Thursday Update On True Love Sept 13

Thursday Update On True Love

Sept 13 Episode

Ichha’s hut in Vrindavan catching fire;Ichha inside starts shouting and hut is completely set on fire ;A suspense is created regarding what happened to Ichha , Tappu sees Raghvendra Rathod’s picture in a magazine;She tears that page …see his photo and tells to his photo that finally she is going to take her revenge from him for all the humiliation that she had to go through because of him ;Tappu also tells to his photo that he always told her that she never does any work in right time but today she had the right time …right oppportunity and right tool to attack him ..

Veer is getting ready for his engagement but he keeps thinking about his promises that he gave to Mai and also whatever Umed told him about not to take any decision in a hurry …;Veer then goes to take the belt out from his cupboard when that red shawl of Ichha too comes out of the cupboard along with the belt becuase of which he starts remembering Ichha again ..

Kinjal too is getting read for the engagement but she keeps thinking about Veer’s words which he was wispering last night;Just then Mai comes to her room to present her the jewellery that she is going to wear for the engagement when Kinjal shows her worry about whatever Veer was saying last night but Mai assures her that today is a new day and so she should not take those words of Veer so seriously as he is fine with the engagement ;Finally Kinjal is convinced (Mai is doing the same mistake again )..

Tappu reach a place where auction of an old bunglow is going on;Raghu too has come for the same bidding ;Tappu steps out of the car..sees Raghu entering the same place and remembers how Raghu always taunted her regarding the fact that she lacks patience … Bidding finally starts..everyone starts quoting different prices,..Raghu too starts his bidding but everytime Tappu deliberately bids double the amount of what Raghu is quoting ;If Raghu is saying 30lakhs then Tappu says 45 lakhs ;Both keeps bidding like crazy and finally it reaches to 51lakhs ;When Raghu says 51 lakhs,Tappu finally stops because she knows that Raghu has made a fool of himself by quoting such high price for a ordinary small bunglow ;Finally the bunglow goes to Raghu ; Tappu and Raghu then confront each other where Raghu confesses that today he learns yet another lesson from her while Tappu congratulates Raghu for his defeat (Both were at their sarcastic best)

Tappu talking to Raghvendra Rathod’s photo and telling that finally she has defeated him and took the revenge of her humiliation ;Tappu then takes out Veer’s photo from the cupboard and promises to take revenge from him as well even though she loved him once but according to her,he only used her and then betrayed her … Virndavan Ashram ladies get Ichha’s house contact number from that hut which was burnt and decides to contact her family members asap (I think Tina’s role is over now and we might directly see a new Ichha in the picture )..READ NEXT PAGE 2


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