Thursday Update on True Love 25 March 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 25 March 2020

Inspector asks for proof. Rathore replies how many proofs you want. Whole family is here. Maiyya comments….a culprit’s family will obviously try to save him. All 3 turn to look at her. Rathore exhales a deep breath. She walks up to the Inspector. Whose family stands as a witness against the guilty? Inspector nods back at her. She looks at Shambhu who speaks up almost immediately. I have seen him killing Nirbhay with my own eyes. Inspector tells Rathore he will have to arrest him. Rathore very calmly asks him he can call up his lawyer before that. Would you allow me this much as my legal right? He picks up his phone to find his lawyer’s number. Maiyya glances at Shambhu who just nods back his head at her. kanha gets a call and excuses himself. Rathore tells Mr. Kapoor to come asap.

Kanha tells Jogi the thing is quite complicated. Akash’s mother has made up an eyewitness here. Jogi cannot believe it. You don’t worry I will come right away. kanha tells him not to for the lawyer has been called already. I will keep you posted. Jogi agrees though not wanting to. I will wait for your call. Damini asks Jogi about Rathore returning back. Jogi cannot understand what that Maiyya wants. Damini too is clueless. It is Meethi’s wedding today and she had to do this whole drama today only. Jogi rues whenever they get happiness a storm comes along it. You take care of the guests I will look at it don’t worry.

Meethi is sitting in her room recalling Damini’s words. How this all happened in a second? Everything is over in a second. Now what will I tell Akash? Akash is shown waiting at the bus stop waiting expectantly for a call or text. Call me Meethi (Piya)….why hasn’t she called yet? A man collides with Akash and his phone falls on the ground because of that.

Tappu rings up Mukku to know if the lawyer has reached there yet. It has. How much more time will you take? Is all well? Mukku tells her not to worry. We will get a better idea of things very soon. Tappu asks her to keep her informed. Mukku agrees to do so.

The lawyer asks for the original FIR registered in Aatishgarh as well as the report registered here. Inspector takes him along and Maiyya and Shambhu follow as well. Mukku assures her dad all will be well. He tells her to stop pretending for I can see. Why are you here because of me? Go home. She doesn’t want to go home without him. He says it is my princess’s day…you are about to get married today. And everything’s been ruined because of me. Go home and make preps. I will be late but I will surely turn up any way possible before the pheras. She says I cannot do anything without you. Plus when the bride is here then how can the marriage happen without a bride. And I wont become a bride without my dad. Please try to understand I will stay here please. He kisses her hands….you use me very much. She smiles.

Meethi is still sitting there confused as to who to tell. Tappu comes there. You aren’t ready yet? Meethi quickly wipes her tears and gets up with a start. The baraat will be coming soon get ready fast. Meethi tries to talk to her about something. Tappu takes it she is talking about Rathore. Nothing will happen to him. He very well knows how to handle such people. All know the allegations are wrong. Don’t worry the lawyer is there already. He will be free soon and along with him, Mukku and Kanha will come too.

Get ready fast. Meethi tries to buy time suggesting waiting for them. Tappu assures her they will. Ammo’s BP is a little high but she was right in her place. That lady deserved such revert. Once she sees you in this bridal dress she will be fine. You know you are about to give her such happiness? Get ready now. I too have to do a lot of preps I will either send Nani or Mami. Meethi tries to say something but is unable to. Tappu walks out of the room. How do I tell who to talk to I cannot understand anything.

Akash is worried as neither Meethi has called yet nor smsed him. Where is she? They both start dialling each other the very same moment and therefore get a busy line. She doesn’t even know what to say even if he picks the phone. No Akash your Meethi cannot be yours…..she cannot marry you. How do I tell you how helpless I am! Your mom came here and (ruined it all). I am in a big mess but how to tell you. I can forsake our love but I cannot bear it if something happens to Anni. I wont be able to forgive myself for life. I have lost my mom I am not strong enough to lose Anni now. Forgive me Akash.

The baraat is right outside Thakur House now. Rohini is dancing away happily. Vishnu is happy. I cannot handle this restlessness anymore….only a few minutes more then we will be together Mukta.

Rohini opens the car door and teases Vishnu. Till now I was from your side the moment I go in I will be from the bride’s side…double role. She takes him inside dancing along the way to the band. Tappu does all the welcoming ritual of the groom. Surabhi just stands there upset. Jogi helps Vishnu and makes him sit in the mandap. The priest begins with the chant as soon as he sits. Meethi is shown getting ready upstairs. A chant plays as her own words play in her mind (said to Akash). I will have to make them understand / tell them how much I love you and I cant live without you. She recalls the Damini-Maiyya scene as well. Nani interrupts her thoughts telling everyone to hurry up as the baraat is here.

Downstairs the priest calls for the bride. Tappu says bride is coming…with Nani. Upstairs Nani compliments Meethi. ram hi rakhey hope you don’t get an evil eye on you on this occasion. Akash calls Meethi. Meethi is about to go when her phone rings. She is sure it is Akash and indeed it is. She is about to pick it but instead Nani picks it up before her. This isn’t the time to speak to anyone. The auspicious time is passing by. Come. The ladies cover her face under a veil while she is trying to speak up. Nani disconnects the call and Akash is shocked by the gesture. Nani says I am doing this all for my Mukta. Once this Meethi gets married to that Vishnu then I would be relieved. Akash is left wondering why she cut the phone. Nani switches off the phone and leaves it in the room only. Akash is unable to get through to Meethi.

Meethi is shown coming downstairs with her face covered under the veil as all look on. The priest begins the rituals as soon as Meethi comes and sits in the mandap next to Vishnu. He tells them to stand up for exchanging the garlands. Tappu helps Meethi while Rohini stands by Vishnu’s side. meethi is scared. Varmala happens and everyone clap happily. mangalam bhagwan Vishnu chant keeps playing. The priest tells someone from the family to do the gathbandhan of bride and groom. Damini tells Tappu to do it. Meethi is crying. Next ritual is pheras. Take them and get their meaning very clearly in your mind because after its done this relation will be for births to come. Meethi is scared but begins nonetheless.

Vishnu pledges fulfilling all his promises to Mukta while Meethi apologizes to Akash as she couldn’t fulfil her promise. Priest asks for promise from Vishnu that he will live this relation for life. Vishnu assents. Priest tells them to sit. Fill her forehead with this auspicious vermilion. All look on happily as Vishnu picks up the vermilion box. Meethi is all nerves though. LUCKILY, he moves the veil up a little to do so and is stunned to see Meethi. His hands shake and the vermilion box falls out of his hand. Everyone is confused / taken aback to see this.

Vishnu takes some vermilion in his fingers and moves his hand towards Meethi’s forehead. Luckily, he moves the veil up a little to do so and is stunned to see Meethi. His hands shake and the vermilion box falls out of his hand. Everyone is confused / taken aback to see this. He lowers the veil again not believing what he saw. He keeps looking towards Meethi with a stunned expression. Tappu, Jogi ask him what happened. meethi is crying. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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