Thursday Update On True Love Sept 20

Thursday Update On True Love

Sept 20 Episode

Ammo asking Ichha about why they married in such a hurried manner on which Ichha tells Ammo that everything happened all of a sudden when they both went to a mandir Flashback is shown in which Veer and Ichha visit a mandir ;After praying to God,Veer remembers his father’s words about not bending down to society’s norms and so he proposes to Ichha for marriage in that same mandir on which Ichha is a bit shocked but Veer tells her that “Finally we r getting a chance to move away from all the rules and regulations of the society and get married here in Vrindavan which is Lord Krishna’s place…finally we can show the power of true love to the world by becoming one forever” ;Finally Ichha agrees and both get married in that mandir ;A Pandit in the mandir conducts their marriage with all the proper rituals starting with exchanging of garlands followed by seven pheras ;While taking the pheras ,Veer chants the first four vows from his mouth by saying that 1) he will always support her in times of happiness as well as in crisis..2) he will always protect her from all the obstacles…3)he will take the responsibility of her family and 4) he will always treat her as a friend ;Then after the first four pheras,Ichha goes ahead of Veer to complete the next three pheras ;While taking the pheras, Ichha too chants the last three vows from her mouth by saying that 5)she will always fulfill her patni-dharam…6)she will treat her sasural like a mandir and 7)will listen to her in-laws…she will give her husband’s saath for next 7 births (I think I hv written all the 7 vows in my update …Let me know if I hv missed any …it was filmy but I liked it..very pure and divine );

After completing the seven pheras,Veer finally puts the mangalsutra and sindoor on her forehead when the pandit declares that the marriage is completed and they r husband-wife now … Flashback ends here when Ammo tells Ichha that she is very happy that her daughter has taken this decision finally (But I m not happy..I wanted a grand wedding );Ichha then asks Ammo whether Mai and Daddaji will accept this marriage on which Ammo tells Ichha that Umed himself came with Veer’s marriage proposal for her today which means even Mai and Daddaji might hv agreed to it..

Ichha is finally relaxed now when Ammo asks her to wait for sometime sinse she has some gift for her ;Ammo then brings a saree for Ichha and asks her to wear it sinse she wants Ichha to go to her sasural wearing this saree ;Ichha happily agrees to wear the saree… Divya is still consoling Tappu in her room when Nani comes there and tells Divya that she will handle it;So then Divya leaves and Tappu starts her madness in front of Nani ;Tappu goes through a huge emotional outburst and tells Nani that “How can Veer get married to someone else when he is my husband..I know I was wrong but he is still my husband …why always Ichha snatches away my happiness from me..” (But Tappu was fine when Veer was getting engaged to Kinjal na );

Nani tries to control her but Tappu keeps crying and shouting in immense pain ;Tappu then throws a flower vase on her and Ichha’s childhood photo and breaks its frame ;Nani looks scared of Tappu’s junglee mode now (Tappu is back to square one again..she showed similar madness on Veer-Ichha’s first marriage night as well ..so what was the use of her redemption track then ?? )

Ichha is shown getting ready in front of the dressing table after wearing the saree which Ammo had given to her ;Ammo is very happy to see once again Ichha in her suhaagan avataar ;Ammo then tells Ichha that “In your childhood I had given u one promise that u will always place your friend Tappu’s happiness before u..but today I m releasing u from that promise of mine” ;Hearing this Ichha is shocked and tries to say something to Ammo when Ammo stops her and tells her that “U can neither give your love in Uttaran nor can u get love in Uttaran…even if u give your own happiness to someone else,its not necessary that the other person will always remain happy…u cannot force happiness on others…so from now onwards u will always think about your own happiness and married life first” (I wish Ammo had said all this to Ichhamuch earlier then Vansh would hv never died nor this Tappu would hv done so much of circus )Hearing all this Ichha gives a determined look to Ammo. KEEP READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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