Thursday Update on Unforseen Love Glow Tv


Thursday Update on Unforseen Love Glow Tv


APRIL 26, 2018.

Khushi is trying to make the person understand, but he replies that sheneeds to go to the police and only then can he showthe footage after completing the formalities, Khushi seems to take somesort of card and then leaves


Shyam thinking about how Mamiji talked to Khushi and Khushi was actingweird. Shyam wonders if Khushi has the papers,but then he takes the covers off the cot and we see he has attached thepapers underneath the cot. Anajli then calls and he goes to her.

Mamiji seems to be on the phone to hotel services and she is askingabout bookings for ASR but there are none.Mamji thinking whether Khushi is correct, but she rubbishes that nothingcan happen to ASR when Mamiji is there,she calls ASR but its still unavailable, Mamiji wondering how ASR calledthe other day,she then realises that the voice message was in hindi and why if ASR isin Scotland the message is coming in hindi.She deduces that ASR is still in the country and that something must bewrong.

Khushi is trying to talk to someone but they cut the call, there arefootsteps and Khushi says who it is,Mamiji comes to speak to her. She tells Khushi that she calls all hotelsbut he is not booked into any,he called his number and states that the voice message was in hindi,Khushi interrupts but she tells her to wait, she makes her hear it andstates that ASR is not in Scotland but in india.Khushi replies that now does Mamiji agree that ASR is in trouble. Mamiasks about the card in her hand,and Khushi tells her about what she was trying to do. Mami says theyshould do there themselves,she will talk and Khushi will do and tells her not to sleep tonight.Servant comes to invite Khushi to dinner. Mamiji tells Khushi to beready at 12.00.

Khushi is walking down the stairs on phone to Mami and is then shockedto see in Mami in all black.Mami tells Khushi they will go to the office and check the tapes and seewhat they can find and put the tapes back.Khushi asks about the stuff in the bag and Mami replies she has watcheda lotof films and bought the equipment that they may need to burgle the place.Khushi asks how they will enter the place, Mami tells her to wait and watch.Khushi tells Mami to take the glasses off as she is not able to seewhere she is going.She tells Khushi not to argue with her when khushi states this is nojoke. She tells Khushi to go first as she is lighter then Mami

Khushi climbs over the gates and helps Mami, they notice the guard issleeping and they need the keys,so puts some chemical into a hanky and wants to make the guardunconscious but Khushi drags her from there,guard wakes up and looks around and goes back to sleep, Mami carries onshe saw this in the movies.They get the keys from the guard but Mami’s hand gets stuck and Khushihelps her to get her hand out.

They finally get into the store room after trying out many of the keys.Mami gets a toy gun out and tells she wanted to put colour on the cameraso it wont be able to recognise them,Khushi replies that by standing up the camera can see them. Khushi asksfor something sharp and Mami says her voice is sharp,Khushi usig a knife then cuts the wires of the camera. Khushi scoldsmami for her antics,Mami explains that if ASR is her husband he is her nephew and will doanything for him

Mami tells Khushi not to waste time and they start searching/looking atthe tapes,Mami thinks she noticed ASR on a tape but its not him so the continuelooking, they finally find the tape with ASR on it,there is a quiet Rabba Ve moment. Mami sees Khushi emotional and putsher hand on her shoulder,when Khushi notices she fakes and makes it seem like she is brushingsomething off. They notice a group of people stopping ASR.

Manorama and Khushi watching CCTV tapes where a manin black dress along with three other people take Arnav. They take Arnavoutside airport. The tape ends. They change the tapes, it shows blank.Khushi and Manorama watches same old tapes suddenly they hear noise …watchman comes inside, khushi and manorama hides.Manorama and Khushi hides in a room, Khushi turns back and once againcomes to tapes room to take the tape they were watching, while comingout of the room she stubles on something and tapes falls. The sound onceagain alerts watchman and comes inside room, Khushi hides behind pillar.The watchman nears Khushi and fallen tape.Khushi runs away with tape and finally meets Manorama outisde the room.They both reach the home. Khushi says Manorama that Arnav has beenkidnapped. Manorama goes inside and brings her jwellery for ransom.Khushi and Manorama realise Arnav might be in Delhi itself as those fourpeople took Arnav outside of Airport. Khushi takes out tape and sees thetape is broken.At Arnav’s hostage place…Arnav slowly wakes up to see Khushi staring at him… Khushi cries..Arnav tries to touch her but can’T as his hands are tied…Arnav: Khushiare you here for real ? Khushi slowly touches on his face … Khushi:This is dream… Suddenly Khushi vanishes…Flashback of how Khushi had stopped him not ot go. All incidents inbackwards… Airport incidents…Akash busy talking on phone. Payal comes and makes him to take her to movieA washerman dhobi comes to home to take dirty clothes, he is about toleave with bag full of clothes. Manorama starts her investigation askingquestions… Khushi stops her. Manorama says ANYONE CAN DO KIDNAPPINGfor ANY MOTIVE.Khushi sees Shyam… and suddenly realises Shyam might bethe suspect. She follows Shyam leaving Manorama talking alone.She entersShyam’s room, who just enterted bathroom. She takes his phone and sees aSMS from bank notification of 5 Lakh amount. Khushi is now moresuspicious why did Shyam withdraw 5 Lakh …Suddenly she hears noise and runs towards door but hits a chair withbowl the bowl falls and makes sound.Khushi runs out and hides behindpillar. Suddenly laxmi the goat comes and saves Khushi, Shyam thinks itwas Goat. Suddenly phone rings and Shyam says HE MUST NOT GETAWAY.Khushi hears that hidding behind pillar. Shyam: TODAY 8 PM WE WIULLMEET AT SAME PLACE … Khushi : What is that place ?