Thursday Update On True Love Sept 27

Thursday Update On True Love Sept 27

Veer-Ichha moment in the bedroom wherre Ichha is pretending to b angry and Veer is trying to manaofy her with cadbury chocolate;Both feed chocolates to each other and then spend an intimate moment together;Chup tum rahao song is played in the baackground;Veer kisses Ichha’s forehead..holds her cheeks passionately…removes her earrings…and a intense eye-lock between the two…finally both r shown consummating their marriage (Ok I need to say consummation scene was badly executed and one will feel bored while watching it…I expected lot more from Veer-Ichha consummation scene)

At Jogi’s house Dadi is taking out sarees and jewelleries from the cupboard and telling to herself whether she is doing harakiri in her plan;Tappu enters the room and asks Nani what is she doing when Nani tells Tappu that she is getting her sarees so that she can get ready for the havan on which Tappu refuses to attend the havan sinse she cannot see Veer-Ichha together on which Nani tells Tappu that to gain something she will hv to loose something and so if she wants to see Ichha’s happinees getting burnt in that havan’s fire,then she will hv to attend the havan ;Just then Masoom comes inside the room to ask Nani for breakfast when she overhears everything but Nani blasts Masoom and tells her to go from there and closes the door on her face;Outside the room Maasoom wonders why Nani said that and what is she going to do(So in the future if anyone can expose Tappu-Nani ,it will b Masoom only).

Next morning Chanda enters Veer’s room and sees that the room is scattered ,so she arranges the room and then comes across Veer’s T-Shirt which has Ichha’s sindoor mark on it;Chanda guesses that Veer-ichha has finally done the deed;She has a evil smile on her face(Whats wrong if husband-wife sleeps together ??).. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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