Thursday Update on Young Love 13 February 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 13 February 2020

Gehna giving tiffin to Dadisaa. Dadisaa gets her specs and asks Nandu to hurry up for the test. Jagya asks her to calm down and asks her to write the answers which she knows well. Ganga and Gehna wish the best. Gehna feeds her curd. Dadisaa looks at her pencil box. Ganga says she kept everything. Dadisaa looks in her bag. Gehna says she kept it. Jagya says if you keeps checking the things then the test will be over. Dadisaa asks him to talk good.

Someone drops his son to school and reminds him that he have to study well. Have to work in city and call them too. He says you have to become second Arvind of this village. Gopal and other tease their class mates. Dadisaa says let them read the answers. Gopal tells that even Mohan is not afraid of exam. Dadisaa asks her class mates to pray before test. Everyone pray. Dadisaa calls Mohan. Gopal says he doesn’t need to pray as he will pass without praying. Dadisaa insists so he agrees. Dadisaa prays. Teacher comes and sees them praying and smiles. Mohan seems to be tensed. Teacher asks is everyone ready. They say yes.

Vivek tells that we want to bail him out and challenge the procceedings. The Inspector says he have accepted the crime. Alok says he don’t want to get away with the punishment and hopes that they understand. Vivek goes outside. Alok insist to talk alone so Inspector agrees. Alok asks Anoop, what are you saying? You are repenting and that is fulfilling the punishment. He says everyone needs you. Vivek is a good lawyer and will bail you out. Anoop says he shall get punishment for his crime. He says I will get 3 years punishment. He asks him to establish his business in Singapore. Alok refuses, but Anoop convince him. He hugs Alok and says thanks.

Everyone is happy after the test. Dadisaa tells that Mohan was sitting in the class after the test. Mohan says he have to prepare for the test. Gopal and his friend say that Dado is looking worried too. Dadisaa says she had to write 10-20 more answers. They realize that she answers whatever she learnt. They explain to her. Dadisaa agrees. Jagya comes there. Gopal tells him about Dadisaa writing unwanted answers. Jagya says it was not necessary. Dadisaa says she have to prepare for english test.

Daddu tells Alok why you are getting tensed as Anoop doesn’t want to get bail. Meenu says he didn’t tell me anything when I told him that Alok Bhaiyya is trying to bail him out. Daddu says he knew that you won’t be able to take it that’s why he didn’t tell. Daddu says it will be painful for us, but we have to respect his decision. Alok says he have to start the process to shift singapore and have booked the ticket too. Ira asks how can you think of going. Daddu says what was the need? Meenu cries. Anandi asks did Papa asked you to do this. Alok nods and says he took promise from me.

Ira comes to Anandi and says you swapped kids clothing. Anandi says she was thinking something. Ira says she can understand and says Alok left for Singapore. When Daddu told Anoop, he got happy. Anandi says this house have bear so much in the past, not anymore. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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