Thursday Update on Young Love 19 March 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 19 March 2020

Disa looking at the groom Pushkar from her room. Pushkar’s father praises the house. Akhiraj Singh thanks him. Pushkar looks at the toy and plays with it. He sees Kamli wearing bangles in her room and smiles. He asks her to shake her bangles. Kamli smiles. Pushkar father calls and asks him to sit with everyone. He tells Akhiraj that vaid ji said that Pushkar will be alright after his marriage. Akhiraj Singh nods smilingly. Pushkar’s father says they brought Pushkar as they didn’t want to hide the truth. Harki asks what did Vaid ji said? Akhiraj Singh scolds Harki and says he is innocent and childish. Harki goes to bring Kamli. Kamli says she don’t want to marry. Harki asks about the bangles? She makes her wear bangles which she brought for her. Kamli cries and says she don’t want to see the guy. Harki gets emotional, but controls her emotions. Kamli cries. Harki covers her face with a veil and brings her to hall. Everyone look at her.

Pushkar’s mum makes Kamli sit beside her. Pushkar tries to look at her. Pushkar’s mum sees her face and likes her. Akhiraj Singh asks Kamli to give water to Pushkar. Pushkar takes it shyly. Kamli looks at him and gets shocked. Pushkar tells him mum that she smiled at him. Kamli cries. Pushkar’s father fixes the alliance and asks Akhiraj to fix the marriage date. Kamli feels helpless.

Nimboli tries to peep in the hall, but sees no one. She worries for Kamli and tries to break open the door. Nimboli asks Kanha ji to do something. She takes out knife from her dress and tries to cut the door. She couldn’t and cries. Kamli cries. Pushkar looks at her. Disa calls Harki and asks her to come. Harki goes to talk to her. Disa tells that Kamli is your daughter, and asks why you are punishing your daughter. Harki says she is against this marriage and says she can’t do anything. Akhiraj Singh accepts the alliance and hugs Pushkar’s father. Harki gets teary eyed. Disa says you can’t go against your husband, but this is the last chance for you. Harki looks on. Akhiraj Singh takes out money and is about to give to Pushkar as Shagun, when Harki comes and stops him. She asks him to come inside as she needs to talk to him.

Akhiraj Singh asks why did you stop me from giving shagun. Harki asks did you really want Kamli to marry this guy. She says Pushkar’s mind is of 10 year old guy. She tells Kamli is our daughter and asks him not to do this with her. Akhiraj says you are right and asks her to go and find out good groom for Kamli. She asks her to stop talking and let him go. Harki falls on his feet. Kamli comes inside and asks him to kill her instead. Akhiraj Singh gets angry and is about to slap her. Harki asks him not to slap her. Akhiraj Singh takes her towards wall and tries to suffocate her. He asks her to die at her inlaws home. He says he will kill her mum for giving birth to her. He tells Harki and Kamli to stop crying and come out. Harki and Kamli leaves.

Ganga thinks about her relation with Jagya. A patient’s parents and family thank her for saving their son’s life and give the gift. Ganga says she did her duty. Patient’s mum gives her god’s idol. Ganga thinks they are praying for my happiness and my family is slipping from my hands. Kamli and Harki come outside. Akhiraj Singh does the tilak of Pushkar and gives him shagun. Kamli cries. Pushkar’s parents smiles. Pushkar’s dad gives the shagun to Kamli and asks her to keep it. Everyone ask her to take it. Akhiraj Singh orders her to take the shagun. Kamli thinks about Gopal’s words that he will marry her. She thinks of Akhiraj Singh’s words that his decision is final. Harki forwards her hand. Kamli takes the shagun and cries miserably. Pushkar’s dad hugs Akhiraj and congratulates him. Disa feels bad.

Pushkar’s mum inviting Harki to her home. Pushkar looks at the toys. Kundan is boggled to see his childish nature. Nimboli throws the grains through the straw. Pushkar sees her. Nimboli hides and then looks for him. Pushkar comes to the window and looks at her smilingly. He signs her to come out. Nimboli asks him not to say anything. She wonders who put the tilak on his forehead. He waves her bye and leaves. Nidhi practices karathe. Dadisaa and Anandi looks on.

After they leave. Nimboli asks Harki to open the door. She then asks Chagani to open the door. Kundan asks Chagani to let Nimboli stay inside. Nimboli requests Harki to open the door. Akhiraj Singh asks Harki to open the door as Nimboli can’t do anything now. He scolds Harki for trying to break the alliance and slaps her hard. Nimboli asks her to open the door. Harki opens the door and asks why you are shouting. You will not die if you stays here. Chagani comes to Nimboli and tells that Kamli’s marriage is fixed with that mentally retarded guy. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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