be anyone else’s.

Mukta says, whether it’s lie or truth.. whether it’s joke or real, but they are getting married to each other. Akash says, only time will tell that. Mukta is leaving from there, but Akash stops her. He says, you remember my promise right? Mukta remembers flashback when Akash said that he will help her if any problem comes in her love story. He says, if you need my help, then just tell me. Mukta says, sure. She leaves. Akash says to himself, there is something between the two for sure.. I will have to find out.

In her room, Meethi washes her hands. She looks in the mirror and recalls Akash’s words that if she sees from his angle, then she will see A. The goons are hiding. They are about to come out, but there is a knock on the door. They hide again. It’s Akash. Meethi gets angry and asks, why you come behind me? Can’t you leave me alone for even two minutes? What’s your problem? Akash says, there is no problem. I just came to see mehendi color. He takes her hand in his and says, color is very deep.. your husband loves you a lot.

Meethi takes her hand back. I wish you could understand that. Meethi says, I don’t want to understand anything. I am just waiting for tomorrow so you sign the divorce papers and leave from there. And then I can get married to Vishnu. Akash says, 24 hours is a lot of time.. life can change in 24 hours. Maybe yours will change too. He then tells her, I won’t bother you a lot. I will leave. And you’re looking very beautiful in this dress. He leaves.

The goons come out and make her unconscious. They are wrapping in her a carpet. Akash stops walking for a moment, but doesn’t turn back and leaves from there.

The cops come to Agarth’s house. Agarth says, I called you… my son is missing since many days. I want you to find him. Maiyya is angry. She says, no matter how hard I try, problems don’t come coming in my life.

The dance is going on outside. Akash is missing Meethi. Mukta and Vishnu look sad. The goons come down with Meethi wrapped in a carpet. Akash stops them and asks where they are taking that carpet. The goons says, we got wrong carpet.. so we are going to change it. We will be back soon. Akash lets them go saying come back soon. The goons have a smile on their faces. Vishnu is in no mood. He is pulled for the dance. Mukta too joins in. Both glare at each other. Thakur asks Dadmini about Meethi. Damini says, she had some work so went to her room. Thakur is calling Mukta, but Damini says, let her dance with everyone.. I will go and call Meethi.

Damini comes to Meethi’s room and sees everything is messed. Downstairs, Surabhi and Kanha look at each other while the dance is going on. In Meethi’s room, Damini searches for Meethi, but can’t find her. Akash again notices Mukta and Vishnu having an eye lock. But then both go away from each other. Now Surabhi and Kanha are in the middle. They dance with each other by mistake. After their dance break, Surabhi has tears in her eyes. Akash gestures her not to cry.

Damini comes down running and tells everyone that Meethi is not in her room and her room is in a mess. Thakur calms her down. He says, she must be here somewhere. Kanha, Thakur, Vishnu go to find her. Akash is suspicious of the goon. He’s shocked and is running out taking Meethi’s name. Damini stops him and slaps hm. She asks, where are you running? Where is Meethi? Akash says, I am going to find her only, Anni.

Damini says, you won’t go anywhere. She grabs his collar and pushes him inside saying you won’t go anywhere. She keeps slapping him. Akash keeps requesting to let him go, but she doesn’t listen. Kanha, Vishnu, Thakur come there. Thakur asks Damini, what are you doing? Damini says, he kidnapped Meethi.. call police. I don’t want to see his face. Akash says, why would I do that? I was in front of you all. Damini asks him to shut. Thakur asks her to calm down. Akash says, they will take her far away.

Damini says, you’re lying. Akash says, why would I lie, anni? She says, I am not anni. Thakur now asks Akash to calm down. Akash begs him and says, I saw three guys taking Meethi. Thakur says, go to your room.. until police don’t come, you won’t come out. Akash is still requesting him. Kanha interferes and grabs Akash with his collar. He says, do what you are told to. He pushes him inside. Akash keeps requesting them, but Kanha doesn’t listen to them either.

The goons bring Meethi to their boss and says, we kidnapped her in front of everyone and no one even had a clue about it. Their boss says, what a beauty.. now I know why younger brother did what he did. Now I will teach her a good lesson. Younger brother comes towards Meethi saying, because of this girl, I had to spend night in jail. The elder brother stops and says, wait until she gets conscious, so she knows it too. Real fun is fear in her eye. Her horrified face. Everyone laughs and leaves from there, locking Meethi in a room.

Kanha grabs Akash’s collar and pushes him inside. He locks him inside a room. Akash keeps telling him that the goons will take Meethi far away, but he doesn’t listen and leaves from there. Akash bangs his hand on the door and says, why these people don’t understand?

Meethi regains consciousness. She wonders where she is at. She tries to leave the room, but the door is locked.

Two brothers are drinking outside. The younger is desperate to take revenge. The elder asks him to have patience. Meethi looks out from the door hole. She is shocked seeing the younger brother. She remembers how he misbehaved with her and Mukta in a restaurant and Vishnu beat him and asked to apologize them. Meethi is scared now. She tries to go out from the windows, but windows are locked too.

She doesn’t know what to do. She then takes out her phone and calls her home, but the line is busy. She tries calling on Mukta’s mobile now, but Mukta has put her phone in her room. She tries calling Kanha now, and Kanha is talking with police at the same time. She thinks of Anni, but then says it won’t be good to give her stress. She finally thinks of Akash now.

Akash is worried for Meethi. He says to himself, it must be those three guys. Meethi must be scared. His phone rings. He picks up right away seeing Meethi’s name, and asks her where she is. Meethi says, that minister’s son has kidnapped me who misbehaved with me and Mukta at a restaurant. She asks him to come fast and save her. Akash asks her, where are you? Meethi says, I don’t know. Akash tells her, you must have seen places around there, restaurant or something, tell me that and I will be there. I won’t let anything happen to you. You trust me, right? The brothers are approaching to the room. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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