Thursday Update on Young Love 20th August 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 20th August 2020

Anandi coming to Nimboli’s room in the night. Mangla is seen at her bed side. Anandi sits on the bed and caresses Nimboli. Nimboli calls her Maa while sleeping. Anandi gets emotional. Mangla scared scared seeing their bonding. Later Disa is in kitchen and is lost in thoughts. Anandi comes and switches off the gas. Disa shares her worries and says Akhiraj should be punished. Anandi asks her not to worry. Harki talks to the defence lawyer and he asks about the villagers. Harki assures him that no villager will give statement against Akhiraj as they have threatened them.

All the villagers gather in the village and says someone want to meet them. Anandi comes and says she wants to talk to them. Anandi tells the villagers that she has been troubled by Akhiraj and says he had kidnapped his daughter. She says Nimboli is her daughter. She requests them to support her in the fight against Akhiraj. She folds her hand and asks them to give statement against Akhiraj, else he will torture you all. She asks until when will this happen? She says Akhiraj is not strong as you all think. She asks them not to get afraid of him and asks to end the fear. Kamli says whoever bear torture is also guilty and says she has learnt this when she lost Gopal. She asks them to think about their children as Akhiraj might do the same thing with their son or daughter which he did with Gopal.

Villager says Akhiraj has power, men and weapon. Anandi says weapon is kept by the weak people and says Akhiraj is scared of you all. She says a scared man is trying to scare you, and asks them to realize their inner strength and support them. Kamli asks if no one has the guts to give statement against the guilty and says she is standing against her own father as he is wrong. Anandi says they will break but will not raise their voice. She asks Kamli to come. Anandi says I pray that whatever happened with Gopal should not happen with your kids. Anandi comes back home and looks sad. Disa says she knows her villagers and says everyone might be quiet being scared. Anandi says don’t know what will happen. She shows faith on God.

In the morning Nimboli comes and hugs Anandi. She calls her bahadur Chokhi Chudail. Anandi says you are enlarging my name again. Nimboli says you are brave and laughs. Anandi smiles. Anandi tells Nimboli that she has brought clothes for her, and shows her ghagra choli. Nimboli is happy. Anandi says you are daughter of the house, and then stops herself. Disa looks on. Disa looks at the clothes.

Disa thinking about tearing Nimboli’s dress. Dadisaa asks Anandi not to think much and says sometimes it happens. Anandi asks Nimboli to sit and do some rituals. Anandi and Ganga wash little girls feet and do the rituals as part of dhanteras festival. They give gifts to girls and serves food. Nimboli opens her envelope and tells she will give 5 Rs to Disa and Anandi each. Disa looks on angrily.

Court case begins. Judge says he is going to retire soon, but before that he want to end the cases. Defence lawyer asks Judge to free Akhiraj of all charges and tells that prosecution couldn’t provide concrete proofs against him. He argues that Mangla is a liar. Prosecution says that their proofs are not wrong. Defence asks where is the villagers who are the witness to Gopal’s murder, and says kids tell what elders taught them. Prosecution says kids always tell the truth and says it is our system loss. He says all the villagers are afraid as they feel law can’t do anything to Akhiraj. He says I went to his family and saw people are even afraid to take his name.

He tells Kamli gave statement against Akhiraj, and says something bad has happened to her which forced her to give statement against her own father. He asks judge to look at Urmila’s condition and punish Akhiraj so that a common man starts believing on law and court. Judge writes the verdict. Nimboli acts as judge and says Akhiraj will be punished, and his punishment is that he have to fetch water from well.

Dadisaa says Akhiraj should get rigorous punishment. Judge says after hearing the arguments and witnesses, this court has reached to the judgement. Just then villagers come asking Judge to stop. A woman tells that she is the witness to Gopal’s murder and says Akhiraj had killed him. Akhiraj and Harki are shocked. Anandi smiles.

Judge asks who are you all? Kamli says they are people of Jhalra and says they were scared before, but now they want to get Akhiraj punished for his crimes. Disa looks happily and wipes her tears. Akhiraj says they are my enemies and had a fight with me for water. Judge says I can’t ignore them, and says he want to hear their statement. He calls them on witness box. Akhiraj looks tensed.